Iomega Zip Drive Software For Mac

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Jul 11, 2014
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A1286 MBP5,3 running 10.9.5, iphone6, Mac mini1,1 A1176 120/2gb

Includes Zip 250MB Drive, USB Cable, Start Here First Kit Including Iomega Automatic Backup (PC/Mac) and Iomaga Sync Software (PC), Quick Install Guide; Requirements; PC: 100MHz or Faster Computer with USB Controller, MS Windows 98SP1/98SE/Me/2000 or XP (USB 1.1 or Hi-Speed USB 2.0). Iomega Support Document Iomega Zip 100The Zip drive is a medium-capacity removable disk storage system that was introduced by Iomega in late 1994. Originally, Zip disks launched with capacities of 100 MB.Get on 31197 Zip 100 Portable USB Drive (PC/Mac)USBSpeed up your Search.

Iomega Zip 100 Installation Software

So I have many zip disks laying around and would love to get the pics and stuff off of them before I erase them. I used to buy the OEM units that looked like floppy drives. I am wondering if anybody has taken one of them and put into a USB External case since they are IDE. I also remember that you could buy them formatted to mac. Does that mean that the older macs had a parallel printer port? (Sorry, I am new to apple)
Other ideas welcomed ;-)