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What is the best Mac compatible CCTV DVR software? This is a questions that I have heard countless times since I started CCTV Camera Pros with my business partner. Being a Mac user myself, I have always sought out to find the best surveillance software and security systems that works well with Macintosh computers. My name is Mike Haldas. I am the co-founder of CCTV Camera Pros and I am in charge of the company’s product research and development.

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Cctv video enhancer free download - Aiseesoft Video Enhancer, STOIK Video Enhancer, CCTV Design Tool, and many more programs. These DVRs include a free Mac software application that lets users manage and connect to one or more of these DVRs from a Mac desktop or laptop PC. The Mac DVR software allows the user to view the live video in real time and also playback recorded video remotely over the Internet. The user interface is easy to use and very powerful.

Cctv Enhancement Program, free cctv enhancement program software downloads, Page 3. Dec 24, 2019  There are so many video enhancement software on the market, while in this article, we have picked up 10 best video enhancers free and paid on Windows and Mac which are powerful enough to enhance your clips. And guide you step by step on how to enhance video quality. 10 Best Free & Paid Video Enhancer Software to Improve Quality 1.

When Greg and I started the company, we noticed that there were very few surveillance system manufacturers that were developing surveillance software for Mac users. Almost all of the security camera viewing software was based on Active X controls and only worked on Windows. Since that time, I have constantly been testing DVRs (stand-alone and PC based models) to find the ones that work best with Mac. I believe that we discovered the very best one – iDVR-PROs stand alone CCTV DVRs. The latest models are “hybrid” which means they support older analog CCTV cameras and the latest HD-over-Coax security cameras (AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI).

Here are some of the reasons why I love the new iDVR-PROs and the software apps used to monitor them (not just for Mac users, but for all users).

Easy to Use Software Interface

Mac users expect the very best graphical user interfaces on the devices that they buy. We like things to be intuitive, easy to understand, and useful. The user Interface of the new iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs is outstanding. Users can navigate the interface using the USB mouse or wireless remote control that is included. Watch the below video to see how easy the interface is to use.

1080p HD Security Camera View

The Mac software for iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs now supports remotely viewing analog CCTV cameras and HD security cameras. Watch the below video to see a demo of viewing 1080p security cameras using the software. You can learn more about these hybrid HD security camera DVRs here.

Important Note: Click the gear icon in the lower right of the video player and 1080p resolution so that you can view the video in the highest resolution available.

Live Camera View from Mac Software

Everyone with a video surveillance system expects to be able to login remotely to view their security cameras live from over the Internet. It amazes me how some manufacturers still do not create client software for Mac users to do this, being that the global market share for Macintosh based PCs is growing.


The DVR viewer software for Mac that is included with the iDVR-PRO is excellent. Watch the below video to see me login to the DVR at our office from my MacBook Air laptop.

Recorded Surveillance Video Playback on Mac

In addition to the outstanding live camera viewing, the Macintosh software also supports remote search and playback of surveillance video footage that has been recorded to the DVRs hard drive. Using the DVR viewer software, users can also export segments of video and save them as MPEG-4 files that can be played back on any Mac or Windows PC using Quicktime or Windows media player.

Reimage software reviews is it safe mac. That’s when I Uninstalled Reimage, and decided to report my findings. I purchased Reimage Repair after spending hours researching it. Results were informative, till it alerted me of a Artemis Trojan, Privazer. It was going to be deleted had I accepted the offer to purchase said software. Major Geeks informs users the program is Shareware, so only the scan is FREE.That is a new slant on the meaning, Mindblower!.

DVR Viewer App for iOS

Most Mac users also use iPhones and iPads as their choice for mobile and tablet devices. The iOS app for iDVR-PRO security DVRs let users login to their DVR over WIFI, 3G, 4G, and LTE to view their cameras live. Like the desktop software, app also lets users search and playback recorded video footage from the DVR’s hard drive.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to sort out your albums and make suggestions regarding which images you should archive. What is more, you can also search for a specific photo or video at once, after it has been uploaded.Some of its most popular features include creating metadata and drafts on request and photo batch processing. Microsoft photo organizing software.

Request a demo

Would you like to login to an iDVR-PRO using the Mac software to test out the experience for yourself? You can also login from iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows if you would like. Please click here to request a demo login.

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