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With the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS, the productivity of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has really reached a remarkable level. Obviously inside there are quite advanced functions, but also small details that allow a much more functional use of the app. Today we want to focus on one of these, and in particular, on the possibility of creating sub-reminders in the “Reminder” app, present as standard on all devices of the Cupertino company. Singer futura 250 machine update.

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Create sub-reminders on iOS

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The aforementioned function has the objective of grouping in a single “parent” reminder, many reminders belonging to the same category. This therefore allows you to create a sort of folder, within the chosen list. Let’s see how to do it right away.

  • Open the “Reminder” app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Choose a list from those created and present in “My lists”
  • Click on “New reminder” at the bottom, to create the “Parent”
  • Continue with “i” on his right
  • Choose the item “Secondary activities” and then “Add reminder”
  • Add the desired sub-reminders
  • Conclude with “Done”

A reminder already created, you can also swipe the element from left to right to carry out the “Return” procedure.


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Create sub-reminders on Mac

The same operation can obviously also be completed on Mac. In this case, however, the machine must be updated to the “Catalina” version of macOS.

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  • Open the “Reminder” app on Mac
  • Choose a list from those created and present in “My lists”
  • Click on “+” at the top right, to create the “Parent”
  • Click on “+” again to create the sub-reminder
  • Select the sub-reminder with the right mouse button (or with two fingers on the trackpad)
  • Conclude with “Increase reminder return”