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Sep 14, 2017  SMART IPTV SETUP PASSWORD ON MAC ADDRESS rubikon. Unsubscribe from rubikon? Cancel Unsubscribe. Setup Smart IPTV app on your smart tv less than 1 min unlock hidden channels SIPTV. On firestick go to settings then profile then portal settings then look below you will see MAC address select it then type in the new MAC address. 1 point 1 year ago. Make sure to delete the serial numbers from both. Continue this thread. Jul 28, 2017  Now, to change the MAC address, click on the “MAC address changer” tab find the current MAC address, and click on the “New MAC address” tab. Now select the “generate random MAC address” option to auto-populate the new address or just manually enter one. Click on “Apply MAC Address” and bingo, your MAC address is changed! Step 6: Enter your Mac address. Find your Mac address, this is a number of sorts that you are going to need to tie your device to your subscription. Turn on your device and open the Application. In the main menu select System and then system info. Select the network tab. As of 01/20/16, to find the MAC in the Fire Stick, select your language and at the next screen, scroll past all available networks to get to the options to connect via WPS push button or to see the stick’s MAC address. Bad menu design on Amazon’s part.

In this simple guide, we are gonna see about “How to Find Firestick Mac Address & IP Address?”. Actually, it is a very simple step to follow and get the MAC address & IP Address on firestick.


Do not need any command or any code to get the Mac Address. Just follow the simple navigation steps and get the MAC Address.

Actually, What is meant by MAC Address?. What is its full form of it?.

The Full form of the MAC is Media Access Control. It is a unique identification number assigned to the Network Interface Controller. So, it will act as a Network address in communications within a network.

How to Find Firestick MAC Address?

Firestick is a user-friendly device and can easy operatable to get any information easily. Just follow the steps below to get the MAC Address on Firestick.

Step1: Turn on the Firestick

Step2: Scroll to the Settings in your Fire TV/Firestick

Step3: Then Move Right to the System menu.

Step4: In the System menu, just scroll down and select About.

Step5: There you can find a Network option, just open it.

Step6: Now, you can find the Firestick MAC Address in this format xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx.

These is the simple steps to find the MAC Address on Firestick/Fire TV in 2020.

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How to Find Firestick IP Address?

Change Firestick Mac Address App Download

Just follow the step to find the IP Address on Firestick/Fire TV.

Step1: Turn on the Firestick/Fire TV.

What Apps Are Free On Amazon Firestick

Step2: Open Settings in your device.

Step3: Move on to the Device option.

Step4: In that, you can find About. Just open it.

Find My Firestick

Step5: There you can find a Network option.

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Step6: In that, you can find the Firestick IP Address.

These is the simple steps to get the Ip Address on Firestick/Fire TV in 2020.

Wrapping Up

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