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Swann Dvr App For Mac Windows 7

SwannView supports the following features: Multi-channel viewing with up to 4 cameras on screen at the same time Control PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras remotely Live view of cameras from different Swann DVRs in the same screen Swan. Jun 24, 2020  SwannView appis a great surveillance tool which is free for downloading and it is also a handy app which is developed Swann Security. The work of SwannView is to get the live footage from the camera to your respective device. Only, few details need to. PC requirements to operate SwannView Application on Windows and Mac. A hard disk space with at least 4GB 2. 2 GB RAM for adequate speed to keep the application working properly. SwannView application turns your computer device into a DVR or an NVR monitoring system.

Description: Swannview is a great app that can allow one to turn their Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac to a monitoring device for their DVR.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android


Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • Ability to configure many settings from one’s phone or PC.
  • Ability to view multiple channels with up to sixteen channels at a go.
  • Ability to control PTZ cameras remotely.
  • Ability to capture still images to be stored on the phone/PC.


An easy way to link DVR and NVR to a handset or a PC for modified views.


With a low connection to the internet the performance is highly compromised as the app operates best in high-speed internet connectivity.

Most often than not, we have interacted with Swannview link in undisclosed ways since it works only behind the scenes of a product we encounter almost daily. We have all at one time or the other stared and even smiled at a CCTV camera along the streets or in a banking hall without knowing that in the many links attached to the camera lies the Swannview link application. This link allows users to modify and configure their network via Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Features of Swannview App

Ability to configure many settings from one’s phone or PC.

Swannview prides itself on its ability to configure Phone’s or PC’s settings when linking a network to windows or an android system of a Pc or phone respectively during a video recording session. This helps save the time that would have been spent going through the process of bringing individual settings together one after the other.

Ability to view multiple channels with up to sixteen channels at a go

One of the key features of Swannview is its ability to bring to display, myriad cameras connected to the same NVR or DVR network on a single phone or PC. This makes it easy to control or man a security premise or run a single check on all cameras in an institution at a go.

Ability to control PTZ cameras remotely.

Another great and unique feature of Swannview is that it can control the pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ), cameras remotely. Using the Swannview link, one can know what is happening by using the Pan, Tilt and Zoom controller to direct the dome camera.

Ability to capture still images to be stored on the phone/PC.

With the PTZ configured and working with your DVR or NVR, you can navigate, focus and control your camera to capture still photos for later view.

How to Install Swannview App

Swannview has a double installation process for PC that first involves downloading an emulator most preferably the BlueStacks which is then followed by installing the app itself from BlueStacks.

BlueStacks Installation process begins with downloading it from a reliable website.

After downloading the app click the ‘Install Now’ button and allow the app to install. The speed of installation varies depending on the capabilities of your PC. The application will then pop up on the screen ready for use.

After getting BlueStacks, you can now open it and search for Swannview Link from the search menu. The application should pop up exactly it would in your android phone.

It is important to note that there are various applications available in the market that resemble Swannview Link and therefore you ought to double-check to make sure you are getting the right application.

Once the application is installed, it is now possible for you to click it and run it through the BlueStacks emulator from your PC.

Developer: Swann Communications


Users’ concerns on how to improve their remote viewing performance have attracted a lot of correct and wrong responses from the internet. Well here is one of the most accurate responses and recommendations that would help improve your remote viewing performance if you fall in these categories of users with this concern.

Well, when streaming or replaying videos from the recorder, either on the phone or the PC, then the intermittent connectivity issues problem mostly emanates from your internet connection speed. It is advisable to consider the amount of bandwidth required for viewing your cameras remotely.

It is only logical that viewing high-quality videos of the stream attracts a corresponding increase in the amount of data required to upload the videos to your computer and therefore a need to top it up. Also, consider changing a couple of things such as reducing the streaming quality on the phone and reducing the sub-stream resolution and bitrate on the recorder.

With these steps followed, your remote viewing will be a fluent stream with a great quality of viewership.


Is it legal to record video and audio using Swann CCTV?

Swann products are legally manufactured and sold all over the world. However, the legality for use in whatever capacity in your local areas and countries should be a question to the governing authorities in the respective areas of jurisdiction. One should, therefore, consult with the local authorities before proceeding to install the full package i.e. cameras and Swannview link.

How does one export recordings using Swannview Plus software?

From your PC go to Swannview Plus software already installed then get to the ‘system’ and then to the ‘system configuration’ button to choose your downloading path. While at it, take note of the saving path of the video file as this is where you will go to retrieve the exported file. You can always change the destination path if you wish to by clicking on the options available at the saving path you are following. Show all files mac app mac. When done, click on ‘Save’ to save your video.


How does one playback using the Swannview Link App?

First, you have to check the device details, i.e. when on preview mode, tap on the icon on the top left. Under the device menu, tap the gear icon and choose the system then check what the last two digits of the detail are. If it starts with a 57 or 58 then playback was not a feature of these recorders during their release. The performance will be low in this case but playback might still work. If it starts with 52 or anything else, mobile playback is possible.


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Swann Dvr App For Mac

No pain no gain so said our wise predecessors. I have had to dig deep in the archives to get to learn about this amazing app that doesn’t ‘show off’ its abilities yet so powerful in the security, monitoring and recording fields. In the wide view, the Swannview Link app is an app that has revolutionized the whole security systems as well as building great experiences in video viewership and streaming.

Swann Dvr Software Windows 10

A few improvements and shape ups will skyrocket this app to the top of the world. Let us enjoy the great features Swannview app has offered us as we ponder on how easier our experiences with recording and streaming videos have been since the arrival of the Swannview app.