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  1. Create Dotnet App On Mac Windows 10
  2. Run Dotnet App From Console

If you don't have a device to deploy to, you'll need to setup an Android emulator or use a device. If you've already done this, you can skip this step.

If this if your first time building a Xamarin application, you'll need to create a new Android Emulator. You'll see 'Android Emulator' in the debug menu. Click it to start the creation process.

This brings up a UAC prompt to be accepted and then the emulator creation process. The options are automatically populated for a base emulator. If required, change any options and then select Create.

Oct 03, 2017  dotnet restore - Restores all Nuget packages required by the application. Dotnet build - This is an optional step as the run command does a build anyway. Dotnet run - As mentioned above this builds everything then spins up a server on localhost port 5000 in order to view the app.

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At this point, you may be prompted to agree to the license agreement for the Android emulator. Read through and select Accept to continue the process. This will download the emulator images and finalize the creation of the emulator for use in Visual Studio.

Once the emulator has been created, you'll see a button that says Start. Click it.

You may receive prompt to enable Windows Hypervisor Platform. Follow the documentation to enable this feature for optimal performance.

Create Dotnet App On Mac Windows 10

The Android emulator will launch. Wait for it to fully finish starting and you'll see it displayed in the Visual Studio debug menu.

Your Android emulator has now been created and is ready to use. Next time you run Visual Studio, the emulator will appear directly in the debug target window and will start when you select it. If you ran into any issues or have performance issues with the emulator, read through the full setup documentation.

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Paul

In this article I will show you how to create a simple F# console application that runs on .NET Core and how to generate executables for various operating systems.

Start by downloading the .NET Core SDK for your operating system from Run the installer and accept the default settings.

Check if everything works, by opening a Terminal (or a Command Prompt on Windows) and execute the next command:

This is what I see on a macOS machine:

Now, let’s create a simple F# console application named HelloWorld:

If this is the first time you are creating an app with the dotnet command, the command will print a verbose Welcome message, I suggest to read it carefully. Next time, when you will create a new app with the dotnet command the above message won’t be shown.

The F# source code is in Program.fs:

In order to build and run the code, go to the application folder and execute the next command:

This is what I see on my machine:

dotnet run does a lot of work in background and is kinda slow. If you just need to run the application, without modifying the code, there is a faster alternative:

just keep in mind that the above will skip the build phase. If you modify the code, use dotnet run.

Run Dotnet App From Console

An even faster way to start and run the app is to use the full path to the generated dll:

As a side note, on my test machine, dotnet run takes about 2.8 seconds, dotnet run --no-build about 0.8 seconds and dotnet full_path_dll about 0.1 seconds. This is why I’ve presented you the above alternatives.

How about generating an executable from our F# code ? If you need an executable for macOS, Windows or Linux use one of the next commands:

If you target Raspberry Pi, use:

The above will create a portable folder named publish that contains everything you need in order to run the executable.

If you want to see the list of all available targets check


For example, if I want to create a Windows executable from my macOS machine I will use:

The resulting publish folder is in the application folder in bin/release/netcoreapp2.1/win-x64. If I want to send the executable to someone that uses Windows, I will simply zip the publish folder and send it to my client.

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