Keyboard Shortcuthow To Quit Apps Mac

The Mac keyboard shortcut command Q will perform the Quit action. Quit is a global Mac keyboard shortcut that is usually located in the File menu. This keyboard shortcut for Quit is available in Mac OS X and may also be available with other versions of Mac OS. App: Operating System. Command + Option + Escape - The following keyboard shortcut is the Mac OS X equivalent of the famous Ctrl + Alt + Delete on Windows PCs. By pressing this combination, you will be able to force quit any non-responsive application so you won't have to right-click it from the Dock and select the option. Force Quit (displayed list of apps) Cmd-Opt-Esc: Scroll using a Trackpad (like a mouse’s scroll wheel) Slide 2 fingers on the trackpad: Right-click using a Trackpad (like on a 2 button mouse) Place 2 fingers on the trackpad and Click: Hide the current app: Cmd-H: Hide all other apps (other than the current app) Cmd-Option-H: Adjust the font. That will pop up the 'Force Quit Applications window. Shift-click the last item so that they are all highlighted and then press 'Force Quit'. It will ask you to confirm by clicking 'Force Quit' again. There are probably other ways you could do this with a single shortcut but they would require adding something to your Mac like a script or app.

Mac has lots of hidden shortcuts to get things done quickly. However, some shortcuts may vary based on the applications and it is not possible for you remember all. Normally, you can click on each menu item in the top bar to view the keyboard shortcuts. However, there is another way way to view all available menu shortcuts with single key. In this article, we will explain how to find the keyboard shortcuts of any app in Mac using CheatSheet app.

What is CheatSheet?

Keyboard Shortcuthow To Quit Apps Mac

CheatSheet is a third-party app for Mac that allows you to get all the shortcuts of the active app. You can press and hold the “Command” key to get the list of keyboard shortcuts in a pop-up and release the command key to close the pop-up. This is a super easy way to quickly find all available shortcuts for any Mac app.

Downloading CheatSheet

CheatSheet app needs the macOS version 10.10 or later to work. Therefore, first update your macOS if you are still using the old version. Go to the official CheatSheet website and download the latest version to your Mac. The app is available in English and German version, therefore choose the language and download the installation package.

Mac will ask you to confirm file download from the website. Click on the “Allow” option to download the file.

Installing CheatSheet App in Mac

After downloading, go to your “Downloads” folder and look for the CheatSheet app. You will see two files – app and the installation zip file. You can safely delete the zip file and move the app to “Applications” folder.

Double click on the app and you will see a warning message like below that shows the app can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store.

Click on the “Show in Finder” button to open the app location. Alternatively, click on “OK’ button and go to “Finder > Applications” folder to locate the app yourself.

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Opening the App

When you are in “Finder > Applications” folder, control + click or right click on the app file. Select “Open” option to access the app.

Mac will ask you to confirm opening the app downloaded from internet, click “Open” to confirm.

Note that the downloaded CheatSheet file is an app and not a disk image or installation package. If you haven’t moved the app to “Applications” folder then Mac will ask you to do so when you open the app. We strongly recommend you move the app to “Applications” folder to avoid wrongly deleting it.


Using CheatSheet App

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Now that you have installed and allowed access to the app on your Mac. Open any application like Word or Pages or Safari on your Mac and press “Command” key for some time. You will see a pop-up appears showing a nice list of all available keyboard shortcuts for that app. Below is an example of Word shortcuts shown using CheatSheet app.

Customizing CheatSheet App

Keyboard Shortcut To Quit Application Mac

The tiny app also has some useful configuration settings. When you long press “Command” key to view the shortcuts, click on the settings gear icon on the lower right corner.

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You have the following options to customize:

  • Print – use this option to print all the shortcuts for handy use.
  • Check for Update – use this option to update the app.
  • Support – report a problem to the developer by sending a support email.
  • Delay – change the delay of long pressing command ley to view the shortcuts.
  • Quit – close the po-up. You don’t need to use this as leaving the command key will close the pop-up automatically.

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Final Words

There are minor things that will really help in our daily life. CheatSheet is one such small app with 4.2MB in size that will help you to get the shortcuts of any app quickly.