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  • Oct 25, 2019  How to create a new library with Photos for Mac. You can create a new library for your photos at any time with Photos for Mac. To do so, make sure that you quit Photos and reopen it with the following method to get the Library options. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard. Double-click on Photos on your Mac.
  • Aug 12, 2019  That way your photos will be protected in case something happens to your computer. If you want to keep a clean photo collection, find a program that allows you to find and delete duplicate photos. File Types Choose an organizing software that is compatible with the same image files that you most frequently work with.
  • Nov 20, 2019  StudioLine is a photo organizer software with great photo revision apparatuses and adaptable database documenting. Windows is the supported platform for it. Photo organizing software is a standout amongst the Best software to organize your photo on a Windows PC for nothing.

In this feature, we’re going to introduce you 12 best free software to organize photos on PC. As you know that with the revolution of smartphone cameras and social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook… millions of photos are taken every day.

Meanwhile, to organize and manage photos aren’t as easy as it was some time ago. In these days, everyone loves to click photos on special occasions. Whether it’s a short trip or party, people won’t stop clicking photos.

However, these are photos that make your trips and party memorable and definitely the best way to preserve moments. Whenever you transfer photos to PC, they often mixed up with the photos.

This is where a photo organizer software comes to your rescue. It is a software that helps you catalog your pictures so that you can easily navigate through them. Your OS might have a photo management app, but it will not be able to cope with the increasing number of pictures. A dedicated photo organizer makes finding a particular picture from your collection of photos is an easy task.

So. if you want to know what is the best software to organize photos? read this feature till the end to find out best photo organizer for your photos on PC.

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For example, if you select “All Photos”, you can sort your photos either by their date of capture or the date on which the files were created. Another popular and easy-to-use shortcut is marking it as a Favourite. This way you can even add a star rating to all of your top photos. You can also use folders to organize your photos.

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Best Software To Organize Photos on PC

How to organize photos on computer

There are hundreds of free software available in the market that claims to organize your photo library, but a few have been proven to be worth. So to save you precious time from all the trouble, here is the list of the 12 best free software to organize photos for PC.

1. Adobe Bridge: macOS and Windows

Adobe Bridge

Bridge serves as a digital assets management platform for Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of programs, and what many don’t know is that Bridge is available to use freely, without requiring a paid subscription at any tier of Creative Cloud. Like a file manager on steroids, This free software to organize photos lets you sort through your image folders, with powerful tagging, rating, batch processing and metadata tools to organize your photos.

A photo downloader tool also simplifies importing photos from your digital camera, card reader, or mobile device, complete with batch renaming and sorting options. It’s a powerful pro tool for working with a ton of photos, whether on its own or as part of the bigger Creative Cloud suite, though it might be overkill if you just want to work on a few holiday snapshots.

2. StudioLine Photo Basic: Windows

This software (StudioLine ) is a photo organizer with good photo correction tools and flexible database archiving. StudioLine is a free photo editing and management software version that provides a practical way to view multimedia and features photo editing tools for basic actions such as cropping, rotating, resizing, red-eye correction, and more.


As for organization, this photo organizer app has the option to add tags and descriptors to images in its database, which can be organized as a folder. Slideshows, different tools, and online galleries make it easy to publish and share your favorite pictures.

3. XnViewMP: macOS, Windows, and Linux

XnView is one of the oldest photo viewers and organizers. It was released back in 1998 and it’s one of the most used computer applications for photo viewing and file management ever. XnView in its current iteration has seen a lot of attention and critical acclaim. But still, no product is perfect and everything can be improved upon. That’s why in 2018 XnView’s creators saw fit to release XnViewMP which is an enhanced version of the original and its planned successor.

XnViewMP comes with everything that the original does which includes a hex inspector and a facility to batch rename and edit your files.

4. FastStone Image Viewer: Windows

FastStone Image Viewer is a program to view images for Microsoft Windows. It includes a file manager and database. It is considered to be the best free photo management software in its class. FastStone Image Viewer is also free for domestic use.

This is a useful photo organizer Windows tool, equipped with photo editing and management features. FastStone comes with many photo editing tools for basic manipulation and fine-tuning, and also supports tagging, EXIF data viewing, and other sorting options. Although FastStone does not have the feature to upload pictures to social media and cloud storage, it offers excellent image viewing, editing functions, and organizational tools. Thus, it is a good choice if you store your photo collection on one PC.

5. MAGIX Photo Manager: Windows

Magix Photo Manager is a trendy name in this segment of great Free Photo Organizing Software. Users can directly work on their photographs with the help of Magix Photo Manager. As we all know that deleting and managing the duplicate photos from the device is essential to maintain the storage space in the best possible manner.

That’s why Magix Photo manager comes with an in-built feature of scanning duplicate photos to free up extra space in your device. The Artificial Intelligence sensors which are present in this software have good potential to scan all the photographs to find the duplicate photographs. You are only required to give permissions to this photo manager to access the storage and files in your device. This software itself will do the rest of the work.

Furthermore, users can also create or made new libraries in this app to manage their photos quickly and conveniently. This photo manager software also comes with some in-built editing tools like image crop, picture optimization, overall light exposure, etc. These essential editing tools will let you edit your photos up to some extent very easily. That’s why due to the presence of all these brilliant features in a simple Photo manager software, Magix Photo Manager software becomes another excellent choice of this list.

6. Phototheca: Windows

This is the best photo organizing software for Windows 10 that will make it easy to view, sort, organize, and share thousands of digital photos and videos.

Phototheca is a digital photo organizing tool that can help you avoid complex photo editing functions to focus on organizing your collection. After importing your photos into the Phototheca database, you can sort them by events, or group similar photos, taken on the same day or saved in the same folder.

All of them are displayed on the timeline. Photos can be further tagged, moved to other events, or sorted into your own user-created albums. In addition, the Smart Album feature allows you to create a dynamically updated collection of photos based on specific search criteria, such as a camera, date, or tag. Here you can import the pictures from cameras, memory cards, hard drives, network resources, and iOS devices. It allows you to tag photos and videos with the help of keywords, organize them by albums, delete duplicates, and upload to the web.

7. digiKam Photo Manager: macOS and Windows

What makes digiKam great besides its ability to help professional photographers transfer and organize their work, digiKam is also open source. There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The application permits users to transfer videos and pictures directly from their smartphones, digital cameras, and external storage devices. It gives users the ability to then automate this process by configuring the import settings and rules, which ultimately allows for on the fly sorting and organization.

Software To Organize Photos And Videos

8. PicaJet: Windows

This free photo management software has convenient cataloging, with correction of several photos at once. Other important benefits are the high speed, which is achieved by maximizing the capabilities of the 3D accelerator of a video card, and the possibility to create slideshows and web galleries.

9. Nikon ViewNX-i: macOS and Windows

Inheriting the comfortable operation of the conventional ViewNX 2 software, ViewNX-i features enhanced usability of the browsing functions, such as Photo Tray that lets users temporarily store files from various folders, for smooth operation when editing movies or printing still images.

ViewNX-i collaborates with both Capture NX-D that allows detailed adjustments to still images and ViewNX-Movie Editor that offers easy movie editing. Furthermore, it is compatible with web services, providing smooth access. Make the most out of ViewNX-i to experience the full enjoyment of your images with the same excitement as when you shot them.

10. Apowersoft Photo Viewer: Windows

Apowersoft Photo Viewer prides itself on its low resource consumption which means it’s faster and smoother than most image organizers on this list. You can easily scroll through large pictures instead of zooming in and out of them. The application provides users with the facility to edit and process images in batch.

It also comes with a quick screenshot tool that allows you to quickly edit and save your screengrabs on the fly. Apowersoft Photo Viewer also grants users the ability to view PDF files without downloading any other PDF viewer. It supports the conversion of raw data into common image file formats like JPG, PNG, and TIFF.

Just like many other organizers on this list, this application allows you to interface with social media websites like Facebook so that you can share your images with one click.

Apowersoft is a great application with a minimalistic but comprehensive design. It focuses on displaying pictures but it offers a lot more. It’s definitely worthy of your download.

11. Nomacs: macOS, Windows, and Linux

Looking for the best free photo organizer? Pay attention to Nomacs. It is an open-source image viewer that supports multiple platforms. You can use the set of tools to work with all common graphics formats, including RAW and PSD images.

The program is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. The software works within GNU Public License v3. The program is small but fast and efficiently works with all the most widespread picture formats, including RAW images. Moreover, it is possible to synchronize multiple viewers who work on the same computer or on a local network. It is quite useful for those who need to compare different images to see all their similarities and differences.

12. Album Shaper: Linux

This photo organizer an Open Source OpenGL-based Slideshow Viewer, it strives to be the most friendly, easy to use, open-source application for organizing, annotating, framing, enhancing, stylizing, and sharing your digital photos. Album Shaper embraces open formats like XML, JPEG, and XSLT while supporting Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix users who speak a multitude of languages around the world. So this is the best software to organize your photos.

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So this feature was about the best software to organize photos. Organizing photos has become the most important task these days. With smartphone cameras clicking pictures every now and then, needs a solid photo organizer to keep your photos organized.

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