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Architectural CAD software help architects to design as well as a document more effectively and efficiently. Using this layer management is possible as well as drawings can be created in 2D or 3D. Using these CAD Software floors, doors, stairs, walls, roofs etc can be composed of the 2D plan. If there are changes and doors or windows are removed, the walls mend themselves. Columns, beams, and slabs too can be created. These allow annotation of rooms to be done too.



This software is used for architects who want immediate work done. It has content libraries as well as various tools which help to make the workflow more efficient. It automates the task of drafting and it reduces errors while increasing the efficiency.

2D Floor Plans for online and print. RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plans provide a clean and simple visual overview of the property. If you are in real estate, allow potential homebuyers to clearly see the layout and potential of the property. For interior design users, a 2D Floor Plan is a.

Chief Architect

This helps in remodeling as well as for designing. It is used for 3D Rendering, it has modeling tools and using it construction drawings, as well as elevations, can be created. This has orthographic and perspective 3D camera tools and one can take virtual tours using this software. It allows for perspective layout views and more.


Solid Edge 2D Drafting Siemens. If you are looking for a 2D software for electrical and mechanical use, Solid Edge 2D Drafting, the program developed by Siemens might be the perfect solution. This free drawing program can help you with technical drawings, and product development. Enabling collaboration at any time, in any place, Solid Edge is an intuitive program compatible with DXF and DWG. May 30, 2020  We reviewed over a dozen architecture software platforms and chose the best based on ease-of-use, specific functionality (such as 2D vs. 3D modeling), compatibility with other architecture software, and the ability to help large teams share and collaborate on. LibreCAD is a free 2D-CAD multiplatform solution for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is essentially a community version of QCAD. It allows users to make different types of technical drawings, such as building and room plans, interior design schemes, mechanical part schematics, and diagrams.

2d Architecture Software Free Mac Version

This software is easy to learn and using it videos as well as images can be created, even 360-degree panoramas. It helps with architectural visualizations. There are skies, water, material, people, plants, trees and more than can be added. It has a huge library of artistic effects.


This has usability and functionality as well without compromising on either. You can copy, stretch, rotate and paint anything. It allows for 3D projects to be created, you can choose the drawing scales, dimensions, graphics, call outs and more. You can even export to PDF files, images or CAD files.


This software is easy to use and it does not have restrictions. It allows for high efficiency, accuracy, and minimization of repetitive designing. It is usable in building designs, structural designs as well as various forms of engineering.

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19

This allows for easy editing of objects, customization of building materials, it allows for the precise and fast creation of symbols using the ready-made tools, you can create plans, furniture, there are panning, cutaway tools and more.


This software help in the creation of technical drawings as they had a number of construction and modification tools as well as various selection tools to measure and snap objects to place.

TurboCAD 2016 Professional


Dream Plan Home Design Software

ILEXSOFT HighDesign 2017

MyArchiCAD for Windows

This software is designed for Windows Operating Systems. This is used for generating of associative documentation and you can create a virtual building model. It is great for schools, educational institutions and professional users alike. It has a Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing modeler which is used for creation or editing and even of importing of networks such as piping, ductwork, and cable trays.

ARES® Commander for Mac

This is designed for Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. It has a user-friendly environment and there are various features to increase productivity. This comes in 14 languages and it has a programming interface for various programming languages. This uses .dwg as the main format.

CAD Touch Free for Android

This is developed for Android devices and has a multitouch interface which is precise and flexible. It offers support for imperial measure units and decimal support as well. It does not require internet connectivity and you can share and save the work in PDF, PNG and DWG formats.

AutoCAD Architecture – Most Popular Software

This is one of the most popular software. It is used to draw shapes accurately and quickly as well as modify the outlines of the roof using precisely controlled measurements. It helps in producing renovations more efficiently and confirming of styles of walls, doors, and windows before adding.

Don’t worry; this can be fixed. Why is my mac so slow. Like hot enough to fry an egg? Not when a Mac is new, but when they get older and are full of files, images, videos, and apps that slow down processing speeds, causing them to overheat.So if you’ve been working away and your Mac is hot to the touch.

These software helps in the creation of technical drawings as they had a number of construction and modification tools as well as various selection tools and tools to measure and snap objects to place.

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If you are a beginner in animation, you should select right animation software to practice. There are several 3D and 2D free animation software available. Here is easy animation software for beginners to use that comes with great features. The best animation software is very helpful in modern film, education, marketing, cartoon and video game industry.

2D animation software is still popular and mostly used by designers, educators, trainers, and marketers. They are creating animated videos as one of the key tools for increasing audience engagement.

Here are 20 best free animation software for Mac, Linux, and Windows Computer with 64 bit and 32-bit versions.

Top Best 2D Free Animation Software for Mac, Windows, Linux Computer


Pencil2D is a free 2d animation program for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. With this drawing software, you can create traditional hand-drawn animation. Pencil2D is very easy to use and best animation software for beginners.

This pencil animation software helps you make cartoon animation effortlessly. Pencil2D program allows you to export your graphics many file format such as FLV, Flash Video (SWF), Movie and to many other formats.


OpenToonz is another open source 2D animation software for Mac and Windows. This program supports Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac OS X 10.9 or a later version.


CreaToon is a free animation software for Windows PC to create 2D animation in cut-out style. Its main advantage is very user-friendly.


Animation Paper

Animation Paper is a software designed to animate hand-drawn pictures in 2 dimensions. This Windows animation software allows the user to draw pictures with a pen tool. After you draw the pictures, Animation Paper collects and synchronize them to create an animation. You can free download Plastic Animation Paper from CNET.

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is another free open source 2d animation software for Windows 10/7/8, Linux, and Mac OSX. You can download Synfig Studio here.



Stykz is totally free best animation software to create compelling 2D animations. It’s another multi-platform supports operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can free download Stykz here.

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Tupi is another free open-source 2D animation software comes with easy animation creation process. This free animation program supports operating system such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. You can download Tupi here


DrawPlus is another free animation software for beginners. This program was developed for Microsoft Windows and is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit and 64bit), Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) and Windows 8 (32 bit and 64bit).

Toon Boom Free Animation Software

Antics 2-D Animation

Top 3D Free Animation Software for Windows PC, Linux, Mac


Blender is the most popular industry standard free animation 3D software. This program used by animators, video game specialists, architects, interior designers, scientists, students, VFX professionals, 3D Printing, studio artists and more professionals. It available for major operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows 64 bit computer. You can free download Blender here.


Houdini is a 3D animation application software which is free of charge for non-commercial use. It is available for operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


Free 2d Animation Software

Clara.io is a free cloud-based online animation software that makes complex 3D models and beautiful photorealistic renderings. It is a cross-platform tool that works with a majority of the browsers and OS that includes, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows.


Bryce is an award-winning 3D modeling and animation package designed to allow new users to quickly create and render stunning 3D environments. You can free download from cnet.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker is a freeware 3D animation program for Windows 10/8/7/vista/XP, and Mac. You can quickly and easily create 3D animations for movie introductions presentations or websites. Free Download

DAZ Studio

2d Design Software Free

DAZ Studio is the perfect tool to design unique digital art and animations using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments and more. Free Download


2d Architecture Software Free Mac Software

K-3D is a free 3D animation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Pivot Animator

Krita Animator