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Mac or Windows? There's a lot to love about each OS, and with Parallels, you can bring the power of both your Mac! Optimized for the latest Windows 10 updates and macOS Catalina (10.15), Parallels 15 is the latest version of this groundbreaking tool, letting you run thousands of Windows apps like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Access, and even graphic intensive games and CAD programs. The Premium Mac App Bundle will be on sale through the end of February, so head to Parallels' website soon to find out more about it and place your order. Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac - Up to $79.

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Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac

The #1 choice of Mac users to run Windows on Mac without rebooting

Mac Software Bundle Parallels 9 Download


Graphic and resource-hungry Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your Mac. Download and install Windows 10 in one click. Create a virtual machine from your existing Windows, Linux, Ubuntu or Boot Camp® installation. Learn more. Optimized for macOS Catalina (10.15). Parallels Desktop now features support for Apple Metal API for improved graphics. As part of the move to Metal, Parallels Desktop 15 supports DirectX 11, 10 and 9 on Metal, delivering best-ever performance.

The Black Friday software bundles are already streaming in and this latest from Parallels promises to be popular. For the retail price of Parallels 9 alone ($79.99), you get Parallels 9 and a 6 month subscription to Parallels Access for iPad. Parallels then adds Snagit screen capture tool, CleanMyMac 2 and Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. You also get a year of Hightail (formally Yousendit) Professional plan for sending big files via email, Boom volume booster and mSecure password manager. A fantastic deal at $79.99 (make sure to click the “Bundle and Save” link), it ends December 3.

We reviewed Parallels 9 in September (excerpted below the fold) and found it to again be the best virtualization software for Mac with speed improvements for Mavericks and Windows 8.1 along with easier setup and operation.

Today’s earlier Black Friday software bundles from Adobe and Stack Social.

PD9 is definitely the most noticeable Parallels Desktop upgrade ever. The performance boosts are the best part of the upgrade, but the sticky multi-monitor setup has been extremely helpful for me and saved quite a bit of time. As a Mavericks user, the software hasn’t been giving me any issues even though the operating system is still in beta. In addition, for a limited time Parallels Desktop 9 comes with 6 months of Parallels’ remote access iPad app, Parallels Access. Although the price is a bit high for most people, there will be plenty of users who will appreciate the sixth months of free service.

Run Windows applications like they were made for your Mac. Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac takes advantage of Mac OS X Mountain Lion’s great features and applies them to Windows programs, like support for Launchpad, Dictation, Notification Center and Mission Control.

How can I get command-` to behave (in my opinion) 'correctly'. You do some work on File 2. Say you are working on File 4 (of 5) you then cycle through with command-` to File 2. Download toggle app. I'd 'expect' a way to just toggle back to File 4 since that was the last one I was working on, yet command-shift-` doesn't seem to work in this case.Again, maybe I'm missing something. Ok, unless I'm missing something the behavior you are describing 'sort of' works - I say sort of because for it to work you seem to have first manually select the other file by clicking on it and then you can toggle back and forth using command` and command-shift-`But what about the typical way I'd be using it, which is what one does when cycling through apps with command-tab.

Mac Bundle Software

New! SkyDrive, iCloud, Photo Stream, Dropbox, Google Drive optimizations make sure you don’t inadvertently duplicate files locals, so you get the most of our storage space.

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Parallels Mac Torrent

New! Get stuff done in Windows at with a “real” Start menu and the ability to run Modern (Metro) apps in a separate window rather than in full screen.

Enhanced! New Virtual Machine wizard makes it even easier to create new virtual machines, especially if your Mac doesn’t have an optical drive.

New! Integration between Mac and Windows deepens, and now you can use the Mac Dictionary gesture to access the dictionary in Windows.
Improved graphics. Don’t compromise with graphically intensive apps.

Enhanced! Increased graphics performance: compared to previous versions.
New! Thunderbold drives connect to your Virtual Machines.
New! Firewire drives connect just like USB devices.

New! Security Wizard makes it easy for you to be sure all your stuff is secure, both on your Mac and in your Windows virtual machine.


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