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1. SingSong Karaoke
  1. Karaoke 5 software - license agreement (eula) the use of this software program (and any patch and updating), online or in electronic form (collectively, 'program') is subject to this license agreement ( 'agreement'). By downloading, installing and / or using the program, you.
  2. KJams Lite: Functions and Features: kJams Lite is a great free Karaoke Software for Mac because of its similarities to iTunes making it simpler for user to handle. There is a built-in music store with the options to stream or shop just a mere click away.

Jun 05, 2019  However, Cakewalk is only compatible with 64-bit Windows OS. Nevertheless, Cakewalk is surely the best free DAW for Windows users. 9) AudioTool. If you prefer making music on the go or when online, AudioTool is a nifty software worth its weight in gold. This DAW proffers a cloud-based workflow and saves up all your edits on cloud.

Features and Functions:


· The developers claim that with SingSong the users can “play any song” and enjoy it on karaoke.

· Another feature of this free Karaoke Software for Mac is that it supports multiple languages, that is, one can enjoy much more than songs in a singular language.

· This software is called a game by many because it has a scoring feature. SingSong scores every individual on the basis of the performance they give.


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· Multiple individuals/ pla_x_yers can sing at one time making it a better and more fun experience for all.

· The scoring characteristic is a huge pro for those seeking to compete while having fun with karaoke.

· Another positive associated with this software is that it supports many formats and codes.


· The lack of numerous additional features may seem like easy to use and manage for some, but for many it is a con and makes this free Karaoke Software for Mac less interesting.

· The scoring system is something fresh when compared to other karaoke counterparts, but the system has been observed to be dull by many.

· There are huge differences between the pro and basic versions with only the latter being issued free of charge.

User Comments/ Reviews:

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· Awesome Karaoke Game for PCs or Macs- Because you're the one creating the lyrics to be displayed, they can be of any song in any language.

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· The game is karaoke with a twist, the game tracks the notes the pla_x_yers sing and scores them against the notes they are supposed to be singing.

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· Thanks, guys. To be honest similar games exist for the PS2, PS3, and Xbox360 etc. These games have a limited track listing or make you buy songs at $1.50 each.