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Jul 01, 2020 All things considered, SpeedOf.Me is the best non-ISP internet speed test available. The best thing about this internet speed test service is that it works via HTML5, which is built-in to your browser, instead of Flash or Java, two plugins you'll need to have installed already.

Speed reading software helps one to read eBooks or documents quite fast and tries to eliminate existing reading habits that are formed for over the years. They come with course materials, tutorials and videos to help one improving reading speed. They evaluate one’s reading meters and enable to improve reading performance.


Speed Reading III for Mac aims to help users read faster by showing a basic technique that can improve one's focus. This application doesn't test comprehension or give explicit pointers on how to. Speed Reading III for Mac aims to help users read faster by showing a basic technique that can improve one's focus. This application doesn't test comprehension or give explicit pointers on how to. Jan 29, 2019 Best Speed Reading Software. We’ve been testing speed reading software since 2006. Recently, we spent more than 40 hours researching the latest information about speed reading and evaluating the most popular programs.

To find more varieties of these speed reading software one can go through Google using “speed reading software”, “speed reading software, free download”, “best speed reading software” and “7 speed reading”.


This is great speed reading software which helps to read fast and eliminates removing bad reading habits. It comes with exceptional training and courses to guide one improve speed reading habit. It produces comprehensive report on speed reading values over the period of time to gauge improvement. It is easy-to-use software.

7 Speed Reading

This is comprehensive speed reading software which enables one to read books or documents quickly. It comes with scientifically designed fifteen training activities promising to provide guaranteed results. It enables to eliminate bad reading habits that have been formed from young age. It comes with advanced tracking of reading performance also.

ZAP Reader

This is online speed reading software which helps to increase reading speed marginally. It is freeware, works with most of the browsers and does not require any installations. It is simple to use. It helps improving reading habit by allowing one to read the document by adjusting the display speed.

Other Speed Reading Software For Different Platforms

There are varieties of speed reading software for different platforms like windows, android, Linux and Mac Os. Since these software are platform dependent one should check for platform compatibility before downloading and installing. To get more idea about them one can read below software details which are presented for each platform.

Best Speed Reading Software For Windows – Best Reader

This is powerful and easy-to-use speed reading software which helps one to increase reading efficiency. It helps to increase the reading speed by ten times and improve reading knowledge. It helps to develop memory and concentration. It enables overcoming bad reading habits like back-skipping and helps to boost one’s IQ.

Best Speed Reading Software For Mac Os – Speed Reading

Best Speed Reading Software Mac Download

This wonderful and simple speed reading software helps to improve reading speed to great extent. It helps improving speed by looking at couple of mid points on each line and allows moving forward. It enables to improve reading speed gradually. It helps to improve the speed from 200 wpm to 1500 wpm.

Best Speed Reading Software For Linux – GutenFlash

This is advanced speed reading software which helps to read fast using best possible techniques. Depending on the context sentences it delays the display of the lines on the screen and enables one to self-learn the process of improving the reading habit. It is easy-to-use and simple to install software.

Best Speed Reading Software For Android – Speed Reader

This is best speed reading application for mobile phone. It helps to read the eBook quickly and one can achieve a speed up to 1250 wpm. It comes with four speed reading practice games and features lot of speed reading exercises. It allows reading passages within the app and read other apps content in RSVP mode.

More Great Speed Reading Software For Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Platforms

For windows version some of the speed reading software is “AceReader”, “Speed Reader Enhanced”, “RapidReader” and “FBReader”. For Mac Os version some of the speed reading software is “Reader’s Edge” and “iReadFast”. “Boustrophedon Speed Reader” and “speedread” are some of the speed reading software for Linux software. For android application “Spritz”, “A Faster Reader” and “Spree” are some of the speed reading software.

Most Popular Speed Reading Software For 2016 is AceReader

This is sophisticated and powerful speed reading software which comes with extensive features to help improve one’s reading habits. It comes with comprehensive course and eye exercise games to improve reading speed. It comes with personalized training and automated self-adjusting methods which helps for quick reading. It is easy-to-use and award winning software.

What is Speed Reading Software?

Speed reading software helps to improve reading speed by applying various methods. They also help one to break old habits of reading and helps reading in fast manner. Some of the methods include flashing words and phrases on the screen to help one to read them quickly. They help to achieve the target in short period through regular and comprehensive sessions.

They come with easy-to-use and regular training methods to make fast reading learning process more professional. To get more knowledge about these software one can search Google using “7 speed reading review”, “speed reader app”, “best speed reading app” or “speed reading test”.

How To Install Speed Reading Software?

Some of the vendor website provides installation instructions for installing speed reading software for desktop versions. Otherwise, the install file downloads contains detailed installation document which help one to perform installation.

For online and cloud based software one does not require any installations. One should check for system requirements mentioned before downloading the software.

Benefits of Speed Reading Software

Speed reading software helps students and professionals to learn the habit of reading fast by applying advanced and comprehensive methods. They provide various tests, exercises and eye exercises through games to improve reading habits. They come with customizable options and learn according to one’s own phase. They help one to improve IQ and develop memory and attention towards reading.

They come with valuation reports about various reading tests and help one to improve reading performance. They come with easily understandable exercises and offer high flexibility. With professionals requiring to read and understand the contents of many eBooks these software sure to help them honing best skill in quick time.

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A review of the best speed reading programs to boost learning skills

Reading is certainly one of the most popular ways to learn a new skill. What if we could read books and documents not only faster but also more effectively? In this post, we review some of the best speed reading software that will teach you how to do so.

These programs are designed to help increase your reading pace, retention and comprehension, train your eyes or eliminate subvocalization. Guided training plans will also enable you to apply various learning strategies and to monitor your progress.

Best Speed Reading Software 2020 – Top 4

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Update Reading Improvement Software: 2020/04

1. The 7-Speed-Reading Software

Each person is a bit different when it comes to learning styles. Hence, 7 Speed Reading (visit website) offers seven varying learning strategies to become a faster reader. It teaches practical skills in a fun, interactive way and comes with video lessons from six of the world’s best speed reading experts.

The program is cloud-based and consists of 15 software activities, video training, step by step modules, advanced tracking to follow your progress and social sharing. One license allows to set-up 5 different user accounts with unlimited computer installs.

As it is cloud-based – EX stands for Extended – students can access their tutor from any PC, Mac, Chromebook or laptop. The program will automatically synchronize results or completed exercises between devices if you prefer to learn in different places. Group learning is a fun way to challenge friends and family but also to share test results and points with them. Bear in mind you need an internet connection to run the tutor.

A great bonus is a library of 20,477 (classic) eBooks and the ability to paste any digital text and to use them for exercises and testing. Other features include personal goal settings, posture training or modules to eliminate subvocalization and regression as well as learning to read word groups.

The program also provides tools to train the user’s eye muscles, optic nerves and brain to help improve the user’s reading experience. It features games that aid the user practice the skills learned during the lessons.

Verdict: All in all, this might be one of the best speed reading software 2020 on the market. It offers tried and tested methods and techniques that have been used and recommended by thousands of students. The fact that it provides lessons with easy to understand video tutorials gives it an edge compared to the competition.

7-Speed-Reading for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome is readily usable by all ages and suitable for friends and family as everyone can benefit from the program. Despite its user-friendliness, users might take some time to navigate and be acquainted with the tools. Price is fair considering the tools it provides to the users.

Price: $79.95. Visit product website to see all features.

2. Spreeder

If you look for speed reading software that will enhance your digital reading and also teach you strategies and expertise, Spreeder (view website) might be worth a try.

With Spreeder you can speed read anything that comes in a digital format such as web pages, eBooks, text files, or PDFs. It is available as software for any computer operating system and as an app for iPad and iPhone.

Hence, you may quickly read a title from the free cloud library of eBooks, but you can also add any other digital content and save it in the cloud. The premium version accepts 46 different file formats. It will furthermore synchronize on all devices registered to a valid license.

How does it work? Spreeder uses RSVP technology to flash-highlight text based on your settings for words per minute, words per group, style and reading mode. It’s optimized for reading electronic files effectively. You will furthermore see stats for your reading speed, reading focus and time.

What about reading strategies? There is some guided training to reduce bad habits, regression and subvocalization or to improve eye fixation. However, Spreeder is software to fasten your reading through RSVP technology. If your focus is on expert training the 7 Speed Reading software is probably the better option for now.

Price online version: $67. View website.

3. The Iris Reading Program

One of the best resources to learn speed reading is the Iris Reading (view website). Their strengths are the popularity with thousands of students, effectiveness, and global recognition by respected institutions such as the Wall Street Journal,, Chicago Public Schools and even the NASA.

Iris Reading offers various learning modules depending on a learner’s preference and skill level. If you prefer to attend in person you can enroll in one of their classes in many cities in the U.S. and around the globe. If you are busy and would like to learn at your own time and pace their online modules for desktop, tablets and smartphones will be more suitable.

There are three types of online programs available as a step-by-step module system. However, when taken all together they provide a very valuable deal:

  1. Foundation
  2. Speed Reading and Mastery
  3. Advanced Comprehension & Memory

While Iris is certainly more video-based speed reading software, it also offers various apps to help you continue improving your reading performance after taking one of their offline or online programs. Therefore, it’s more their comprehensive package of tools, apps, PDFs and modules that make it eligible to be included in this review as well.

Price: from $50 per module. $199 in-person. Visit website.

4. AceReader

AceReader is an all-in one solution to learn to read faster. It’s similar to the software mentioned above and beneficial for teachers, students, children and the family.

Some of their most famous clients include the US Air Force Academy or the Naval Academy and many students in K-12 schools, colleges, universities plus thousands of consumers have successfully improved their reading performance. Since its release 19 years ago, AceReader Classic has won more than 50 awards for its educational value.

AceReader comes either with an online-based administration system (Personal) or a desktop version to install the software on 3 computers (Classic). This way, users can log in with their own accounts, set individual goals and have their test scores and training progress separated from other learners.

The main goal of AceReader is to minimize subvocalization, eliminate regression, learning to read groups of words, to reduce eye fixation times and increase re-fixation speeds. To achieve this, the speed reading software is packed with exercises, drills, complimentary themed material and eBooks with a built-in option to load own ones, PDFs or word documents.

But the good news is there is book writing software that can make the process a little easier.In this post, we will cover the ten best pieces of software for writing a book and look at the pros and cons of each. Best Writing Software: Contents.Worst Pieces of Software for Writing a BookFirst, though, let’s cover software you should avoid, at least while you’re writing a book:. Research writing software for mac free. I’ve written seven books and at some point during each one I had the thought, “There has to be a tool, a piece of book writing software, that would make this easier.”Bad news/good news: writing a book will always be hard, and the best piece of writing software in the world won’t write your book for you.


Features – There are 72 professionally designed lessons, advanced tracking modes and self-monitoring, more than 234 different training lessons, 830 leveled and themed reading comprehension tests as well as hundreds of leveled Drill Text materials, game cards and a built-in clock to see current wpm.

However, the program won’t let you alone in front of your computer. All lessons are automated and self-adjusting aiming to push you to the next level. There is constant monitoring of progress as well as tests to assess your current skill level.

Navigation – The Course Mode is the simplest way to use the program and it will walk you through an auto-adjusting training module that includes specific exercises (drills). The Menu Mode gives you more control and lets you pick from all training activities, for example, you could decide to improve on ‘word group fixations’. Last but not least, the reading mode is to practice your new skills either with provided or own material.

Verdict: AceReader is still one of the best speed reading software available with a strong focus on student guidance and goal achievement. The Classic version is, however, a rather outdated edition and it makes more sense to go with AceReader’s cloud-versions Personal, Family or Education.

Price: $69.95.

Support: Users can back on excellent, individual phone and email support. Quick start guides, manuals, FAQ’s and video tutorials will be provided.

5. The Reader’s Edge

The primary goal of this program is achieving a better reading speed and comprehension. It’s equal to 7 Speed Reading Software providing all the necessary tools and suitable for every reading level and age.

Features focus on stopping subvocalization or re-reading and also help decrease eye-fixations. Exercises and activities are also important components and include recognition tests, mobility training, word group reading tests and vertical and horizontal span exercises. A bonus is visual and audio reading sections.

The Reader’s Edge is created by the Literacy Company with the purpose of helping children, students and adults improve their reading skills. The company also awards different versions for home use, schools, library and other educational centers. It also offers free updates for the rest of your life, the best thing for sure!

In the beginning, this program might look a bit complicated due to the many tools it offers. But, once you get started the program provides convenient ease of use. Set your reading goals and get your detailed lesson schedule. There’s a step by step training module to let you progress immediately. It all takes 15 minutes to practice a day.

The bottom line: The Reader’s Edge is full-packed with all the features a user will need and the price is very affordable. Price at writing: $79.95.

6. eyeQ Speed Reading Software

The eyeQ Reading software might be a great option for students, professionals and children alike. Infinite Mind claims that kids will get better at reading with a daily investment of just 7 minutes which makes it an interesting solution for homeschooling. As the software is cloud-based you will, however, need an active internet connection to access all exercises and tools.

The program is data-driven and will be customized to each learner based on their reading level, strengths and reading pace. Hence, students will accelerate to more challenging levels based on the software’s recommendations rather than on arbitrariness or randomness. This approach is suitable for students looking for feedback on how they are doing. However, this feature is also available in other speed reading software.

eyeQ is also available for schools and for corporate purposes. Employees can gain a lot from an increase in reading skills, e.g. higher productivity. Their prices are not budget but certainly reasonable and provide many long-term benefits to an organization.

7. RocketReader Speed Reading Program

RocketReader speed reading software offers an innovative reading method. It displays a collection of features and patterns which makes it appealing to younger users. You can sign up for a free trial to see if it works for you.

The software focuses on reading comprehension for the starters. For the adults, the main purpose is both to read speedily and comprehensive fully. Before you start, you will be asked to run a test. The test itself is also available on their website without the need to sign up.

There’s one cool feature when it comes to comprehension tests. Questions can be answered either by typing the answer or clicking the “guess it” option, which offers multiple choice answers. By the way, the content categories include history, literature, science, etc. You can also bring your own text files. If you want to know how such a test looks like check out this feature by testing their free 6-minute RocketReader exercise.

With the number of tests and exercises present in the software, it surely is a great buy. It has many tools the user can use to improve their reading speed or comprehension ability and expand vocabulary.

RocketReader caters to all ages with the different categories it presents.
Many find it easy to navigate and get easily familiar with the functions. However, the design is a bit too colorful and the designs divert our attention. Adults may be turned off by it consequentially.

Price online version: $109.95.

8. Speed Reader-X Software

Speed Reader-X software helps the people improve their pace and to save their budget. Its primary target is to increase the person’s speed but not the comprehension skills.

In the box is a variety of teaching tools amongst them is a peripheral eye exercise, which enhances the ability of the eyes and the brain. This program only contains easy reading materials.

It can be installed and run easily. Also, navigation presents no difficulties at all. Users can skip a lesson or repeat them as they like to achieve an optimal result.

As mentioned above, Speed Reader-X does not provide comprehension tests. They have different tools for that. This tutor only focuses on increasing the reading speed ability, but it also has the lowest price of all speed reading software mentioned here.

By using this product, you will eradicate the most common bad reading habits and gain the ability to process words quickly. Price: $29.95.

9. ReadSpeeder Software

Another popular option is ReadSpeeder, a free speed reading software aiming to double your reading speed while improving comprehension. To achieve this goal students should commit for 12 consecutive days and be willing to practice for at least 30 minutes a day.

ReadSpeeder offers a library of 500 books to access a wide range of material either for practicing or expanding vocabulary. However, the variety and quality are not what you may expect from other top-rated software.

If you are a teacher using this program to help your students with their reading skills, you can pre-select the reading material to make sure it is interesting and relevant to their age. One of the downsides is that you won’t see any detailed tracking and progressing data available.

In order to use the program, you will need to register. According to the creators, there are more than 90,000 registered users.

10. Zap Reader Software

If you are strapped for cash and looking for free software to help you read digital text fast, you might be interested in Zap Reader. It’s an elderly but still popular tool to chunk digital text into groups of words and then display them in your browser at a preset speed. You can paste any text available on the web. However, it won’t teach you many techniques to apply on non-fiction material nor does it track progress.

It’s web-based software and developed by eReflect which has been in the business of educational software since 2006. If you are interested in this type of digital reading, Spreeder Pro (see #5) might be the better option since it also provides tutorials, exercises and progress tracking and is also available as iPad and iPhone app.

11. Spritz eReader Software

Spritz is eReading software designed for students to effectively handle reading assignments. It is the underlying technology built into various mobile speed reading software and focuses on highlighting specific text passages on smartphones or tablets rather than teaching traditional reading methods.

RSVP – The development of Spritz was inspired by Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) which was designed to find out how content is being read. However, this method was rather suitable for offline reading as it triggers active eye movements and relies on foveal vision. Spritz adapted RSVP to digital content whereas words will be positioned ergonomically and displayed in groups of words. As a result, no eye movement is required allowing readers to up their speeds significantly.

User experience – It is easy to get started with Spritz as it has a low learning curve. Since there is some skepticism about traditional RSVP, people who have had bad experiences should retry using its digital successor. Popular software that implements modern RSVP/Spritz technology is Spreeder, AceReader, ReadMe! or Bobo.

Summary – Spritz supports more than 20 languages. The main website will let you try it out but we recommend to consider specialized speed reading software that will implement Spritz/RSVP into an educational framework to teach you to read faster.

Best Speed Reading Software 2020: The Verdict

Most speed reading software listed focus on eliminating bad reading habits such as subvocalization or regression. 7-Speed-Reading (visit product website) is extremely versatile and has plenty of useful features like the training videos and games. The latest edition is also cloud-enabled, allows group learning and social sharing.

Spreeder (visit product website) is a modern RSVP reader to process digital content fast and efficiently. If you are in the market for this type of software and also look for educational instructions to learn common techniques and practice your memory capacities Spreeder is certainly one of the best software options available here.

AceReader is easy to learn with, adult-teacher-family-friendly, direct, and very effective. You will get a solid full-time tutor to improve your pace. It is one of the more comprehensive speed reading software available and works very well. However, keep in mind that this desktop tutor will not be updated anymore.

The Reader’s Edge or RocketReader are also suitable for students and children. SpeedReader X is the cheapest program here but lacks the comprehension tests.

Recommendation: In general, we would recommend 7-Speed-Reading as it provides expert advice, professional tools and stats and last but not least will increase your speed on the level you want to achieve. They are trusted by thousands of students and have proven results.

What is the Best Speed Reading Software 2020?

  1. 7-Speed-Reading
  2. Spreeder
  3. Reader’s Edge
  4. AceReader Classic
  5. Rocket Reader
  6. ReadSpeeder
  7. Speed Reader-X
  8. FastReaders

Please post your own list in the comments below.