Take Off Estimating Software For Mac

Many construction businesses work hard to minimize cost, optimize resources, and maximize returns. Although some companies may see Takeoff Software as unnecessary business expenditure, statistics show that these tools are, in fact, useful for achieving the best results.


The construction industry’s top estimating integration platform. ETakeoff Bridge helps you build a solid base by efficiently transferring precise takeoff information from Dimension and into the most popular estimating software used by contractors—Sage Estimating. Overall this estimating software is great. Last month was the first time in over 27 years that my business didn’t have to spend money printing copies of blueprints. I myself am not to up to spend with technology, but after some training I learned it wasn’t all that hard to use. Looking forward to this month’s savings. Callidus simplifies the process of estimating the cost of flooring and calculating the amount of material required for each job. Whatever the shape of the room Callidus permits users to rapidly define the dimensions accurately along with the details of the materials required.

The benefits of these solutions are immense, primarily because they’ve made it possible for architect to plan, estimate, and organize projects with ease. Here is a list of the best takeoff software recommended for you.

Takeoff Live

Takeoff Live is for all construction professional, including those who’ve never used computers before. This software will help you to calculate square footage, lineal footage, and volume in seconds. Takeoff Live does not require digitizers or prints. The developers give users a 14-day trial, you can use the two-week offer to judge whether the software is worth your money.


The best thing about this software is its simplicity. Featuring a simple yet robust interface, the e-Takeoff Solution can accommodate any architect, including those who have limited computer knowledge. In addition to ease of use, the e-Takeoff software features a True Database Structure, and a True Multi-User Technology.

Auto Desk Takeoff

This software features BIM, which was developed to help you meet the increasing industry demand. Auto Desk is the best software that you can use to deliver project faster than before. What’s more is that the software is cheaper, and it guarantees the best results.

Quick Eye

Quick Eye is great technology because it is robust, fast, and efficient. Although the software is as simple as it looks, it is the right tool that your business need to deliver projects quicker. Build and maintain the best business relationships with your customer by embracing the right technology, Quick Eye.

Take off Software for Other Platforms

Construction takeoff software for mac

Primarily, the goal of developing these tools is to help construction companies make their work easy. We know for a fact that there is a perfect solution for each Operating System, so you cannot afford to do your project planning manually when you know for sure that a perfect software can eliminate the need for manual work.

Paint Estimating Software For Mac

STACK Takeoff for Mac

A simple interface almost always signify ease of use, and STACK Takeoff for Mac takes the day for being a simple yet standard and robust solution that you can trust.

Oasis TakeOff

Oasis Takeoff is popular for three reasons. First, if you intend to do serious estimating, this is the software for you. Secondly, it is the best software for team organization and estimating. Lastly, it is am a time saver.

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Best Takeoff Software for 2016 – PlanSwift Takeoff

Managing construction projects every month can be somewhat a challenging hassle. Of course, architectural tasks fall into the category of the most energy-demanding and mental-intense jobs. Plan Swift lessens the burden by enabling you to manage your projects with ease. Use the software to manage small and large project. Moreover, you can make timely calculations.

Takeoff Software For Mac

What is Takeoff Software?

If you have never had the interest of investing in construction software solutions, this is the right time to try. By definition, takeoff software is a computer program developed to help construction companies to estimate, plan, and organize their projects.

Popularly known as Project Management Software, the sophisticated tool will change the way you manage your projects from the moment you start investing time and money in your clients’ work. Whether you are doing a small project or want to plan a mega project, the best Takeoff Software solution will help you with communication, budget planning and management, job scheduling, cost control, and decision-making.

Some projects can turn out to be a little or more complicated. As such, you cannot overlook the necessity of having a helper tool. The best thing to do would be to weigh options, and find which of these software solutions fit your budget as well as preferences.

Takeoff Estimating Software For Mac

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