Best Mac Cleaner Software 2019

Well, you may rarely delete/install new software. But the already existing programs leave a good deal of rubbish data. It can be cookies, cache, thumbnails, temporary files, etc. Mac disk cleaner tracks them down and deletes. With such a tool, cleaning your Mac is a breeze. You need to make just one click to launch the Mac app cleaner. Jan 15, 2020  Dr. Cleaner is one free Mac cleaning app to offer Memory Optimization, Disk Cleaning and System Monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for the best performance. Smart and accurate selection for duplicates scan and remove on Mac with OS X 10.6.6 or later. Jun 23, 2020  Best Free PC Cleaner Software to clean your computer. Clean your temporary and junk file from windows. In this post, we are going to share the best free PC cleaner tools. If you are using Mac then you can use this Free Mac cleaner software. It’s not a myth, but reality, eventually your brand new PC will start slowing down. Mar 30, 2019  A handy cleaner may prove that your Mac is still alive and can actually perform at its best. In this article we’ve brought together some of the best Mac cleaning solutions around to clean, optimize, and maintain Macs that are available in 2020. Top 10 best cleaners for Mac: Free and premium versions 1. CleanMyMac X. Apr 01, 2020  Malware comes in many forms, but one thing's for sure—you don't want it attacking your computer. We've tested nearly 100 anti-malware apps to help you find the the best.

We clean our rooms and clothes so why not our Macs? But who can waste the entire day digging through folders and files? There are so many places like music, videos, apps and email downloads, and countless more locations on your Mac where junk and clutter accumulates. In 2020 cleaning your Mac is easier than ever. Which is why millions of people download free and low-cost Mac cleaning software.

To start off, we've made a quick comparison chart about best Mac cleaners for Mac.

Best Mac Cleaner Software 2019

1CleanMyMac X Best cleaning and antimalware functionality in one toolLink
2Disk DoctorQuick scan and deep cleaning of all kinds of junkLink
3MacBoosterFinds duplicate files and has system optimization functionalityLink

A handy cleaner may prove that your Mac is still alive and can actually perform at its best. In this article we’ve brought together some of the best Mac cleaning solutions around to clean, optimize, and maintain Macs that are available in 2020.

Top 10 best cleaners for Mac: Free and premium versions

1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X takes the first place with good reason — this cleaner combines features of both cleaning software and antimalware tool. Its Smart Scan promises a “nice and thorough scan of your Mac.” It does what it says, detecting junk like user cache files and system logs, checking your Mac for malicious software, and speeding up your MacBook. Looks like, there is a threat in my system, that I need to get rid of:

Frankly speaking, CleanMyMac X is Tesla Roadster among other Mac cleaners. And it does a great job revealing your junk and other clutter, uninstalling unneeded apps and their leftovers, and keeping your Mac’s system clean and optimized. Another pro is that CleanMyMac X is Apple-notarized, which means it’s safe for your Mac. You can download its free version right here.

Price: $39.95
Free version: Available here

2. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is developed in the UK and was awarded the 'Mac Gem’ award by MacWorld in 2013. CNET and other tech journalists also praise functionality. As of 2020, it still looks like a useful tool for Mac cleaning that removes junk slowing down and reducing the computing power of your Mac.

Price: $2.99
Free version
: N/A

3. MacBooster


MacBooster is a popular app that is developed at IObit. It cramps so many features under one interface it hardly fits into a “cleaner” niche. What makes it different is the duplicate file remover — an extra option to free up space on Mac. According to the developer, you can altogether delete 20 types of junk files with MacBooster.

MacBooster, in its version 8 rendition, offers real-time Mac protection, which makes it also an antivirus, although, quite a basic one. For example, you can remove malicious browser cookies to evade intrusive advertisements on your Mac. It doesn’t belong to free Mac cleaner apps per se, although a free trial is available. Unlike CleanMyMac, it doesn’t allow you to remove any junk for free in its trial version. To get the taste of MacBooster, you only have to rely on a free scan.

You should know that even when you uninstall MacBooster, some parts of the app may remain on your drive.

: $59.95 for Premium version
Free version
: Available

4. Onyx

OnyX is a french Mac cleaning solution developed by Titanium software. It weighs only 5 MB but that doesn’t mean its capabilities are limited. OnyX is a tool that programmers will have a lot of fun with. With it, you can peek under the hood of your macOS and automate a whole list of jobs, like disk cleanup and cache removal. You can even tweak the color of folders on your Mac, and even make them invisible. Deservedly, it's among best free Mac cleaners.

Best mac computer cleaner

OnyX is one of the best Mac cleaners because it cleans many specific under-the-surface files, like inner databases and logs. If you know what is XPC cache is, you’ll probably like this app. But for us, ordinary Mac users who came here for the design and glossy buttons, OnyX will require some learning time.
Those who use OnyX say it is stable and reliable. There is no dedicated customer service (because OnyX is free software), but you shouldn’t be worried. The only likely damage is you accidentally deleting files by yourself.
: Free cleaner

5. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk gives you a visual representation of your Mac folders, making it easy to see what is taking up space and delete the folders you don't need. All you need to do is select a drive, DaisyDisk will scan it, then you can delete everything that is wasting valuable space. It comes with a free and premium version.

Free version
: Trial version available

6. AppCleaner & Uninstaller

If you only need to uninstall apps on Mac, AppCleaner is a good pick. AppCleaner only removes applications, plugins, and widgets, which are again, small apps. AppCleaner works in a familiar drag & drop mode. Its interface is also clean and easy to understand for a newbie.

After feeding the apps to AppCleaner, you should visit the Leftovers section of the app to erase their remains. Why we place AppCleaner & Uninstaller among free Mac cleaner tools? Because it is 100% free. Whether you will fully clean your Mac using it, is a different question.
AppCleaner & Uninstaller is created by FreeMacSoft, also the makers of LiteIcon, an icon customizer for Mac.
: Voluntary donation

7. Smart Mac Care

If you launch Smart Mac Care, it will look hauntingly familiar to other free Mac cleaner apps. Not only features will be called the same, everything up to the fonts, will be identical to some other app you’ve just used. That’s not a minus, though. You can still free up a lot of space with Smart Mac Care.

Smart Mac Care operates by a logic of “scans.” There is a Junk Scan, Malware Scan, Privacy Scan, etc. Just like Mac Booster, Smart Mac Care removes duplicates scattered in various locations on your Mac. There’s also a Memory Optimizer feature that promises to free up RAM on your Mac. In a word, Smart Mac Care resembles every other generic product whose only difference is in packaging. This is supported by the fact that we couldn’t find any credible third-party reviews for this app.

On another skeptical note: to uninstall Smart Mac Care you have to enter your admin password. This is not the case with other Mac cleaners we’ve used.
: $56.62 per year
Free version
: Demo available

8. Drive Genius

Drive Genius is labeled a “Mac monitoring software.” It’s a whole suite of tools that provide powerful disk diagnostics. It’s hard to list a thing that this software doesn’t do. You can scan for malware, secure-erase files, customize icons — it’s dozens of apps in one body. What makes Drive Genius unique is, probably, its search for corrupted files and inconsistencies on your drive. If your Mac is an old one, keeping it in good health will be easier with Drive Genius.

In a free version, you can use just a fraction of tools, notably a DiskPulse utility. This is an automatic Mac health checker that notifies you before your hard drive fails. Unlike Mac cleaners that merely scan, it is able to repair damage on your disks, which makes it a real deal. Be prepared that hard drive scan may take some time, but the results are worth it. Also note that Drive Genius is not available for macOS Catalina (as of the beginning of 2020).

Price: $299 for Professional edition
Free version
: Limited Lite edition is available

9. CCleaner

Originally created in 2004 by Piriform, CCleaner comes with a free and professional version, focusing on businesses and business customers. CCleaner is a cross-platform tool, for PCs, Macs, Android, and it has a Cloud, Network and Technician tool, depending on what you need and the platform/software you use.

The premium version comes with a lot more features, including real-time alerts, free updates, and dedicated support. Although created for PCs in the early days, CCleaner does well to identify unwanted files on a Mac, so that users can select and delete the files and folders they don't need to free up space. As a cleaner for Mac, customers are pretty happy with the results of CCleaner.
Price: $19.95
Free version
: Available

10. Sensei

The Sensei app is a relatively new app on the market, but it can be another useful tool for your Mac. The Sensei software developers call the app “Pro Mac Cleaner” on their website. I would call it a performance controlling tool.

Sensei presents a detailed picture of how your Mac performs. In the Dashboard, you can find out information about your MacBook, check your CPU’s current temperature, and see how much of your RAM is used. Cooling gives you exact information on your Mac’s fans' speed.

Its Clean option helps to get rid of user cache, logs, large files, etc. The Uninstaller feature allows you to delete apps from your Mac and remove their traces. It doesn’t list pre-installed apps from Apple, such as Safari or Calendar, but it shows every app you have installed on your Mac.

Surely, you can clean up your Mac manually, but using dedicated software will save you tons of time.

Price: $29 per year
Free version
: Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t my Mac clean itself?

Your macOS also has a built-in Mac cleaner, which Apple called Optimized Storage. Though its capabilities are limited, it gives you basic directions on where to start the cleanup. But for a thorough system cleanup and removing malware, you’ll need a dedicated Mac cleaner app.

Can Mac cleaner apps delete my important files?

Typically, best Mac cleaner apps have a protection built-in. They will usually select only those files that are safe for deletion.

Will Mac cleaners slow down my Mac?

Some cleaners try to get into your Login items, thus creating an extra burden on processor. On a flip side, the reliable Mac cleaner apps might even speed up your Mac. They remove all the outdated junk files giving your Mac an extra boost.

Mac cleaning apps you should avoid

Above we've touched the trusted Mac cleanup solutions but there are many that work on the dark side. Malwarebytes lists Advanced Mac Cleaner Pro and similar tools as unwanted applications. Here are some signs that should warn you against using scam Mac cleaners.
Signs of Mac cleaner scam:

  • 'Your Mac is infected' intrusive message
  • An app is installed as part of different app
  • An app finds 2323 (the number is an example) threats on your Mac
  • Mac cleaner redirects your search page

Be safe and happy cleaning.

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by Anna SherryUpdated on 2019-11-06 / Update for Mac OS

What is the best free Mac cleaner? It is a question often asked by users who have been using a Mac for quite a long time and are looking for a utility to clean their system up. If you also find your Mac's performance to be sluggish, cleaning it up with a good Mac cleaner will resolve your issue and let you get the most performance out of your sturdy Mac machine.

If you perform a quick search on Google for best Mac cleaner free, you will come across dozens of apps to choose from. However, you should be cautious that not all of those apps do what they claim to be doing. Many of those advertise features like they clean up your entire system in a single-click or so but that is often not the case.

To help you out, we have put together this guide that tells you about some of the best apps you can use to clean up your Mac.

Part 1. What You Should Consider When Choose a Mac Cleaner

When you choose a cleaner app for your Mac, there are a few things you should keep in your mind. These things are actually the criteria that defines whether an app is worth obtaining for your Mac machine.

However, the app has not been reviewed, and macOS can’t check whether the app has been modified or broken since it was released.A common way to distribute is to take an app and insert harmful code into it, and then redistribute the infected app. Give permission for unknown app on mac free. So an app that isn’t registered by an unidentified developer might contain harmful code.The safest approach is to look for a later version of the app from the Mac App Store or look for an alternative app.To override your security settings and open the app anyway follow these steps. For example, some apps were written before developer ID registration began. Open a Mac app from an unidentified developerIf you try to open an app that isn’t registered with Apple by an identified developer, you get a warning dialog. This doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong with the app.

1. Efficiency

The first thing that a good cleaner should have is efficiency. Here are some aspects you should consider.

  • Does this app launch automatically on startup?
  • Does it let you schedule automatic maintenance?
  • How deep is the scan?
  • Can you review the items before deleting them?
  • Can you exclude any items from scan results?
  • Does it support the new Apple File System (APFS)?

2. Safety

Another thing to look for in a Mac cleaner is how safe it is to use it. You must make sure it does not corrupt your hard drive and also does not steal any of your information from your Mac.

  • Does this app corrupt your Mac's hard drive?
  • Does this app steal your personal information?

If the app you are considering does not meet this requirement, you should let it go and move onto a better one.

3. Price

The third criteria to look for is the price of the app. It could be a free app that you are looking at but does it really do what it should do?

  • Is this app free?
  • Is this app worth the cost?

Sometimes it is worth spending money on a good cleaner app but again the cleaner must meet the above criteria or you end-up losing your money.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Cleaner for Mac - 2019

If you have not been able to find an app that fits into the above criteria, the following list of some of the best free cleaner for Mac should help you out. It lists out some of the good cleaners you can use to clean junk stuff on your Mac machine.

1. Dr. Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning Mac machines, Dr. Cleaner is a great choice. It comes with a number of features including the cleanup feature that allows you to get rid of unwanted items from your Mac easily.

  • Be able to optimize memory, clean Disk and monitor System
  • View real-time network usage and CPU usage in the menu bar
  • 1-click to reclaim memory from closed Apps
  • Clean temporary files, incl. logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc.
  • 1-click scan of big files (customizable size from 10 MB and above)
  • Keep your Mac optimized for the best performance

2. CCleaner

CCleaner has been in the market for quite a long time and it has helped numerous users clean their Mac of any junk and unwanted files. It works on both Mac as well as Windows PCs.

  • 1 click to remove junk and unused files.
  • Clear up your recycle bin, temporary files and folders, broken permissions and more.
  • Erass your browser search history and cookies
  • Customise what you want cleaned and choose which cookies to keep or delete.
  • Real-time Monitoring

3. MacClean 3

MacClean 3 is preferred by the users who want a straightforward and an easy way to get rid of unwanted files from their Macs. This app lets you do just that without any hassle.

  • Completely remove all unused, developer-oriented, and extraneous junks out of your Mac
  • Clear up aches, cookies and session files to protect from online privacy threats.
  • Erase your trace of recently opened apps, documents, file folders and web servers you have been connected with.
  • keep your Mac away from Malware, Trojan, Spyware, Worms, Scareware, AdWare and viruses.
  • Easy to use.

4. OnyX

In addition to being one of the best free Mac disk cleaner, OnyX lets you perform many other tasks as well on your Mac machine.

  • Verify the structure of the file system on the start-up volume
  • Repair disk permissions
  • Configure certain parameters hidden from the system and from certain applications
  • Delete system cache files, large log files and erase trash or specific files securely.
  • Let you automate routine tasks you may use Onyx for
  • Easy access to many hidden Mac features

5. AppCleaner

AppCleaner is actually an app uninstaller for Mac machines. It lets you list out your installed apps and then helps you remove the apps you do not want along with their associated files from your Mac.

  • Uninstall an app along with all of its associated files
  • Remove such app-related junk as Caches, Logs, Diagnostic reports, Libraries.
  • SmartDelete option, which works when you simply drag the application to Trash
  • Offers advanced preferences that safeguards important apps from accidental deletion
  • Simple to install and use

Bonus Tips: The Best Mac Data Recovery Software 2019

While most cleaning apps ensure they do not delete your important files, some of them do end-up deleting the files that you wanted to keep. If this has happened to you, you might want to use a data recovery software to recover your files.

Enter Tenorshare UltData - Mac Data Recovery, the only software that you will need to recover any kind of files from your Mac. It supports a number of file formats and provides a quick and easy way to restore your files.

Step 1 Download and launch the software on your Mac. Select your hard drive and click on Scan.

Step 2 Preview your files, select the ones you want to recover, and click on Recover.

Step 3 Select a folder to save your recovered files in

That is all you need to do to recover your lost files.

Sum Up

If you are wondering what is the best free Mac cleaner, the above post offers some of the best ones you can use to clean your Mac of any junk stuff with minimum efforts. We hope it helps you out.