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Accessing the files of your iPhone on the computer is not that easy. Especially on Mac, there are limited apps that you can use as few apps are compatible with it. In case you want to manage your iPhone apps on your Mac, you’ll need a good iPhone file manager for Mac. In this post, you’ll be given three of the best apps that you can use to easily access and manage your iPhone files into your Mac PC. Below are the tools recommended for you.

  1. Install Iphone Apps On Mac

Three Best iPhone File Managers


ApowerManager is a professional application that you can use to manage all your files in the computer. Actually, this app is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating system. It allows you to import, export and delete files such as documents, music, photos, videos, contacts and even messages. Furthermore, you can also install new apps and uninstall unwanted apps using it. Here is how you can manage iPhone on Mac using this tool.

  1. Download the app on iPhone and on your Mac PC. Then launch it afterward.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.
  3. The tool will then detect your iPhone. Once connected, you may now start browsing and managing your files.
  4. Just simply browse each folder and then click on the import, export and delete buttons. Drag and drop files can also be done.
  1. Dec 12, 2018  1. Launched in 2011 on iOS 7, Apple’s AirDrop may be the most convenient way to transfer files from your iPhone to Mac. Thanks to a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, users can send files to their computer at top speed. Ensure to turn on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on Mac and iPhone to use AirDrop.
  2. Steps to Access iPhone Files on PC/Mac with iPhone Manager. Step 1: Use a USB cable and connect the iPhone to PC/Mac and then launch the TunesMate. Step 2: Select the tab available on top of the screen to access iPhone meida files. Music: Access and manage iPhone music, playlists, iTunes U.

Open the Mac App Store and do a quick search for the application you're got for iOS - the best option will be to get a version of the app that is designed for the Mac, rather than a touchscreen.

Aside from that, you can also mirror the screen of your iPhone using this tool. Restarting and shutting down the iPhone is also possible.

Commander One

This is a platform which let you manage your apps on Mac PC. Actually, this tool is made for Mac users. You can import, export and delete files easily with this app. This is a paid app but you can have a 15-day free trial period. Here is how you can use it.

  1. Download the app to both iPhone and Mac. You nay just visit its page to get it.
  2. Connect iPhone via USB cable.
  3. Your phone will then appear as a flash drive. You can now start to manage iPhone files on Mac.


Another useful app that you can use is the iExplorer app. This can also help you manage iPhone files on PC. Furthermore, this app is user-friendly and is so easy to use. Here is how you can manage iPhone files on Mac using this tool.

  1. Download the app on iPhone and PC.
  2. Connect iPhone on PC and then open iExplorer.
  3. Choose the files that you will manage. You can transfer them by doing the drag and drop files procedure.


That sums up the best tools that you can use to manage data of your iPhone on the computer. All of them are very helpful. You can just decide which one you want to use.

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Congrats on the new Mac !!

Use iTunes to re download previously purchased apps.

For syncing your iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), follow the instructions here > iOS: Syncing with iTunes


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