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If you love playing games, and call yourself a gamer, there’s a 98% probability that you would be familiar with the word Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming video platform. Twitch was founded in 2011 by a subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch Interactive. Twitch has more than 45 million gamers who gather every month to chat, discuss, watch and broadcast. Twitch is a place where you can chat and discuss with people who play the game which interests you. When the site was formed, its only goal was to stream video games. But with its growing popularity, it started streaming other services like music, artwork creating and TV series. Twitch streams about 2 million unique streamers per month and 15 million daily active users. From Fortnite to world of Warcraft, cooking shows to live sports, anything and everything you can think of Is available on Twitch.

If you want to be one of the broadcasters on Twitch, there’s really nothing you have to do. It is absolutely free; anyone can be a Twitch broadcaster. Twitch can be streamed on its official site or via one of many twitch applications which are available on Android and iOS. PS4 and Xbox have inbuilt streaming option whereas if you are a PC gamer, all you will need is decent hardware, streaming software, and a free Twitch account to share your live streams and videos and let the world know. There are many Twitching websites, let us have a look at the best twitching streaming software available.

Jun 19, 2020  Part 1. Best Live Streaming Software for PC 1. OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is the most powerful one available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a free and open-source software that suite for recording and live streaming. Main Features: High performance with real time audio/video capturing and mixing. Streaming on Twitch requires a few prerequisites, one of which is a decent streaming software. The choices are few when it comes to available Twitch streaming software that’s actually worth using. The most prominent names of which are OBS, Streamlabs, and XSplit. For someone new to Twitch streaming, these names could sound foreign.

How can I find Twitch Streamers to Watch?

After creating your account on Twitch, it will recommend many streams on the home page of their website and also on its applications. By searching for the games or streamers you want to watch and follow, you will get the list of streamers playing. Once you follow someone, twitch will recommend other streamers related to the same type of game or videos. The twitch community also helps in suggesting streamers, along with the recommendations from other streamers. You can get various recommendations from the live chat option available from other users around the world. Also, there are many threads on Quora, Reddit where you can get suggestions from the community along with their experiences which will help you to follow and watch the best in your interest.

So, let us get started and know more about twitch and best twitch streaming software available.

1. GameShow

GameShow is the by far the best twitch streaming software available. GameShow is pretty easy to install. GameShow comes with two variant. One is the free version and second is the paid version. Paid Version costs $29 for the lifetime. Streaming on GameShow is pretty simple. You just have to pick a template, add some widgets and voila ! you are ready to stream. GameShow also allows the users to add their own logo and customize your page. GameShow allows you to stream to Twitch, Youtube, Hitbox and record the videos in HD. GameShow allows the user to develop multiple numbers of scenes in very little time. What makes GameShow the best twitch streaming software is that it works smoothly on CPU with low usage and also the fact that it allows you to easily drag and drop scenes over one another

2. XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is the best free twitch streaming software available in the market. XSplit Gamecaster is one simple software, which is powerful and allows flexibility for live streaming of videos and audios. XSplit Gamecaster gives various options to the user which they can use to produce rich video content that can also be customized. This also results in the viewers having an amazing experience while streaming. XSplit Gamecaster offers support to twitch, Facebook, Youtube, mixer and many more, almost all capture cards. It allows user many instream options such picture effects, multiple camera shots to name a few. XSplit Gamecaster has an option of a simple audio mixer which allows the user to mix audio.

Dec 29, 2019  The last best torrent file-sharing software for Mac on the list is qBittorrent. The UI of this free and open-source BitTorrent client is similar to that of uTorrent. This feature-rich torrent manager supports all BitTorrent extensions like Magnet/BitComet, Peer Exchange, DHT, and many more. 13 rows  Jun 26, 2020  Xtorrent P2Pis well-crafted torrent client for Mac OS X. The interface is well thought out and customizable. It is lightweight and stable. Xtorrent P2P is free to download and use but if you want to download torrents at a normal speed you'll have to purchase a paid version. Aug 12, 2019  BitTorrent and uTorrent BitTorrent for Mac is one of the original torrent clients designed to implement the BitTorrent protocol. It comes with the advantage of many years of experience and updates under the hood. Strangely, BitTorrent also owns and operates uTorrent, another leading client. Best bit torrent software for a mac. Mar 11, 2020  We mustn’t forget to mention the original BitTorrent client which is still one of the most popular torrent clients for Mac. It brings everything from a straightforward interface, up to the ability to search for torrents online. And as many of you already know, macOS users now get to use a next-generation BitTorrent client – its ‘Web’ edition. Of all the apps here, Transmission is the most Mac-like, with a gorgeous interface and Apple-like simplicity - not that Apple would ever make a BitTorrent app; it won't even allow them on the App.

XSplit Gamecaster also has a notification option for followers and chat option. XSplit Gamecaster can be called an allrounder when it comes to Streaming videos and games on Twitch. XSplit Gamecaster is easy to set up.

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3. Open Broadcaster Software

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Open Broadcaster Software is a very good platform for beginners which provides stunning video recording and live streaming needs. Open Broadcaster Software is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating system. Open Broadcaster Software offers customizable plugins which give a different experience. OBS is one of the best free twitch streaming software.

4. Overwolf Twitch Streaming

Overwolf Twitch Streaming application is an overlay software which offers absolutely amazing applications into your gaming experience. Overwolf Twitch Streaming gives the user an option of tabbing out. Overwolf Twitch Streaming Application is the best twitch streaming software which gives the user the option to go ON air with one key feature. Overwolf is an open platform for streaming. Overwolf Twitch Streaming also allows you to customize your stream. Overwolf also allows the user to share their playlist on stream and control the same in the game without any need for a special window. Overwolf Twitch Streaming is a hot software for twitch commercials. Overwolf Twitch Streaming allows you to stream by just one click.

5. vMix

VMix is one of the professional platforms which is designed for professionals to meet a better quality need in terms of production. vMix possesses a huge collection of 3D acceleration with HD sources. VMix allows the user to stream SD, HD,4K videos with ease and with no lag. VMix offers 13 transition effects which can be used by the user. It has a huge collection of built-in type templates. VMix has a call in feature which can have up to 8 callers.


The player is a social platform for gamers. Creating an account on the player is easy. Player offers a broadcasting tool which is used to broadcast your games to twitch. Player has its twitch chat which helps in interacting with other gamers and discuss about the topic that interests you. Player also has webcam support which helps the views to get your live reaction while streaming the game. It provides hundreds of professionally designed templates.

7. WireCast

WireCast is like a black book, your one stop for all your live streaming needs. WireCast allows the user to access an unlimited number of animations and customize videos. WireCast also offers various effects and transitions. WireCast has Unlimited Source which includes a camera, webcam, microphone, etc. WireCast has more than 100 graphics and titles.

8. Screen Stream Mirroring

Screen Stream Mirroring is one of the most powerful applications for mirroring or broadcasting your Android Screen in real time. Screen Stream mirroring also provides you to broadcast audio in real time. Screen Stream Mirroring allows you to share your mobile screen live just like a dual screen on any device or PC on the same network. Screen Stream Mirroring can live broadcast to twitch. Screen Stream mirroring also allows mirroring the screen on web browsers. Screen Stream Mirroring uses a streaming timer to stop lock screen. Screen Stream Mirroring allows the user to share their screen easily and in very less time.

Twitch Streaming Tools

10. IRLTV – Stream Live to Twitch (for iOS)

IRLTV is a stream application on iOS which allows the user to stream. IRLTV is one of the best streaming application for your iOS device. IRLTV allows the user to broadcast streams and videos which are up to 720p HD quality. Beyond that range, it gives some buffering while streaming. IRLTV has amazing graphics. IRLTV also provides transitions and editing tools. IRLTV is one of the best optimization options on a mobile device. IRLTV has incredible optimization options. IRLTV also has amazing editing tools. IRLTV allows the user to make an active connection anytime from anywhere which allows them to have a streaming experience which satisfies them. IRLTV is a user-friendly application for iOS users. IRLTV can be used by both beginners as well as professionals.

11. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is a streaming application which is fast, reliable and full of features which will always amaze you. Streamlabs allows you to change images, audios, colors as well as layouts with ease. Streamlabs also allows the user to set alerts for donations, subscribers, followers, and hosts. Streamlabs allows these pop-ups and alerts to be adjusted in a customized manner. Streams allow the user to change the setting of colors, layout, images in a simple way.


In conclusion, we would like to say that twitch is one of the most trending software in 2018. Twitch might have started its journey as a video game streaming service, but along the way, it has turned out to be more than that. Over the years, twitch has also added various features under its name. A Large number of streamers use the software mentioned above, and actually, make a living out of it.

Your search for best twitch streaming software ends here with this article. There are many options which provide you to stream your videos and games. So choosing one which suits your PC configuration and your need is important. If you are planning to be one of the streamers, any of the mentioned software will work for you. Try this software and let us know your views regarding the same. Whatever software you choose, make sure it fulfills your goal. What matters most is that your viewers experience something which they will remember and enjoy by providing them with the ultimate gaming experience.

If you are a serious game geek, you might have heard the name Twitch and know how to stream on Twitch. Twitch is one of the leading live streaming video platforms launched in June 2011. Twitch mainly centers on live streaming of video games, broadcasting of eSports tournaments and other creative contents. It has 2.3 million broadcasters monthly and 16 million active users daily with around an average of 1 million concurrent users as of July 2018. Twitch provides you with the platform to conduct your live game streaming whether it is Fortnite, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) or Counter-Strike.

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However, the only thing Twitch doesn’t provide is the ability to record and download live streams. But the recently-updated version of the 4K Video Downloader can help you a lot! You just need copy the link of the live stream you want on Twitch, and then paste it in the 4K Video Downloader to get it downloaded! Besides, you can also convert these downloaded videos to all popular SD and HD videos such as 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, MKV, RMVB, TS, VOB, H.264, HD WMV, DivX, XviD, etc. with the help of this Video Converter. It can also convert video to audio formats like MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV, AC3, or extract audio from video.

It is a great idea to start a channel to broadcast your creative contents and start your own earnings, so live streaming software is the best choice and it makes this process much easier with features like capturing video (screen recording), encoding and publishing videos on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

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A large number of Twitch streaming software options are available in the market, so it could put you in a dilemma to choose which one is the best. We have saved your time and made a list from which you can choose the top best one used for live streaming and professional live broadcasting. And the back part of this article introduces you practical streaming apps for Android or iOS devices.

Part 1. Best Live Streaming Software for PC

1. OBS

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is the most powerful one available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a free and open-source software that suite for recording and live streaming.

Main Features:

  • High performance with real time audio/video capturing and mixing.
  • Create scenes made up of several sources including images, text, browser windows, window captures, web cams, etc.
  • Filter options such as color correction, image masking and color keying for videos are available.
  • You can set an unlimited number of scenes and switch among scenes via custom transitions.
  • It supports Twitch, Mixer and YouTube.
  • Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

2. Gameshow

Gameshow is a dedicated software which lets you start live game streaming within seconds. It is an easy and powerful tool for both beginners and professionals. It performs well with low CPU usage, which allows you to devote more computer resources to gaming.


Main Features:

Best Twitch Streaming Software

  • Start streaming within seconds, pick templates and add widgets.
  • Multiple Layers which let you have complete control over the scene building process and can increase the number of scenes.
  • Customize your look and add your logos.
  • It offers high-quality live game streaming.
  • It supports Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube and records in HD.

3. ShadowPlay

Never miss your great game moments and capture them with Nvidia ShadowPlay. It encodes in GPU instead of CPU, which results in lesser performance overheads. It is mainly focused on recording but provides streaming later.

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Main Features:

  • It allows you to record videos up to 4K at 60 fps.
  • Create GIF and take high-quality screenshots.
  • Supports camera and custom graphic overlays to better personalize live streaming.
  • High-quality broadcasting to Twitch, Facebook or YouTube.

4. vMix

vMix is another live video and audio streaming software which allows you to broadcast your live productions directly to the video streaming platforms. vMix is a complete solution with features such as live mixing, live streaming, switching and recording of SD, full HD and 4K video sources including cameras, DVDs, video files, PowerPoint, images, etc.

Main Features:

  • Simultaneous live streaming, recording and output of the videos.
  • 13 transition effects such as Cut, Wipe, Zoom, Cross Zoom, Cube Zoom, Fade, Slide, Fly, Fly Rotate, Cube, Merge, Vertical Wipe and Vertical Slide.
  • One can process numerous inputs simultaneously with different file formats.
  • Up to 8 guests can be added to your live streaming.

5. Wirecast

Wirecast is one stop for all your live streaming needs on your desktop platform. It can capture signals from multiple input devices like iOS cameras, computer desktop, web feeds and live camera feeds. Users can access unlimited numbers of animations and customize video files with different effects and transitions. It can be used for multiple talking heads and mixing together live feeds along with multiple scenes.

Main Features:

  • Unlimited sources such as cameras, web cams, microphones, IP cams, etc.
  • Conferencing and remote production via sending guest a link to join live feed.
  • More than 100 graphics and titles.
  • Stream and record at same time.
  • Stream to Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo simultaneously.

NOTE: These Twitch streaming softwares mentioned above are some of the best ones and professional live broadcasting softwares. Besides, there also are some other practical softwares below.

  • a) XSplit Gamecaster
  • b) Streamlabs OBS
  • c) Bebo
  • d) LightStream
  • e) FFsplit

Part 2. The Best Twitch Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

If you are finding an app which can be used on an Android or iOS phone for Twitch streaming and other live broadcasting apps for Android and iOS phone, then these two below are the best options for you!

6. Screen Stream Mirroring (for Android)

Screen Stream Mirroring is an optimized app for mirroring and broadcasting your Android screen and audio in real time. You will be able to share your screen live just like a dual screen to any device or PC on the same network via media player, web browser, Chromecast. You can make powerful presentation for work, gaming or education and you can also record it to video files.

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Main Features:

  • Can live broadcast to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Ustream, etc.
  • Settings to optimize performance.
  • Camera overlay, Image overlays and web overlays widget while you live stream.
  • Mirroring and screen sharing with web browsers.

7. IRLTV – Stream Live To Twitch (for iOS)

IRLTV is one of the best Twitch streaming apps for your iOS devices. You can broadcast your gaming and other contents up to 720p HD quality from anywhere.

Main Features:

  • Viewer integration.
  • Twitch bits and twitter are integrated.
  • Amazing graphics, transitions and editing tools.
  • Awesome optimization options.

Final Words

Now your quest for best Twitch streaming software ends here with this article. Try and choose any of the softwares mentioned above and please let us know which one you will recommend to other users via comment box. The two apps stated above for Android and iOS are also worth a shot. Share this article on your social media profiles with your friends and let them know about these practical live streaming softwares. If you have any feedback regarding this article, then you can easily get to us and tell us through our comment box.

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