Is There A Mac Software Install Log


Windows® Setup creates log files for all actions that occur during installation. If you are experiencing problems installing Windows, consult the log files to troubleshoot the installation.

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Windows Setup log files are available in the following directories:

Log file locationDescription


Log location before Setup can access the drive.


Log location when Setup rolls back in the event of a fatal error.


Log location of Setup actions after disk configuration.

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Used to log Plug and Play device installations.


Location of memory dump from bug checks.


Location of log minidumps from bug checks.


Location of Sysprep logs.

Windows Setup Event Logs

Windows Setup includes the ability to review the Windows Setup performance events in the Windows Event Log viewer. This enables you to more easily review the actions that occurred during Windows Setup and to review the performance statistics for different parts of Windows Setup. You can filter the log so as to view only relevant items that you are interested in. The Windows Setup performance events are saved into a log file that is named Setup.etl, which is available in the %WINDIR%Panther directory of all installations. To view the logs, you must use the Event Viewer included with the Windows media that corresponds to the version of the customized image that you are building.

To view the logs on a computer that does not include the corresponding kit, you must run a script from the root of the media that installs the Event Trace for Windows (ETW) provider. From the command line, type:

where D is the drive letter of the Windows DVD media.

To view the Windows Setup event logs

  1. Start the Event Viewer, expand the Windows Logs node, and then click System.

  2. In the Actions pane, click Open Saved Log and then locate the Setup.etl file. By default, this file is available in the %WINDIR%Panther directory.

  3. The log file contents appear in the Event Viewer.

To Export the log to a file

Mac Software Update

From the command line, use the Wevtutil or Tracerpt commands to save the log to an .xml or text file. For information about how to use these tools, see the command-line Help. The following commands show examples of how to use the tools:

Is There A Mac Software Install Log In Windows 10


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Installation log files are used to troubleshoot problems installing the products or product updates. Everything that is done before clicking the Install button is recorded in PDApp.log. Everything after clicking Install is recorded in the main installation log file.

PDApp.log: This log contains all of the actions made before clicking the Install button.

<Product name>.<Version number>.<Date>.log.gz (example: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Support 13.0.2 12-12-2012.log.gz): This log records everything after clicking the Install button and is considered the main installation log file. The product and version being installed determines the filename.

Windows 32-bit (XP, Vista, 7)

Is There A Mac Software Install Log
  • Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeInstallers

Windows 64-bit (XP, Vista, 7)

The apps may provide settings in Preferences to turn off such startup programs and they may hide such an option. Mac app start on boot.

  • Program Files(x86)Common FilesAdobeInstallers

Mac OS

  • /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers/

Windows XP

Documents and Settings<user name>LocalApplication Datatemp

Windows Vista, 7

Users<user name>AppDataLocaltemp

Mac OS


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