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Jan 31, 2017  Once you’re happy with the chroma key settings you should then do a quick run through of your shoot. If the subject is going to remain stationary, you’re likely good to go. If there’s going to be movement, you should double check every position the subject will be in to make sure the chroma key settings are correct for the whole shoot. Jun 19, 2009  June 19, 2009 in Multimedia (F) Boston, Mass - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that the Boris Continuum Chroma Key Unit now includes a Chroma Key Studio filter for real-time previews and rendering in Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Final Cut Express. Apr 17, 2019  Chroma Key Adjustments. Within the Chroma key panel, you can adjust the color selection to make sure it gets all the right shades. Also, you can try different contours options and see what works best with your setup. Select your background. The Chroma key menu allows you to choose images as your background or just keep it transparent. Nov 10, 2019  Download Chroma Key Camera:ChromaCam for macOS 10.15 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎ChromaCam is an application that allows you to easily create real-time chroma key composite video. You can shoot only the shooting target through the setting background.

  • 4K Ultra HD video up to 3840x2160
  • Real-time drawing while recording
  • Over 24 hours without stopping

How to use Chroma Key for Webcam Overlay
Green Screen Recorder

What is Chroma key?

Chroma key is a visual effects technique for layering two video streams together. The most common example of Chroma Key is the weather news. The weatherman is not actually standing in front of weather map, he is actually standing in front of a blue or green screen. The blue or green background is digitally removed and replaced with the image of a weather map.

Using Chroma key with Screen/Game Recording Software

We used to combine two videos into one video with the chroma key feature of video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. Nowadays, if you have a screen recording program and webcam, you can simply make a chroma key video in real-time while recording your computer screen.

These steps will teach you how to use chroma key with screen recording software.

  1. Download screen recording software which supports Chroma Key.

    Click here to download the free version of Bandicam.

  2. Go to the Webcam tab and check the 'Add webcam overlay to video' option.

    Start Bandicam, click the 'Settings' button under the 'Video' tab and check the 'Add webcam overlay to video' option under the 'Webcam' tab. (Check 'Preview webcam on screen' and 'Enable preview toggle hotkey' to enable/disable the preview screen.)

  3. Check the 'Use Chroma Key' option and click the webcam background.

    Click the [Select] button and click the background of the video in the preview screen and set the 'Similarity', 'Blend' to adjust the spectrum of colors.

  4. Once you start recording, you will see your face in the recording video.

1) PowerPoint presentation - eLearning Video (PiP)

1. I can't remove the background of a webcam.

To remove a background of a webcam, you should record in front of a blue or green background with the appropriate lighting. It is the best way to make a transparent background. (You can purchase a Chromakey Green Screen Kit from,, etc.)

Please also adjust the 'Similarity' and 'Blend' option to make a perfect transparent background.

Chroma Key Video Software

2. How to turn on/off the webcam screen

Professional If you want to turn on/off the webcam screen while recording, check the 'Save webcam video as separate file (.mp4)' option and use the preview toggle hotkey.

3. I can't use the Chroma Key and webcam overlay function.

  • Bandicam 4.2.1 or a higher version supports the real-time Chroma Key function.
  • If you use a USB webcam/capture device, please plug the device into a USB 3.0 slot.
  • You can't use Chroma Key while recording. If you click 'Use Chroma Key', you will only see the black screen on the preview screen.
  • For more information, refer to

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Real Time Chroma Key Software


One of the best screencast software which allows you to record your computer screen, system sound and microphone.

  • Capture 4K Ultra HD videos up to 3840x2160
  • Record over 24 hours without stopping
  • Upload a captured video to YouTube

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I am looking for a chroma key effect (e.g. weather man in front of a green screen) while using the video web camera over skype. Photo booth has chroma key effect, but I need a way to do it real time for skype.
The only effects software for the mac I have found is camtwist - which has some interesting effects, but not chroma key.
I would be willing to buy a new external web cam if it came with the software to do this.
any ideas

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Free Chroma Key Photo Software

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