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Nov 24, 2016  Download Beat Maker for PC & Mac Best Rap Producing Software 2016 This music making software has been used by quite a few heavy names in. Home Tips Top 10 Best free Beat making software packages for Windows and Mac in 2019 Top 10 Best free Beat making software packages for Windows and Mac in 2019 If you are fond of typical classical music beats, then some software packages can be installed to fulfill your passion very easily. Jun 23, 2020  This beat making software work works well on Windows and Mac. Although they offer a free version of this, the premium of only $99 is a value for money. Ableton Live 9 – Best Beat Making Software. Serato Studio is the ultimate beat maker. Whether you’re a beginner, advanced producer or DJ, you can make beats or remixes in moments with loads of free built-in sounds and samples. No hardware required, with Serato Studio all you need is your laptop so you can start creating when inspiration strikes. What’s new in Serato Studio 1.4.7.

Music is one of the finest ways to reach out to the crowds. It has a magic in it that can do wonders. In the present time, people are more connected to music. It is needless to say about the importance of music in our life. Lately, music composing has become a passion for many youngsters. However, it is not possible to create music without having proper and sufficient resources. And another thing here is, though the resources are available, just anyone cannot afford them to buy. So, here comes music composing software for rescue. There are tons of extraordinary beat making softwares available online that can help create soulful music.

The unique thing about these softwares are that they are pretty easy to use and does not need any pre-training to operate them. These softwares run both on Windows and Mac OS. Today we are here to present before you the 10 free beat making softwares for DJs and music producers 2018. Read on!

(Windows, Mac OS)

FL Studio is the number one beat making software that is used to compose music of unique kind. It runs on both MAC and Windows. This software is packed with lots of tools and features that help create music on a completely new level. Users can create and record the music and even mix it.

(Windows, Mac OS)

MuseScore is a free beat making software for both Windows and MAC. It has a user-friendly interface and helps the users create unique music. If you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of music, this software is the right one for you. With simple clicks and keystrokes through mouse and keyboard, users can create music. The format changing tool is also present in this software which helps in changing the format of the music files into Flac, OGG, Wav, etc.


MAGIX music maker is mainly designed for Windows OS. The beat software is most recommended and used by beginners in creating music. If you are passionate about music and have little idea about the music tools, this software is apt for you. It is an award-winning beat making software that comes with many inbuilt tools. The software also provides tutorials for the beginners to start with. The tools will help the musicians create magic.

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(Windows, Mac, Linux)

This beat creating software runs on Linux OS other than Windows and MAC. It is an advanced tool to create music. The features offered by this software are pretty simple to use. It can be downloaded right from the official web portal of Ordrumbox to start using it. It is also pretty simple to export created music files with this software.

(Mac OS)

This software is dedicated primarily to MAC users. Nevertheless, it is now available for Windows 10 as well. It has many inbuilt instruments to create great music. Similar to other softwares, this software also allows users to save music files in different formats.

(Windows, Mac, Linux)

Similar to Ordrumbox, Hydrogen also runs on Linux, Windows and MAC. It takes no time to compose music and perform other actions using this software. The user interface is quite intuitive and the user need not have the professional knowledge to operate this one. Just like other softwares, the music files can be converted into multiple formats.

(Windows, Mac)

As the name suggests, Drumflow is also a music creating software. It is compatible with both Windows and MAC. The unique thing about this software is that users can get access to the sample files of music created using this software to seek inspiration from. Users can also make changes to those samples to create their own music. The music file can be saved in different formats as of users liking.

(Windows, Linux, Mac)

LMMS is yet another wonderful beat making software designed to create music at home. This software does not require huge installations to start with. It can be operated easily on Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. The sample tracks that the software comes packed with helps users in creating new music easily. The presets are available in the left panel of the software that can be appended to the track created by the user. There are legions of instruments in the software that users can have access to.


This software is specially designed for Windows. This software can go well for both beginners and mavens in music. Users can create new tunes with this software with the help of sample tunes uploaded in it. The software is not only easy to create but also is easy to export created files in different formats.

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Unlike other beat making softwares, this Musink Lite software allows users to create music using music sheets other than by using clicks and moves. It is as simple as editing a document to create music with this software. With the help of keyboard shortcuts, users can do a lot like controlling the whole music composing thing. The software comes with a help menu to help users how to use it. The software also allows users to export drum loops. This is free software for Windows and users who want to use next level of software can get the Pro Version of this software at $60 for life.


Gone are the days where we need all types of expensive musical instruments, recording theatres, pro musicians etc to create music. Now in this pretty much modern era, we can get everything and anything handy. It is definitely bliss for those who have the talent, but no almighty dollars to afford. If your dream is to become a musician, then there you go! The beat making softwares we have listed above are more than enough for you to create music of your own. Remember the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Happy music making!

Music is the best way to express the inner side and show your creativity to the world. And many budding artists are following this path to express their eternal love for music. Some of them rely on learning various musical instruments and making new beats, whereas some follow the electronic version where every kind of beat aligns with good beat making software.

Though learning instruments from the core is a great way, it might not be possible for every artist to afford a new instrument. This is why new beat making software are rolling in the market and in every music industry, be it Hollywood or Bollywood, it is becoming popular . If you are also a budding music producer and wish to play your hands on making new beats, we are giving you some of the best free beat making software for the year.

Top 10 Best Beat Making Software In 2020

Best Beat Making Software Free

1. FL Studio

Available: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Price: Free trial; Starts from $99


Finest in its genre and preferred by most of the producers of the beats, FL Studio is combined with all the features of the professional standards. As said by famous DJ Martin Garrix, this program has delivered him the fastest results while making new track records.

  • Enjoy mixing of beats with complex effects like audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, plugin delay compensation, etc.
  • What makes it an awesome beat making software is the containment of Piano roll which is used to send note and automation data to plugin instruments.
  • It includes more than 80 plugins and instruments to cover automation, equalization, flanging, distortion, bit-crushing, etc.
  • Live DJ control, recording live control movements, rendering 4k videos and resizing of the interface are some of the unavoidable features with FL Studio.

2. MAGIX Music Maker

Available: Windows

Price: Free trial; Starts from $85

Easy to use and loaded with multiple features, MAGIX is one of the best free beat making software. However, its free version includes 425 sounds, additional sound pools, 8 instruments, 3 effects, 8 tracks, and multicore support only; one can find uncountable features in upgraded forms.

  • Whether you want to play genre like classical, house, trap, reggae or psychedelic, this software is simply perfect and best beat making software.
  • Record captivating melodies of your tracks through strings, bass, guitar, synthesizers, etc.
  • Render your songs with finishing effects once they are recorded.

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3. MuseScore

Available: Windows, Mac

Price: Free

It’s time for one another but best free beat making software that makes you a professional music developer as soon as you roll your fingers over it. MuseScore is easy to use, powerful and compiles music for guitar, orchestra, jazz, piano, choir, and much more.

  • Perfectly suitable for beginners due to ease and compatibility.
  • Download your recorded songs in any format and share it with your friends later.
  • Talk about composition, editing, mixing, or a new sheet of creativity, MuseScore is one of the most popular beat making software for Mac and Windows.

4. GarageBand

Available: Mac

Price: Free

Devoted to Apple users, Garageband is a complete sound library with several instruments like guitar, drummers, voice, and percussionists. Moreover, modern design, intuitive interface, and easy learning features are the best features of this amazing beat making software.

  • You can get creative with 100+ EDM and hip hop synth sounds. Now you can choose to morph or tweak the sounds the way you like.
  • Heaps of recording and editing features are present here that can be edited with a few clicks.
  • One can easily share their new song with their friends or family via social networking websites. These tracks can also be exported to iTunes library along with the list of other music.


Available: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

Music can be produced straight away with LMMS while you create melodies, beats, and enjoy mixing sounds. Playback instruments and plugins can be all done right with typing or MIDI keyboard in the user-friendly interface.

  • Share your music through social media platforms or Soundcloud.
  • It is an open-source and community-driven project to fine tunes, notes, chords, through piano roll editor.
  • Mixing effects can be added using the in-built compressor, limiter, delay, reverb, etc. using this best free beat making software.

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6. DrumFlow

Available: Windows

Price: Free

Dj Beat Maker App For Pc

A powerful drum sequencer, DrumFlow is indeed the best beat making software. It has an in-built Drum setup editor, which lets you create custom percussion parts.

  • This beat making software can recieve MIDI sync messages from the sequencer and play step by step with it.
  • One can find 10 adjustable drum setup parameters, 6 MIDI settings and export drum setup to MIDI file.
  • Save the output music in a variety of formats to accomplish the whole task.

7. Hydrogen

Available: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

Download this music beat making software for yourself and start making beats absolutely free. If you wish to count the best of it, then you need to know that n number of files can be created using it and they all can be saved in multiple formats like MP3, WMV, etc.

  • It possesses pattern-based sequencer having an unlimited number of patterns and ability to chain them in one song.
  • Time-stretch, time-line tempo, multi-layer support for instruments and unlimited instrument tracks are some of the best collectable features of best free beat making software.

8. OrDumbox

Available: Windows, Mac

Price: Free

A beat making software that allows you to be free and very creative at the same time is OrDrumbox. It is ideal for experimentation as well as fast results, so music producers are totally into the software.

  • Features like auto-composition, polyrhythms, automatic sound matching, low-fi rendering, etc. are available for your experiments.
  • It already comes with rhythm and sound database, including other music items that are fully editable.
  • Import and export of MIDI are also available.

9. MusinkLite

Available: Windows

Price: Free

It is a perfect setup for all the people who wish to try out beat and music-making in their style. Yes, Musinklite takes special note of basic rules of music notation, including corrects stem direction and rhythmic values.

  • MusinkLite is absolutely simple to use and has an intuitively navigable interface.
  • A free version can easily export drum loops as well as capable of exporting as MIDI and for web.
  • Once done, a new song can be downloaded in multiple file formats using this amazing beat making software.

10. Hammerhead Rythm Station

Available: Windows

Price: Free

If you wish to count the best part, say thanks to this beat making software for providing you with old versions of Windows. Moreover, it is a very light software that doesn’t take up much of the space within your PC as well.

  • A solid drum machine program that is easy to set up and combine all the features to produce nice output.

Additional Tip

While making a new song or producing new beats, the system must run smooth and glitch-free. It is so that you can easily browse new things on the browser, keep space by removing unnecessaryfiles and keeping privacy intact by the end. We understand your concern, and this is why recommending you to keep Advanced System Optimizer in your PC. You can try it once, and you will already be aware of the fact why your PC needs Advanced System Optimizer!

We believe that all the new buds of music producers would like to hit on one of the best beat making software. If you wish to know our choices, FL Studio and GarageBand are a few of my choices. You can even try your hand on:


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Dj Beat Making Software For Mac Os

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