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There is a built-in tool to archive files on Mac. To unzip a file on Mac, there are Mac un-archiver apps those can unzip files on Mac. See the list of best mac compress and unzip tools that you can use.

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Sounds good? Well it looks good too.

Default Folder X features

Faster navigation

Default Folder X is essentially a sidebar that appears every time you come across an Open/Save dialog. From the sidebar, you can instantly access recent, favorite, or open folders; navigate through files with hierarchical pop-up menus, and recall recent actions. 2x speed, no fuss.

Finder-enhanced dialogs

The app brings the convenience of Finder into your Open and Save dialogs on Mac. With Default Folder X, you’ll be able to save files to any Finder window, duplicate, rename, delete, or get more information on your files right away. The app makes all these options accessible from Open/Save dialogs.

Edit without opening files

Default Folder X gives you access to quick editing tools right from Open and Save dialogs. Add Finder labels, custom tags, and Spotlight keywords to your files. Create and edit comments on the fly. Browse through your recently used tags for quick navigation.

Adapting to your workflow

Default Folder X tracks where you put your files to remember your favorite file saving destinations on Mac. You can also set default folders for specific apps manually. This means whenever you click Open or Save/Save As, Default Folder X instantly takes you to the right folder.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts

The app arrives with a bunch of shortcuts for basic actions like opening Finder windows or jumping back to a recent file. You can change the defaults if you like, as well as add new shortcuts for custom actions. Instead of wandering around, you get exactly where you need to with a keystroke.

Reinvent the way you work with files

What’s great about Default Folder X is it hones your workflow, almost unnoticeably. While the app acts as an extension of Open and Save dialogs, you don’t have to learn anything new. You just follow the flow and embrace a huge time-saver.

Very impressed with World Clock Pro @setapp @minimuminc. Making light work of time differences 🤘yew. How MacOS still doesn't have some kind of digital clock widget is mind boggling.
I have used Endurance (http://enduranceapp.com ) which is on @setapp to try and extend my battery life, 12 hour flight from Vienna to LAX and I spent about 8 hours working on an essay - not bad going!
Wow just downloaded Setapp for my Mac - the value here is amazing. Some of the apps cost more than the monthly subscription alone and there are some amazing apps like Ulysses, RapidWeaver etc. @setapp
Discovered @PDFpen via @Setapp. Worth it just for the stellar OCR job it does on poorly-scanned assigned readings. Now to start playing with all those PDF editing features..

Launchpad is the central location where you can see which apps are on your Mac and launch them as needed. However, if you’ve downloaded a LOT of software, the Launchpad window — or windows — may get cluttered quickly. Luckily, you can group apps together in folders in the Launchpad view.

How to Open Launchpad

There are two ways to open Launchpad:

  1. The first is by clicking its spaceship icon in the Dock.
  2. The second is to use the Control Strip on your Mac (if it has a Touch Bar).

If you don’t see the Launchpad icon:

  1. Tap the backward arrow (<) on the Touch Bar.
  2. Tap the buttons in the expanded Control Strip to access additional settings and macOS features like Launchpad.

How to Rearrange App Icons in Launchpad

Once Launchpad is open, you can move apps you want to group closer together on the same page or transfer some to another page.

  1. On your Mac, select the icon of the app you want to move/drag.
  2. Press and hold the trackpad or mouse while you drag the item to a new location.
  3. Release the trackpad or mouse to drop the item in the new location.

Now you’re ready to create an app folder. Mac desktop app development.

How to Create an App Folder in Launchpad

  1. Click and hold an app’s icon until it starts wriggling.
  2. Drag the app on top of another app you wish to put into the same folder until a white box appears around both apps.
  3. Let go of the icon.

Voila! A new folder is created, which you can name appropriately. For instance, I created a folder called “Games” in which to store games downloaded from Apple Arcade.

Where Is The Applications Folder On My Macbook

Now you can drag and drop apps into the new folder to your heart’s content, as I have with my Games folder.

Software like tuxera nfts for mac. The build-in read only driver seems to be not only faster at reading but lighter as well, so I only use it when I need it. LolAnyway, I've been using, without a hiccup for ages. You ask about bananas and get orange answers. There is also a preferences panel for it where you can turn the driver on or off on the fly.For me the only little inconvenience using this product is that I use the /etc/fbtab to prevent the Windoze partition from auto-mounting, so when the driver is on the disk 'loses' its GUID.

To remove an app from a folder, drag it out of the folder.

These instructions apply, for the most part, to other versions of macOS besides Catalina. However, I’m using Catalina on a 16-inch MacBook Pro for this tutorial.

Free Mac Apps Downloads

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