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  • It used to only write music. But now the best programs offer virtual orchestras with a bunch of different preferences, tweaking options, effects, and instruments. Now, with all the features and plug-ins, you can compose music so much faster and turn those compositions into sheet music. The best music writing software includes: Notion 6; MuseScore 2.
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Simulating certain instruments with the help of a software like piano simulator software will give the same effect as using the real instruments and musicians sometimes use this to compose songs. The software will have the necessary effects and a virtual music keyboard that can be used to create the music. These piano simulator downloads are available for free and it is sometimes available in the form of a piano simulator game that will allow users to create the songs on the interface.


Jun 19, 2020  Most of the best music notation software needs to be downloaded onto your computer, but not all of the software we’ve reviewed is compatible with Mac computers, which is something to watch out for if you are looking to download composition software to help you write music on a Mac computer or laptop.


This free software can be used to experience the effect of playing piano on the computer. The software can be accessed online and it has many features like music sheets and artists that can be used to create the songs. The final version can be submitted and users will be able to access the tutorial videos from which they can learn how to play.

Piano Player

This freeware can be used to play the piano by clicking the buttons or dragging the cursor across the screen. It can be used online with the help of a computer and anyone from kids to adults will be able to use it easily. It will allow the users to show or hide the numbers that are present on the piano and special FX, damper, volume adjusts and active key illumination can be done.


This free software can be used online to play a virtual keyboard that will function exactly like the real one. The keys are very easy to use and different octaves can be supported. The layout of the keyboard can be changed and the numbers of the keys can be displayed on the screen.

Piano 10 for Windows

This is a free app that is compatible with the Windows platform and can be used as a virtual acoustic piano. Users will be able to select the octave that they want to play in using the arrows and then the real sounds can be created using the keys on the virtual keyboard.

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Perfect Piano for Android

This free Android app can be used as an intelligent piano simulator as it has an in-built real piano timbre. The app will be able to teach users how to play. It is an 88 key piano keyboard that has single row and a double row modes. Double players will be able to use this app and the multi-touch screen is supported.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard for Mac

This free software is compatible with the Mac platform and can be used as a virtual MIDI piano keyboard. It is based on Drumstick and Qt. The MIDI event generator will be able to play songs using the computer’s alphanumeric keyboard. A mouse can also be used. The MIDI notes can also be displayed on the screen.

Best Piano Software For Laptop

Most Popular Piano Simulator – KB Piano

This premium software is very popular as it can be used to create more than 128 instrument sounds. Different chords can be created using this single Qchords and different styles cab be played. It has more than 99 channels and audio tracks can be added or recorded with the help of a microphone. You can also see Piano Games

How to Install Piano Simulator?

Most of the piano simulators that are available online can be used on the browser for free. All that you need is a browser that is compatible with the software and an internet connection. If you want to record songs or tracks then you will need a microphone. The sound settings that has to be fixed on the software should be available on the system. If the software has to be downloaded then it can be saved in the desired location and opened.

This software can be used to create audio tracks which can be recorded. The songs that were recorded can then be edited and shared in different formats. Songs can be imported from MIDI files and the keyboard is customizable. Effects like echo, flanger, chorus and reverb can be added to the channels.

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Learning a musical instrument means you need to buy it first, and then find a tutor for learning to play it. Today, you can learn all by yourself unless you want to do some serious learning. Many who don't want to invest in a private tutor, learning music from apps and online tools seems to be the ideal to get started.

The good thing about learning piano notes on phones and tablets is that the flat surface easily doubles up as a digital keyboard. All you have to do is identify the notes and get the timing right. Plus, you can always plug in your earphones and practice to your heart's content without disturbing your family and neighbors.

In this post today, we will explore some of the best iOS apps to learn piano on iPhone and iPad.

Let's get going.

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1. Simply Piano

Simply Piano is one of the well-known apps in the piano world and is an excellent one for beginners. It lets you choose your piano skill level, as in whether you are starting from scratch or if you have a basic idea about the instrument.

Once you select your options, it presents you with choices like learning courses and begins with the basics. As you make your progress, the next courses would be unlocked. Simply Piano also lets you learn some of the popular album songs from around the world. Plus, there are interactive sessions with videos for the basic.

Though the app is free on the App Store, some of the contents are locked behind a paywall. You'll have to shell out around $3.50 per month to unlock all the courses. There's also a 7-day free trial for you to test before you fully dive into it.

Locked features include learning & playing songs, learning sheet music and customized piano exercises. If you are really serious about learning piano on your own, this should be your app to go with.

Download Simply Piano

2. Perfect Piano

Another app which I found very interesting was the Perfect Piano app. This cool app gives you full access to a digital keyboard. You can choose the type of piano that you want to practice. What I loved about it is that you can focus the keys on a particular area, and then move through the rest.

Unlike Simply Piano, here you can also practice songs for free. Most of the popular songs are listed, and you can take your pick. Furthermore, depending on the level of your expertise, this app lets you choose between the Easy, Medium and Hard level.

Besides that, it also displays the level of completeness next to every song (my favorite feature). The only thing to keep in mind is that you'll have to be super fast, even when you are practicing on the easy level.

Download Perfect Piano

3. Notes Trainer

Honestly, learning a piano is more than just memorizing the keys of the latest songs. It's more about the basics like knowing the chords and reading seamlessly from the sheet music, among others.

If you're someone who is looking to learn from the scratch like mastering the notes before advancing to the next level, then Notes Trainer is the app for you.

It presents you with a tutorial on how to read notes from the staff. Once done, you can choose a course and start your learning journey. I like how the app rewards you with stars for each lesson based on your performance.

My mantra is until you achieve 3 stars, don't proceed to the next lesson!

Download Notes Trainer
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4. Piano Chords and Scales

Next on our list is Piano Chords and Scales. As you may have guessed, this one is also for beginners and helps you understand musical structures from scratch.

You get to learn your way around notes and practice them at the same time. The only issue with this one is that the keyboard is a little too small for people like me with thick fingers.

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Download Piano Chords and Scales

5. Yousician Guitar, Piano & Bass

The Yousician app lets you familiarize yourself with other instruments like Guitar and Youkelele apart from piano.

As far as the piano lessons are concerned, you can either start from the basic or opt for an intermediary course.

Beginners like me usually start by practicing with the thumb and index finger. Yousician addresses this issue by color-coding each key, and you are expected to play with all your fingers together.

Though the app is great, my only gripe is that it pushes you to upgrade to the paid version often, which can be annoying at times.

Download Yousician Guitar, Piano & Bass

6. Piano Academy

Piano Academy is all about interactive piano learning sessions. The app keeps you motivated with little voice notes as you practice. Also, it gives you instant feedback on your performance.

It has the usual trove of features like teaching you theory first (notes, staff, and chords) and once you familiarize yourself with them, you can go up the ladder by learning and memorizing songs.

Download Piano Academy

Play your Way Around Musical Notes

Unfortunately, sitting through hours and hours of music lessons is not my thing. I want to learn music in my free time, and apps like this give me the perfect opportunity to do so. So far, I have managed to learn and play a couple of songs without any guidance.

What Is The Best Piano Software For Mac Download

My next stop is mastering the violin. Do you think apps will be able to guide me to learn this beautiful string instrument?

Up next: Do you use Apple Music? If yes, check out these tricks below to discover new music on Apple Music.

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