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Last updated on July 20th, 2019 at 10:48 am

Oct 19, 2017  Give distracting apps an auto-timeout with Marco Arment's Quitter. Marco Arment is the co-founder of Tumblr and creator of Instapaper and Overcast, so anything he works on is always worth a look. And this Mac app from Arment, which offers a way to cut out distractions and focus on creativity, definitely fits into that category. We look at five software tools for your gaming PC that could take your PC to the next level.If you are a keen PC gamer you know that getting every last drop of performance out of your set-up is.

With time all iOS devices get to slow down whether, it is MacBook Pro, iMac. Luckily you land in the right place. Here I have found the major possible factor by which your Mac running slow and its fixes so that you can improve Mac speed performance and not have any problem in the future. By following these proven tips you can easily fix slow running Mac.

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How to Improve Mac Speed Performance

Free Apps To Improve Mac Performaqnce

1: Hard drive capacity getting full

If you have too many files, folders, songs, videos and other stuff then full capacity is the major factor behind your Mac running slow. And it always seems very difficult to delete them which are your collections.

How to fix

One thing to be noted that the majority of your hard drive capacity is being used by the cache memory, logs, language packs and other things. These are the hardest thing to remove safely from your Mac without deleting your important stuff. The best option for cleaning your Mac safely is CleanMyMac. Cant get vudu app to show on mac. This tool for Mac clean up is every unnecessary thing stored on your Mac and its best feature is that it knows what do delete and what not to be.

2: Outdated OS X version

You may wonder why Apple keeps on launching a new OS X version. The reason is simple: To get a better working performance of your Mac. Each time when you see the update it contains many fixes which also directly or indirectly makes your Mac performance better.

How to fix

The answer is simple: update to latest OS X version. Go to Mac App Store and check for latest OS X version and install it. Once you installed the latest OS X version you would probably see better Mac performance and really boost your Mac speed. Make sure for better performance always have your Mac with the latest OS X version.

If you still find any problem in your Mac performance there may be a case of broken disc performance. You can easily fix this problem using CleanMyMac by Repair Disc Permission tool.

3: Background activities

When you are working on your Mac, even if you are not using some apps installed on your Mac still they keep on running behind the screen which is a big factor to slow your Mac speed. Background activities consume lots of processor usage that causes your Mac performance.

How to fix

To check the background activities running on your Mac, navigate to Applications folder> Utilities> Activity monitor. Check the apps running on your Mac in real-time. You can easily check which app is consuming more processor power. Tap to the memory option and it sorts according to memory usage. More the memory showing, more it is consuming Mac speed. If that particular app is not so useful then select it and tap the cross icon above.


NOTE: Do not remove the things you don’t know.

4: Startup activities affecting Mac performance

There are many possibilities that when you start your Mac it is taking a longer time then usually it takes. This mostly happens when many things load parallel during the start of Mac and they keep on running parallel affecting Mac performance throughout the time you are doing work on your Mac.

How to fix

This problem is common and the best solution is to use CleanMyMac. This heals all your Mac problem and keeps your Mac running faster. The reason behind this as this App deletes all unwanted things that are loading unnecessary during starting your Mac. Once you install CleanMyMac, this will solve your problem related to its performance in minutes. If you are not going for this option then the other option partially improve your Mac performance. Navigate to System prefrence> Users & Groups. Now go to username and tap login. Here you will see the list of apps launch during startup. You can easily remove which you think is not quite useful.

5: Change your Internet Browser

Sometimes it is even noticed that the internet browser you are currently using may be creating the problem. This also slows down your Mac performance while working over the internet.

How to fix

You can try a different Internet browser that may enhance your Mac performance. For example, if you are using the internet on Safari, you might take different browser such as Google Chrome which may solve your problem and makes your Mac run faster.

Free Apps To Improve Mac Performance Free

6: Hardware problem

With time your Mac hardware gets older which slow down your Mac performance. If you are done with the above steps then the only thing is left is time to change your hardware. This is a bit costly but no other option left.

How to fix

Best Software To Improve Mac Performance

You can check your hardware stuff from your Mac. Fixing hardware problem takes time and a bit expensive. Figure out the necessary hardware issue and replace them. Once done with this you can easily see the better performance.

Apple software update 10.2 mac. You may also interested in:

Free Apps To Improve Mac Performance Software

I hope by following steps you easily speed up slow running Mac and improve Mac speed performance. I recommend you to use CleanMyMac which eliminate all your Mac problems related to its performance. You can follow us for more technical stuff on Facebook, Twitter.