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For Mac users, it is hard to find the best PDF OCR for Mac software. And you will find that few programs can work well to OCR PDF on Mac. Don't feel upset! Here we will share 2 simple ways to OCR PDF documents on Mac with ease, which can run on macOS 10.15 Catalina system also. OCR PDF on Mac Using PDFelement Pro To OCR PDF files on Mac can be.

Jun 11,2020 • Filed to: Mac Tutorials

We might get some image based PDF files, from which we cannot edit the texts, images, graphics or do any changes on the file. If we want to edit or get contents from scanned PDF, we need to use Optical Character Recognition or OCR software. For Mac users, it is hard to find the best PDF OCR for Mac software. And you will find that few programs can work well to OCR PDF on Mac. Don't feel upset! Here we will share 2 simple ways to OCR PDF documents on Mac with ease, which can run on macOS 10.15 Catalina system also.

OCR PDF on Mac Using PDFelement Pro

To OCR PDF files on Mac can be an easy task with the help of PDFelement Pro. This fabulous software can help you convert scanned PDF into searchable and editable document. Over 20 OCR languages are well supported. In addition to OCR, this PDF editor also lets you edit PDF with a bunch of powerful tools. You can freely insert and delete texts, images and pages, highlight and annotate PDF, add signature and watermark and more.

The following steps will explain you how to convert scanned PDF to editable document on Mac using the OCR feature.

Step 1. Import Your PDF into the Program

After download and installation, you can then launch the PDFelement Pro and click 'Open File' to load your PDF. When the PDF has been fully loaded, you can edit and annotate it as you want.

Step 2. Convert PDF with OCR

To OCR your PDF, you can click on the 'OCR Text Recognition' button under 'Tool' menu. You will be prompted to perform OCR. Click on 'Perform OCR' and select the pages you want to apply this to, as well as your preferred language. Once you've done this, select 'ok'. OCR will be performed immediately.

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to OCR PDFs

Moreover, with PDFelement Pro, you can convert and create files between PDF and many other popular file formats. It will maintain the original layouts and quality. This software works with Mac OS X 10.12 or later, including the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Key Features:

  • With OCR function, edit and convert scanned PDF will be no longer a problem.
  • You can convert PDFs to popular document formats in batch.
  • Easily add multiple PDF files to convert at one time.
  • The output file will be kept in original formatting.
  • You can also fully control PDF with combine, split, merge and compress features.
Latest version


Converts a scanned PDF into an OCR'ed pdf using Tesseract-OCR and Ghostscript

Project description

PyPDFOCR - Tesseract-OCR based PDF filing

This program will help manage your scanned PDFs by doing the following:

  • Take a scanned PDF file and run OCR on it (using the Tesseract OCRsoftware from Google), generating a searchable PDF
  • Optionally, watch a folder for incoming scanned PDFs andautomatically run OCR on them
  • Optionally, file the scanned PDFs into directories based on simplekeyword matching that you specify
  • Evernote auto-upload and filing based on keyword search
  • Email status when it files your PDF

More links:


Single conversion:

If you have a language pack installed, then you can specify it with the-l option:

Automatic filing:

To automatically move the OCR’ed pdf to a directory based on a keyword,use the -f option and specify a configuration file (described below):

You can also do this in folder monitoring mode:

Filing based on filename match:

If no keywords match the contents of the filename, you can optionallyallow it to fallback to trying to find keyword matches with the PDFfilename using the -n option. For example, you may have receipts alwaysnamed as receipt_2013_12_2.pdf by your scanner, and you want to movethis to a folder called ‘receipts’. Assuming you have a keywordreceipt matching to folder receipts in your configuration fileas described below, you can run the following and have this filed evenif the content of the pdf does not contain the text ‘receipt’:

Configuration file for automatic PDF filing

The config.yaml file above is a simple folder to keyword matching textfile. It determines where your OCR’ed PDFs (and optionally, the originalscanned PDF) are placed after processing. An example is given below:

The target_folder is the root of your filing cabinet. Any PDF movingwill happen in sub-directories under this directory.

The folders section defines your filing directories and the keywordsassociated with them. In this example, we have three filing directories(finances, travl, receipts), and some associated keywords for eachfiling directory. For example, if your OCR’ed PDF contains the phrase“american express” (in any upper/lower case), it will be filed intodocs/filed/finances

The default_folder is where the OCR’ed PDF is moved to if there isno keyword match.

The original_move_folder is optional (you can comment it out with# in front of that line), but if specified, the original scanned PDFis moved into this directory after OCR is done. Otherwise, if this fieldis not present or commented out, your original PDF will stay where itwas found.

If there is any naming conflict during filing, the program will add anunderscore followed by a number to each filename, in order to avoidoverwriting files that may already be present.

Evernote upload:

Evernote authentication token

To enable Evernote support, you will need to get a developer token foryour Evernoteaccount. Youshould note that this script will never delete or modify existing notesin your account, and limits itself to creating new Notebooks and Notes.Once you get that token, you copy and paste it into your configurationfile as shown below

Evernote filing usage

To automatically upload the OCR’ed pdf to a folder based on a keyword,use the -e option instead of the -f auto filing option.

Similarly, you can also do this in folder monitoring mode:

Evernote filing configuration file

The config file shown above only needs to change slightly. The folderssection is completely unchanged, but note that target_folder is thename of your “Notebook stack” in Evernote, and the default_foldershould just be the default Evernote upload notebook name.

Auto email

You can have PyPDFOCR email you everytime it converts a file and filesit. You need to first specify the following lines in the configurationfile and then use the -m option when invoking pypdfocr:

Advanced options

Fine-tuning Tesseract/Ghostscript/others

You can specify Tesseract and Ghostscript executable locations manually, aswell as the number of concurrent processes allowed during preprocessing andtesseract. Use the following in your configuration file:

Handling disk time-outs

If you need to increase the time interval (default 3 seconds) between newdocument scans when pypdfocr is watching a directory, you can specify the followingoption in the configuration file:


Using pip

PyPDFOCR is available in PyPI, so you can just run:

Please note that some of the 3rd-party libraries required by PyPDFOCR wiillrequire some build tools, especially on a default Ubuntu system. If you runinto any issues using pip install, you may want to install thefollowing packages on Ubuntu and try again:

  • gcc
  • libjpeg-dev
  • zlib-bin
  • zlib1g-dev
  • python-dev

For those on Windows, because it’s such a pain to get all the PILand PDF dependencies installed, I’ve gone ahead and made an executablecalledpypdfocr.exe

You still need to install Tesseract, GhostScript, etc. as detailed below inthe external dependencies list.

Manual install

Clone the source directly from github (you need to have git installed):

Then, install the following third-party python libraries:

  • Pillow (Python Imaging Library)
  • ReportLab (PDF generation library)
  • Watchdog (Cross-platform fhlesystem events monitoring)
  • PyPDF2 (Pure python pdf library)

These can all be installed via pip:

You will also need to install the external dependencies listed below.

External Dependencies

PyPDFOCR relies on the following (free) programs being installed and inthe path:

  • Tesseract OCR software
  • GhostScript
  • ImageMagick
  • Poppler (Windows)

Poppler is only required if you want pypdfocr to figure out the original PDF resolutionautomatically; just make sure you have pdfimages in your path. Note that thexpdf provided pdfimages does not work for this,because it does not support the -list option to list the table of images in a PDF file.

On Mac OS X, you can install these using homebrew:

On Windows, please use the installers provided on their download pages.

** Important ** Tesseract version 3.02.02 or newer required(apparently 3.02.01-6 and possibly others do not work due to a hocroutput format change that I’m not planning to address). On Ubuntu, youmay need to compile and install it manually by following theseinstructions

Also note that if you want Tesseract to recognize rotated documents (upside down, or rotated 90 degrees)then you need to find your tessdata directory and do the following:

osd stands for Orientation and Script Detection, so you need to copy the .traineddatafor whatever language you want to scan in as osd.traineddata. If you don’t do this step,then any landscape document will produce garbage


While test coverage is at 84% right now, Sphinx docs generation is at anearly stage. The software is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUTWARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

v0.9.110/11/16Fixes (#43, #41)
v0.9.02/29/16Fixed rotated page text, Mac OS X invisible fonts, and pdf merge slowdown
v0.8.52/21/16Better ctrl-c and cleanup behavior
v0.8.42/18/16Maintenance release
v0.8.32/18/16Bug fix for multiprocessing on windows, ctrl-c interrupt, and integer keywords
v0.8.212/8/14Fixed imagemagick invocation on windows. Parallelized preprocessing and tesseract execution
v0.8.112/5/14Added –skip-preprocess option, scan_interval option, and fixed too many open files bug during page overlay
v0.8.010/27/14Added preprocessing to clean up prior to tesseract, bug fixes on file names with spaces/dots
v0.7.69/10/14Fixed issue 17 rotation bug
v0.7.58/18/14Update for Tesseract 3.03 .hocr filename change
v0.7.43/28/14Bug fix on pdf assembly
v0.7.33/27/14Modified internals to use single image per page (instead of multipage tiff). Also enabled orientation detection
v0.7.23/26/14Switched from Pil to Pillow. Now uses original images from PDF in output pdf (no dpi/color/quality changes!)
v0.7.13/25/14OCR Language is now an option
v0.7.03/25/14Now honors original pdf resolution
v0.6.12/16/14Bug fix for pdfs with only numbers in the filename
v0.6.01/16/14Added filing based on filename match as fallback, added tesseract version check
v0.5.41/12/14Fixed bug with reordering of text pages on certain platforms(glob)
v0.5.312/12/13Fix to evernote server specification
v0.5.212/08/13Fix to lowercase keywords
v0.5.111/02/13Fixed a bunch of windows critical path handling issues
v0.5.010/30/13Email status added, 90% test coverage
v0.4.110/28/13Made HOCR parsing more robust
v0.4.010/28/13Added early Evernote upload support
v0.3.110/24/13Path fix on windows
v0.3.010/23/13Added filing of converted pdfs using a configuration file to specify target directories based on keyword matches in the pdf text
v0.2.210/22/13Added a console script to put the pypdfocr script into your bin
v0.2.110/22/13Fix to initial packaging problem.
v0.2.010/21/13Initial release.

Todo list

  • #43 version check for tesseract
  • On windows, search for pdfimages and imagemagick instead of relying on path
  • Split up into flow steps
  • Run more robustness tests for watching networked shares
  • Add more docstrings
  • Add more option specifiers to tesseract and ghostscript

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