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The Solar Winds screensaver displays mesmerizing and colorful particle effects against a solid black background. It is highly customizable, and provides several presets like 'Cosmic Strings', 'Cold Prickles', 'Space Fur' and others, but you can also create your own or have the screensaver cycle through them all at random. Solar Winds supports multiple monitors.

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Solarwinds Software Review

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Custom Wi-Fi mapping used to require a time-consuming manual site survey using a physical map. With the SolarWinds ® Wi-Fi heat map software in NPM, you can easily create dynamic Wi-Fi strength maps that automatically update every five minutes to reflect changing connectivity. Orion Network Atlas allows you to map Cisco wireless controllers and mobile devices on a color-coded floor plan. One product have look at is Solarwinds network performance manager. This looks to meet our needs but am wondering if there are other products out there that would match it while proving e.g. Easier to use, lower cost or greater feature set?

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User reviews (4)

Looks awesome and mesmerizing. House designing software free mac. Lots of options for customization!

by TheStebo on September 9, 2018

Doesn't work with Windows 10 1803 and Nvidia 397.64WHQL: video freezes after 10 secs

by none on May 22, 2018

Best. Amazing. Exactly what I am looking for.

Good app to create zip files on mac. Jan 28, 2013. Zip and encrypt Mac files to create smaller, safer email attachments. Organize and compress files into small, logical groups that are ideal for sharing. Zip files and folders for faster uploading/downloading times. Easily share to Facebook, Twitter and other apps Connect to your Clouds. May 11, 2020  How to create a ZIP file on a Mac Creating a ZIP file on a Mac is quick and easy, as MacOS contains a built-in utility for compressing or unzipping files. First, find a file or group of files you.

by Crocodile on February 20, 2018

Amazing! It has nice presets, and is easily customisable. It looks stunning on all display sizes and is a must have for anyone looking for a good screensaver.

by Jack on August 2, 2016
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Solarwinds Server And Application Monitor

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