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Lost the original ANT stick the watch came with. Glad I was able to get this replacement for a good deal at Clever Training through Amazon. Downloaded Software from the Garmin website. Using Firefox as my browser on a Mac. No problems downloading. Works like a charm with my Mac. Through Garmin Connect you get to see charts of your heart rate.

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  2. Garmin Ant Stick Software Mac Download

Ok the instructions that come with the Garmin forerunner are completely wrong, the CD is useless (it has the manual but no software) and the Garmin support website is not much help either. There are all sorts of discussions on the Garmin site for Mac users about ‘it does work with Lion’, ‘it doesn’t work with Lion’ and so on. At one point it even had me downloading a PC .exe file!

  1. Garmin ant free download - Garmin ANT Agent, Garmin MapSource, Garmin ANT+ Watch Tester, and many more programs.
  2. Genuine replacement item for all Tanita ANT+ enabled scales. Plug the ANT+ Stick into your computer's USB port and it will automatically receive data when your Tanita scale is within range. Data will transfer to your PC or Mac using Tanita’s Healthy Edge Lite software for Windows, or the Tanita Widget for Mac.

The answer is that it  does work very well with OSX but there are two separate pieces of software that need to be installed.

1. The first piece of software is a Safari/Firefox/Chrome Plugin that lets your browser talk to your Garmin. You can download it from under ‘Support’ menu then ‘Software’ then ‘Software for Mac OS’ then ‘Garmin Communicator Plugin‘.

When it’s downloaded you can test it on this test page:Â Best mac dvd burner software free.

Garmin Usb Ant Stick


2. The second piece of software is a USB driver that talks to the Antenna. Again, you get it from ‘Support’ menu then ‘Software’ then ‘Software for Mac OS’ then ‘Garmin ANT Agent’. When it’s downloaded you can ‘pair’ with your Garmin device as per the instructions.

Garmin Ant Stick Software Mac Download

Finally if you want you can go to the mac app store and download the Garmin fitness software for free.