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Microsoft recently renamed the class-leading Office 365 package as Microsoft 365. With that, the software giant added much-awaited features such as Microsoft Editor, Money in Excel, Microsoft Family app, Video background in design ideas in PowerPoint, and much more. Microsoft is also including thousands of premium templates across the Office apps. Screen recording software mac 2015.

Jan 07, 2020  In researching the best free apps for the Mac, I started by using Apple's category list. This makes it easier to cover the wide variety of content available. If an app is on the Mac App Store, it is in one of the 21 categories that Apple has listed. Look like you hired a professional designer by creating a awesome flyers or posters in seconds. This app is an effortless poster designer app to design your customized posters and flyers with.

Built-in templates are a major part of Microsoft Word experience. The Word app comes with hundreds of templates panning across several categories. Refer to our compilation of the best Microsoft Word templates to create a brochure.

In this post, we will list out the top eleven Microsoft Word templates to create flyers. We have dedicated design tools such as Canva, PicMonkey, Adobe Spark, etc., to create professional-looking flyers and posters. But if you are paying for the Microsoft 365 subscription, then our templates compilation should get your money's worth and allow you to create flyers in the Microsoft Word. Let’s get started.

Note: If you want to download any of the templates from the below list, then tap on the download button. It will open the template in Microsoft Word. That will be the view-only template, so you need to go to File > Save a Copy and save the template in PC or OneDrive. Open the file from the same location, and now it’s ready for editing.

1. Event Poster

This beautifully designed Microsoft Word template is the must-have for event managers. You can use this blue-themed template to create flyers and posters for upcoming events. As for details, you can add information such as event address, time, date, the price per ticket, and more. An elegant-looking template for creating an event announcement flyer.

Download Event Poster Template

2. Marketing Poster

Want to design a quick flyer for your business to post on social media? Look no further, use this Microsoft Word template to create a marketing flyer with some information about your business, address, social media handles, phone numbers, a header image, and more. Don't worry about the scrambled text on the template, you can always replace it.

Download Marketing Poster Template
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3. Hotel Promotion

Does your business cater to the hotel industry? This poster template might be the perfect fit for you. With this third-party hotel template, you can create some gorgeous looking promotional flyers with headings and images of hotel rooms and more.

Download Hotel Promotion Flyer

4. Party Invitation

Hosting a small party and want to invite the guests with a cool looking flyer? One can use this built-in party invitation template and create a quick party invite with relevant details such as name, address, date, and time. I liked the background design of the template, which goes well with today’s standards.

Get Party Invitation Template

5. Sale Template

Preparing to launch a sale? You can use this Microsoft Word template to create awesome looking sale flyers with item names, reduced price, discount, time, date, shop name, and more. Quickly create sales posters and share them among the social media handles and customers.

Download Sale Template

6. Graduation Template

App To Create Cool Flyers In Mac

Students, rejoice. This one is for you. I bet you have worked hard for the entire year, and now its time to get rewarded. After completing graduation, you can throw a grand celebration party with the cool-looking graduation template. Add the date, time, venue, and you are ready to go. I like the added design elements such as graduation hat above the disco ball.

Get Graduation Template
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7. Election Party Flyer

Election campaigns are exhausting. After the voting day, you can celebrate the election party with this template. You only need to add event time, name, place, and a little description.

Get Election Party Flyer

Best App To Create Flyers On Mac

8. Sports Tournament

This template can be useful to hold sports events and spread awareness about it. Though this template is for basketball, you can always change the header image with a relevant picture and create a sports flyer on the go.

Get Sports Tournament Template

9. Restaurant Menu

Restaurant owners are covered as well. This built-in Microsoft Word template lets you create menu flyers on the go. You can create your hotel menu or even use it to create a special menu. Add necessary information such as hotel name, menu name, description, and you are good to go.

Get Restaurant Menu Template

10. Personal Trainer Template

Are you working as a personal trainer at a gym or from home? You can use this third-party Word template to create perfect looking marketing material for your coaching business. One can add images, talk about your goal, price per session, address, contact details, and more.

Get Personal Trainer Template
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11. Colorful Template

Holi is an Indian festival, often known as the festival of colors. People from the area come around and celebrate the occasion with water and colors. You can use this built-in colorful template to create colorful invites with relevant details. I like the background image of the poster for it goes nicely with the other occasions too — indicating that the theme is playful.

Get Holi Template for Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word Like a Pro

Microsoft Word is a joy to use with these templates. I mostly prefer it to create flyers and posters as I mostly get what I’m looking for in the Word. Go over the list and tell us which flyer template you like the most?

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