Best Free Photo Editing Software For Mac 2012

Availability and affordability of the good quality Smartphone camera and digital camera enables the people to click pictures of every moment of their life. People now are very active in clicking pictures and uploading them on their social media accounts to update their friends about the happenings in their life. Uploading the original pictures can be less interesting and you may not get as many likes as you expect. Using the best quality of photo editing tools makes your photos attractive and grabs everyone’s attention on your posts and the profile pictures. These days, various types of photo editing softwares are available for desktop and mobile users.

  1. Best Free Photo Editing Software For Mac 2012 Download
  2. Free Photo Editing Software For Mac
  3. Best Photography Editing Software For Mac
  4. Free Photo Editing Software Download
  5. Free Photo Editing For Mac

Part 1. Top 15 Free Photo Editor Software in 2018

People are constantly sharing digital pictures and images for the personal and the professional reasons. They not only have to regularly update their social media profiles but also to keep their professional image high. Using the photo editing software empowers you to gain attention from others. There are so many types of free photo editor software so you are required to first make the comparison between the best ones. It helps you to choose the best one for transforming your pictures and images for the better.

What the above software apps enable you to do, is to polish images, increase the lighting, sharpen the saturation as well as a million other things for a perfect look. If you love perfection, these are the options to go for. They are the Best free photo editing software for Mac 2020. Jan 20, 2020  Mac Photo Editor: Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac You may have known how to use the intuitive photo editing tool Photos built in on MacOS to edit photos on Mac like a pro. Use Photos app, you can adjust the light, color, sharpness, add filters or crop and remove unwanted part.

1. Adobe Photoshop



It includes tutorials and templates for editing the pictures easily. The full gamut of this software makes your picture attractive. Along with this, 90 creative filters for images add impressive effects to your pictures. This program is little bit hard to use because it is developed for the professional photo editor only. Adobe Photoshop is not just a photos editor even you can prepare your own photos from scratch as well. It supports windows operating system.

2. Picasa


It is another free photo editor program which allows the desktop and laptop users to edit, share, print, find and organize the photos easily. It organizes all your pictures in a single album to make it easier for you to locate your photos for editing without any trouble. This photo editor supports PSD, GIF, JPEG, BMP and movie files. This program is now owned by Google and the system version is not available for the installation from the official site but still you can download and use the previous versions from software provider websites.

3. Photoscape


This photo editing software is available for download for Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Mac. It offers multiple photo editing tools that make your picture interesting. One addition feature which it offers is creating your own animated GIFs which can be shared online. In this program you easily find whatever you need to edit the photos. You can edit using the available tools such as batch editing, crop, create gif, make college, RAW images editing, screen capturing etc.



If you are looking for the professional photo editing software for free then GIMP is the best one. You should try this software as a retouching program, image renderer, Paint software and image format converter. It allows the users to make use of extensions and plugins to make your photos more impressive. This is a cross platform program and available for mostly all types of operating system. This is open source as well so you can get the source of the program directly from the website and edit it as per your need.



Users who want to get the simple user interface in their free photo editing software should get this photo editor. It offers plugin support as well for recomposing the photos. It supports many file formats. Blurring, red-eye removal, sharpening, noise, distortion, and embossing tools are there to make your photos attractive. This program is also a fully featured open source available for the windows OS. The interface of this image editor program is same as the Microsoft paint.

6. Photo! Editor


If you want to optimize and fix your digital images then this software is the best to use. Cropping feature and light adjustment facility, caricature tool and color adjustment features are also available. You can turn your photo, add or remove objects and make complex adjustments to get the professional looking photos. This program can help you to fixing the Red eye, enhance photos color, makeup, Crop or give brightness to your photos. This is a free program can be used without any charge.

7. Raw Therapee


It supports raw files and allows the editing with the attractive user interface. White balance, color panel and many other editing features are available. Advanced color handling with non-destructive editing can be done with this software. Batch editing and parallel editing facility is also provided by this software. In this software you can get mostly all advanced photo editing features for editing photos on the system right away.

8. Photo Pos Pro

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Mac 2012 Download


This smart photo editing software offers an array of editing tools with novice layouts. The basic editing tools are color enhancing, erasing, history, layers and filters. Add the stunning text effects, frames and collages can be created. Poor photos can be fixed by easily with the powerful user interface. This program offers different types of tools to edit the photos so you can’t get everything in a single software.

9. Luminar


It is the trendy image editing tool for windows in 2018. The intuitive interface makes it easier for the users to edit single photo, batch editing, splitting tool and similar face search tool as well. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. It is the high performance photo editing software that completes the editing work faster. Luminar is developed by skylum officially which is known as the best photo editing software maker company just like Adobe.

10. Corel PaintShop Pro 2018


Standard red eye removal, color enhancing and customization tools are available on this software. It also offers geo-tagging support and dual monitor mode which is helpful in graphic designing as well. Automatic image correct feature and dozens of brushes, textures and backgrounds are available. This program is developed for the most professional photo editor people and mostly it is used by the people who do work like making flex boards and designing logos.

11. On1 Perfect Effects


With the 170 filter effects and multiple photo editing tools, this is one of the popular software among the professional photographers. If you want to try it for free, download Perfect Effect 9 version. various stackable filters, presets and textures are there to make your photos better. This perfect photo editor software helps you to edit the photos very easily as compared to the other software. You can use this program on Mac and windows. There is no need to pay monthly subscription.

12. PortraitPro


This software is free for editing the portrait pictures. Skin tones, blemishes and wrinkles from the face can be edited with its advanced editing tools. Various makeup tools are also there which make your photos look the best. This software also has the face detection technology. This program enables you do makeup control, enhance the mouth very easily to give professional look to the photos. There is free program testing is available for this program so you can use it before buying the premium version.

13. Inkscape


It is the photo editing program that is loaded with the advanced features of photo editing. It offers cloning, copy/paste styles and multiple text along with basic editing tools. Images can be created with the help of pencil tool and several manipulation tools are there to modify the photos. Fillers and strokes can also be used with multi-line text support. There is broad file format compatibility and powerful text tools available for the people who like to edit the photos.

14. Image Tuner


It is the free image editor for Windows PC. It offers watermarking and changing over, batch resizing and other editing features within few clicks. Social media profiles can also be resized and edited with the help of this tool. Photos from one file format can be converted to any other. You can easily colorize, rotate, and flip the photos using this software. There are lot of effects available to apply on the images and it works perfectly on windows 10.

15. Pixia


This is the best free photo editing software for Windows PC which is helpful in saving images in various formats other than GIF. Overlays, layers, concealing, features are available with this software. Full color graphics with masking and layer functions are available for manipulating the images. This program is developed for those people who are very creative and always like to create something new different from others.

Part 2. Top 10 Free Photo Editing Apps in 2018

Smartphone is not only used for making calls or sending messages but there are many more purposes. One of the most popular uses of Smartphone these days is uploading and sharing edited pictures. There are various types of photo editing apps which are helpful in editing the pictures and instantly sharing them on your social media account. Using such types of apps is more convenient as you can edit the images anywhere without opening your computer. Here is the list of top 10 photo editing apps that you can download in your smartphone.

1. Google Snapseed


Platform: Android/iOS

Price: Free

It is the best free picture editor app that can make many of the desktop software’s at shame. It is loaded with several numbers of features. It allows the modification to the depth, curve and brightness of field that makes your pictures attractive. This app is developed by Google for photo editing and you can easily edit the photos on the android and iOS devices directly instead of the desktop.

2. Prisma


Platform: iOS 8.0 and later / Android 4.1 and later

Price: Free

It is compatible for Android and iOS devices and the drawing’ and ‘painting’ filters are there. Additional filter options are available in the in-a pp purchases. Once you have edited the photos using this app on your mobile you can share the pictures easily through email, sms, whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram. This is easy to use and supports mostly all images formats.

3. Adobe lightroom


Platform: Android / iOS

Price: $9.99 per month for subscription

It is the image manipulation app that is designed to build your photography skills faster. There are a large number of digital images can be edited, viewed or organized by this app. It offers 1 TB of cloud storage as well so that cloud backup of images can be created. This app gives you a very powerful solution to edit the images on the Android and iOS mobile devices directly. There are one tap preset available to edit the images in one tap.

4. Aviary


Platform: iOS / Android

Price: $9.99

It is best free photo editor app that offers great reliability in editing pictures. Manual adjustments for the color, brightness, contrasts and saturation can be done using this app. Cropping and resizing option also available there to resize the size of images for Facebook or other social media sites. Playful stickers and overlays are also available for this app. This app also offers in app purchases to remove ads and get few additional features.

Free Photo Editing Software For Mac

5. AirBrush


Platform: Android 4.1 and up

Price: $1.99

This photo editing app for Android is best for you to keep editing your photos in batches. It can easily make the quick fixes for blemishes on your face, reshaping, teeth whitening and, adding filters. Easily take away pesky imperfections. This app offers love photo filters to apply on images and mostly it is used by the youngsters to edit and make the images.

6. Fotor Photo Editor


Platform: iPhone / Android

Price: up to $3.33 per month

This app is available for free with the in- app purchase options. It allows basic editing with over 100 of filters to choose from. It allows the users to make the collage as well and share it online in the real time. It offers you wide range of effect to apply on images and you can easily edit the photos because interface of the app is very easy to use for everyone. College photo making option is also there so you can use up to 9 photos to make college.

7. PhotoLab

Best Photography Editing Software For Mac


Platform: Android

Price: Free/ 9.99$ (for essential version)

To add an artistic touch to your images, download this photo editing app on your Android device. It allows the users to use more than 640 filters, frames and effects to make your photos outstanding. It offers realistic photomontages. PhotoLab app works fast that’s why you can easily edit the photos in seconds and make the perfect one. There are many frames available to give the final touch to your photos.


Free Photo Editing Software Download


Platform: Android / iOS

A critical software update is required for your mac but working. Dec 26, 2018  Mac users have recently begun to run into an issue that prevents them from using MacOS effectively: When they try to turn their Macs on, they get a message that says, “A. Dec 29, 2019  A Critical Software Update is Required for Your Mac Here’s the situation: when you turn on your MacBook, even before it gets to your desktop, you’ll get the following message. A critical software update is required for your Mac. To install this update you need to connect to a network.

Price: $19.99 USD per year subscription

It is the great photography mobile app available for download for free. Subtle one-tap presets with various adjustment tools. This app provides photo sharing platform with the high quality camera for clicking HD pictures. VSCO app is actually a community of people just like the Instagram so you can use this app to edit photos and to connect with different people as well.

9. Filterstorm Neue


Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Up to 14.99 USD

This Photo editing app for iOS is integrated with advanced settings. Clone tool, tone mapping, channel mixer and masking tool can be used in this app to make the pictures attractive. This app comes with every tool that you must have to edit the photos. There are more than 100 effects available in the app to edit the photos and make them cool.

10. Pixelmator


Platform: iOS

Price: Up to $29.99

It is one of the free photo editing apps that is ideal for the iOS devices. With the help of this app, you can create impressive pictures. Retouch and distort tools can be used. There are dozens of beautiful frames available to use with the images. If you are facing the issue of color cast with the images then you can instantly remove and set the accurate white balance to your images.

Part 3. Recommended Photo Editing Program for Desktop Users

Free Photo Editing For Mac

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is one of the most interesting and the useful photo editing programs for desktop users. It is loaded with amazing features that can transform your pictures. This is the fast and efficient free photo editing software for the computers. It offers more than 200 effects to make the pictures or images perfect. If you are looking for the photo editor free download then Wondershare Fotophire is the best option. Photo editing, cutting and erasing are the key features of this photo editor. It also features the photo maximization and photo focus to give the professional touch to your photos. More than 100 styles of photo frames are provided by this software. You can easily turn your photos into an art piece by getting the full control of the overall intensity.

You can Get Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for Mac Here.

The most important feature for which you should try this software is that it is available for 7-day free trial. Thus, you can use this software for the personal or business purposes both.

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