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If you have a Mac and a Samsung Smart TV, AirPlay mirroring to the TV would usually require an Apple TV. But now there’s an app for that …

Mirror for Samsung TV is a $9.99 Mac app that allows you to stream whatever’s playing on your Mac screen to any Samsung Smart TV from 2012 onward. That is to say, any model whose middle letter is E or later (eg. UE55_E_S8000).

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“After launching the application on the Mac, the app will scan your local network for a Samsung Smart TV”, explains Demid Borodin, co-founder and Director of Technology. “When your TV is found, with a click of a button, the screen of your Mac is mirrored on TV. You can even choose whether you would like the audio of your Mac to be transferred to your TV as well.”

If you own a Samsung TV and want to show your phone or computer’s display on the big screen, AirBeamTV has the solution! Mirror your Mac, iPhone or iPad to any Samsung Smart TV. No wires and no additional hardware needed. The app works without the need for an Apple TV or Airplay. Reboot the TV. After the TV reboots, open the APPS panel. Developer Mode is indicated at the top of the screen. Connect the TV to the SDK. In Visual Studio, navigate to Tools Tizen Tizen Device Manager to open Device Manager. Note: For Mac users, launch Device Manager on Mac. Click Remote Device Manager and + to add a TV.

Essential mac software for developers download. Developers AirBeam TV do caution that you’ll need a decent Wi-Fi network in your home, and you’ll see between one and three seconds of latency, so you won’t be able to use it for gaming.

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So that you don’t have to lay out ten bucks to find out how well it works, there’s a test version here. If you’re happy with the test, you can buy the full version from the Mac App Store.

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