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Frequency analyzer social advice Mac users interested in Frequency analyzer generally download: RoomEQWizard 4.10. Sound View is an audio spectrum analyzer and spectrograph app. Audio spectrum analyzer and.represent different frequencies, and the.up is analyzed. A stereo imaging tool for mac. Sonomatics: App: 38016: Frequency. D Spectral audio editor. Pandaa Jonas Arstrom: App: 66270: FrogMeter. Simple 8 channel input meter for quick reference. Arvid Tomayko-Peters. Dual-channel RTA with 1/3-octave spectrum analyzer. Faberacoustical: App: 61517: Sonic visualiser. Viewing and analysing the contents. IStumbler for Mac – WiFi analyzer app for Mac will display networks according to their types, i.e. Bluetooth, Bonjour or AirPort. WiFi Explorer – Detect issues that may be affecting connection and the performance of your network, such as channel conflicts, overlapping and configuration issues, etc. Spectrum Analyzer is an Android App that makes it possible to make an analysis of sound waves right from your phone. The app comes in two variations; there is the free app version while there is also a premium version. The free version also comes with some.

SoftwareDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
Voxengo SPAN 2.10

Real-time spectrum analyzer. [VST/AU]

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Sonic Visualiser 2.5

View and analyse the contents of music audio files. [Hosts VST Plugins]

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst 2.1

Frequency spectrum analyzer. [VST/AU/ RTAS]

SoundVision D51

FREE Realtime Sound Analyzer

bs-spectrum v1.3

Spectrum analyzer. [VST/AU]

AudioXplorer v1.3.1

Powerful sound analyzer software.

Spek v0.8.3

Acoustic Spectrum Analyser/Spectrogram Viewer.

MultiInspectorFree v1.2.0

31 band spectral analyzer. [VST/AU]

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FFT Analyzer 1.b02

View audio signals in a frequency display

Mac the Scope 4.22

Two-channel real-time signal analyzer, oscilloscope and precision signal generator software.

Spectre 1.7.0

Real-time multi-instrument audio analyzer.

SignalScope Pro v3.05

Multi-channel real-time analyzer and signal generator.

bx_meter 1.6

The bx_meter is an sound measurement and metering tool that allows users to analyze audio signal visually. [VST]

Electroacoustics Toolbox 3.5

Acoustical testing and measurement.

SPEAR v0.7.3

Audio analysis, editing and synthesis software.

Fre(a)koscope 0.8 public beta

FFT-based real-time spectrum analyzer. [VST]

Inspector Free v1.4

Analysis plug-in, uses its alarm feature to alert users of adverse conditions in their audio. [VST/AU/RTAS]

FuzzMeasure Pro v3.2.2

High-quality acoustical and electrical measurements of audio signals.

Real Time Spectrum Analyzer XA1 1.0.0b3

XA1 is a AudioUnit plug-in for Mac OS X.

Mimic BLR 1.2

Spectrum / waveform analyzer plug-in for MACAST 1.0

Mimic SoundJam 1.2

SoundJam MP plugin for spectrum & waveform analysis

iSpectrum Analyzer v2.0.6

Audio spectrum analyzer.

SPEAR v0.6.4r2

Audio analysis, editing and synthesis software.


FFT Analyzer. [VST/RTAS/AU]

SignalScope 3.0.8

Multi-channel real-time analyzer.

MB-7 Mixer v2.51

A powerful multiband manipulation plug-in. [VST/RTAS/AU]

PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer

PAZ Psychacoustic Analyzer


Real-time spectrum analyzer. [AU]

LM6n Radar Loudness Meter

LM6 Radar Loudness Meter is a plugin that analyzes loudness via frequency weighting.

Obelisk v1.1

Spectral multi-effect that combines a Spectral Delay, a Spectral Filter and a Spectral Gate together with a Spectrum Analyzer and 2-Dimensional LFOs to modulate the effect settings. [VST/AU]


Frequency Analyzer Software

Audio Frequency Generator Software are software which uses the sound card of the PC to generate audio frequencies. These frequencies range from 100 to 15000 Hz. The frequency can be inputted through input devices like the mouse and keyboard.and levels can be controlled as well. There are usually either audio frequency generator online versions which are available as well as audio frequency.