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Microscope USB Communication Driver micusb Ver3.0.1.14 (64bit) Download Details; Microscope USB Communication Driver micusb Ver3.0.1.13 (64bit) Download Details.

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Does nikon have its version of the canon eos utility software? - 1

  1. Nikon COOLPIX A100 Mirrorless Digital Camera. Nikon COOLPIX A100 Firmware Update – Nikon Coolpix A100, although it has a new name, not a new camera. Apart from some style changes that can be ignored, the A100 is identical to S2900 2015, which is essentially the same as the S2800 2014.
  2. Sep 17, 2015  Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.8, or 10.6.6 With that preamble out of the way, here are the steps to link your computer and camera: Check the level of the camera battery.
  3. 2015 Software News. Even Amazon Doesn't Get It; Nikon Software Updates; March Software Updates; The Nikon Software Problem; Nikon Capture NX-D 1.1.0; December/January Software Updates; 2014 Software News. Subscription Versus Standalone; Another One Bites the Dust; Virtualize if you Can; Clearing the Adobe Clouds; Everything Old isWell, Still.


Added (1). I've been doing a lot of research on starting a youtube channel and i do have the equipment- however, my camera that i'll be using is the dslr d3100 and it doesn't have a flip screen. This youtube uses a software that came with her camera on her mac so that she can look at her laptop screen while filming instead at directly at her camera even though she has a flip screen.


To get a fully articulated LCD screen, you will have to buy one of the Nikon D5000 series digital SLR cameras.

Nikon Software Download

You can visit the Nikon website to see which of them are available now, either new or refurbished if you want to save some money

Nikon Mac Software

What you seem to be talking about is called tethering and all the Nikon D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300 and D5500 can be tethered when using Adobe Lightroom CC.

Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC are the two most used software programs used by photographers and at around $10 per month, a real bargain (less than a trip to your local fast food restaurant and a some coffee from Starbucks once a month)

Just so you know, tethering may seem like a cool thing to do, but in practice it can slow down the creative flow since the huge files created by newer cameras (30 to 60 mb per file) can take a while to travel from the camera through the USB connection to the computer. Sometimes if I shoot more than one frame every two seconds, the camera stops letting me take photos while those huge RAW image files are written to my computer. If I try using a Wi-Fi connection, the problem is only exacerbated

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If you need to see yourself in your video, either use the fully articulated LCD turned toward you or better use what is called a 'field monitor'. These have much larger screens and operate using the HDMI port on many cameras. HDMI supports more data, so will not slow down your workflow.

All five D5000 series cameras have HDMI ports

I have also linked you to other options when tethering cameras to a computer


You can use a tv as a monitor, this video shows it being done with a d3100, hdmi mini cable from the camera to full size hdmi to LCD TV, works in movie mode.

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