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Animators who want to breathe life into static objects on screen can utilize the technique of Stop Motion. Accomplish this by incrementally changing the position of the object while recording a frame per increment. The movement is seen when every frame is played in sequence.

Software As stop-motion animation is little more than still images pieced together in a sequence, you can create a movie with any video application you like. And, for Mac users, that generally. Create stop motion animations on your Mac and iOS device. IStopMotion™ helps you to create, record and animate a story, frame by frame.

This 52things video will help you learn more about stop motion and how it works:


Oct 01, 2019 In old era, work of combining photos was done manually but now some interesting software applications which have the facility to do this work automatically. These programs are called Stop Motion Software programs. Here is the list of Best Free Stop Motion Software that can be used to create best 2D animation videos of your favorite images.

Stop motion provides an appealing and simple method that any video editor could blend it into their videos regardless of what type of videos they are making.

What is the best stop motion software on the market? Find out below from free ones such as qStopMotion to the ones used by the experts like Dragonframe. Let’s take a look!

Recommended: Movavi Video Editor

The stop-motion techniques used for producing animation will be dependent on your purpose and level of skill. If you are a stop-motion newbie or simply want to add a clip of stop-motion to your video project, the best way is to take a number of individual images at specific intervals. After that, import the images into one file in a photo slide maker or video editing software. Similar to a regular video clip, edit the stop motion. (Note: Rather than shooting every image in real time, in stop-motion photography, you take a single photo, then the subject is moved and another shot is taken, then moving the subject again etc.)

Movavi Video Editor is the best software for this kind of video editing. Produce professional-looking movies and slideshows on your PC with this all-inclusive video making software, even if you are a newbie.

Besides the video making tool in Movavi Video Editor, which includes a really handy Slideshow Wizard mode that lets you load a full folder of photos and efficiently produce a stop-motion video from many images.

You have the option to add background music from the royalty-free music included or add music of your own. Additionally, you can add titles and captions, adjust each image’s duration time etc.

Learn more in the step-by-step video tutorial below on ways to use Movavi Video Editor to create a Stop Motion video:

Special stop-motion software is vital if you would like to create a full professional stop motion movie similar to King Kong. You will find a list below of the best stop-motion software available.

Best Stop Motion Software for Windows PC: Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse was made for expert and beginner animators and is ideal for those who want to make an animation with the best available tools.

This program is full of features and includes high-resolution stop motion, which allows you to get the animation right, and there is a short learning curve and no overwhelming tech stuff.

Quickly linked to your webcam or camera, it is possible to use Stop Motion Pro to record and paste pictures and show captivating stories via your animated figures.

Utilize markers to track and plan the movement of your characters. The tool plays as fast as 30 fps and lets you record audio while the animation is playing back. Also included is lip-sync support.

Dozens of cameras are compatible with the software and it includes tools for advanced project management that come in handy for managing animation projects that are long-term.

Five languages are supported in Stop Motion Pro’s UI: English, Spanish, French, Chinese and German.

Best Professional Stop Motion Software: Dragonframe

One of the leading frame-grabbing software is Dragonframe, which is ideal for stop motion animation as well as time-lapse photography. With a supported digital camera’s live view, animators get video assist tools with Dragonframe and this turns into the main hub for capturing and organizing your camera’s high-resolution frames.

Stop Motion Animation Software Free Mac Free

Dragonframe is a great frame-grabber that includes tools like step-to-live, auto-toggling, drawing with a virtual grease pencil and onion skinning. Dragonframe has created innovations in stop-motion software by pushing the performance beyond frame grabbing to offer a complete range of production features.

Dragonframe’s software provides the following five workspace tools:

  • Video assist, editing and frame-grabbing animation features
  • Cinematography features for the Director of Photography
  • DDMX-512 for full lighting automation
  • Built-in audio and dialogue track reading features
  • Multi-axis move editor to program complicated camera motions quickly

If you are working on a commercial with a small crew, an independent filmmaker editing your project in your garage, or a big studio creating a feature film, Dragonframe possesses all the tools you require to produce spectacular stop-motion animation.

Dragonframe was used to create productions like Shaun the Sheep Movie, The Little Prince, the 2012 movie Frankenweenie etc.

Best Free Stop Motion Software: qStopMotion

If you want to create stop-motion animated movies, qStopMotion is an ideal free platform. Once you have your perfect idea and storyline, qStopMotion will help you create an ideal stop-motion animation movie.

qStopMotion has a free version for Windows operating systems. The newest version of qStopMotion has a number of improvements, which include a negative grabber and a superior camera control system etc. These tools help you to create stop motions from pictures imported from your computer or straight from your camera. They can then be exported in animation style to a variety of video formats.

At present, qStopMotion supports AVI and MPEG formats that are used to produce stop motion movies.

The amazing thing about qStopMotion is that it has combined all the features and tool that will minimize your reliance on outside tools since it has changed them all with Qt features.

qStopMotion’s interface is user-friendly and has only the basic options required.

Best Stop Motion Software for Mac: iStopMotion

Bonix’s iStopMotion software is a very powerful and user-friendly app that is useful in producing time-lapse movies or stop motion animation on your iPhone or Mac.

This is a perfect solution for experienced animators who want to record animation directly to their computer without having to rely on film, and the Bonix software is even more useful due to the cool and very useful features, which include:

  • Live Video Overlay: Handles the amount of the last frame versus the amount of the live camera is visible. Ideal for lining up your subsequent picture.
  • Onion skinning: Provides you with the power to look back at as much as five prior frames, each one superimposed over the next. It is possible to shift your items and then view as it happens the length of time you moved them compared to the latest images.
  • “Blinking” flashes the newest, live picture as well as the earlier recorded picture at user-set timeframes. Once again, this makes it possible to envision the way the scene will appear when animated and provides you with a simple reference point to make any changes if required.

iStopMotion has even more amazing features. You have the choice to edit a recorded frame with outside software like Photoshop. For example, if you caught a bit of hand in the shot by accident, edit the mistake with Photoshop, then go back to iStopMotion updating the bad clip with the updated one and you don’t have to stop the recording!

You also have control of your camera with iStopMotion, including the picture color balance, focus as well as hue and saturation.

Best Stop Motion App for iPhone and Android: Stop Motion Studio

Produce animation quickly and easily using the photo and video tool Stop Motion Studio. The app is available for Windows, Android, macOS, iPhone and iPad. The creators state that it is the easiest app in the world for stop-motion moviemaking. Find out for yourself by downloading and installing the app and using it for yourself.

Record new pictures or choose the photos from libraries using the app. The free version comes with basic tools like grid, overlay, frame positioning, fade and frame-by-frame preview.

You will have to buy the app if you want to use a remote camera, green screen and other movie effect features.

It is easy to get started and there is help along the way. It provides you with inspiration, allowing you to find even more ideas in your library of videos. When your project is finally done, share them on social platforms like YouTube, etc.

Best Free Stop Motion Software for Linux: Heron Animation

Heron Animation is a free program that allows you to shoot a series of images from a connected webcam and gather every shot in actual time moving animation.

The tool markets itself as an ideal one for newbies and experienced animators and is written using web technologies. This kind of balance is very difficult to achieve.

You will have to decide if it’s the best free stop motion software. This app is still relatively new and even though it doesn’t seem to be open-source, you can download and use it for free and it comes with some really good features like:

  • Connect to a webcam
  • Delete and move the frames
  • Duplicate frames
  • Export video as.MP4,.MOV,.AVI
  • Loop playback
  • Onion skin w/ difference mode
  • Playback animation at any FPS
  • Short play (play only the few last frames)

This app includes many keyboard shortcuts. Monitoring and controlling recordings is much easier using a Bluetooth keyboard and you diligently reposition your images.

Onion skinning, for those unfamiliar with the term, is where the prior image is overlain, which allows you to more accurately position your pictures. This is a common feature in stop-motion apps like the popular qStopMotion.

Best Stop Motion Tool for kids: IKITMovie

The iKITMovie stop-motion animation will work with computers that run Windows 10 and Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8.

Xilinx software free download for mac

This is the ideal tool for those who like Claymation or LEGO. Unlike the majority of stop-motion tools, users of all ages from older kids to teenagers will find this tool useful.

More than 2,200 free features are included in IKITMovie like background music and sound effects to customize your projects.

Greenscreen is also included in this tool, which lets users swap out the background with moving images or stills. Animators love this popular animation technique.

Stop motion animation newbies should watch the tutorial video, which shows step-by-step the most effective way to use the program.

IKITMovie is ideal for teachers and students.

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What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion is a series of pictures taken serially while adjusting an object slightly then merging the resulting photos to create a video. This kinds of video become more and more popular in recent years due to the popularity of social media, and I have to admit that a carefully prepared stop motion animation always can gains a great welcome in the FB, Twitter or Instagram.

Then, what software can I use to make stop motion?

If you're looking for a simple way to make stop motion movies (like me), you've been the right place. This post will introduce 7 advanced yet free online stop motion makers for your reference.

You can compare them and pick up one to make stop mtion video online by yourself.

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Now, let's get started..

7 Best Online Stop Motion Maker in 2020 [Free]

1. Kapwing

Kapwing is a tool that allows you to make your own stop motion video online. It does so by taking some frames out of the video. With this tool, you can turn your everyday shot into a compelling cool stop-motion clip that you can share online. The best thing is that this is just possible in just three clicks.

This tool offers this functionality in two forms, you can either create a make your own stop motion video online from a bunch of photos or from another raw video.

Stop Motion Animation Software Free Mac Download

• Allows you to make your own stop motion video online from both image and video.
• Very easy to use.
• Allows converting from URL when converting from video.

• Requires a steady network situation and connot work while you're offline.

2. Stop Motion Animator

Stop-motion animator is a simple chrome extension to make your own stop motion video online using a webcam. The created stop motions are saved in the popular WebM format. Other features of the tool include the ability to add a soundtrack and ability to extend previously created soundtracks.

The process of getting the tools is easy, you just need to head over to Chrome Web Store, search for Stop Motion Animator and install it. After this, the tool can be accessed by going to Menu > More tools > Extensions.

• Free and open source.
• Ability to extend previously recorded stop motion videos.

• Need to install chrome extension.

3. ImageToVideo

This is another tool that allows you to make your own stop motion video online by combining images and transform them into a stop-motion video. These images should be captured in quick succession and adjusting the object slightly every time.

The tool also allows you to add a soundtrack to act as background music which is quite cool. Unfortunately, this tool supports up to 30 images but for beginner users, this should suffice.

• Free to use with no ads.
• Supports adding a soundtrack for music.

• Supports up to 30 images only.

4. Pholody

Pholody is a free online stop motion maker. Although the tool was built to create slideshows, you can use it to make your own stop motion video online from the still photos you had taken earlier. The website also provides a bunch of templates including birthday, Mother's Day, Merry Christmas among other.

If you also want to add a background music, then there is also an option for that. The tool works by dragging around the photos to determine at what point the should begin showing. Having the photos overlapping seems to work better for stop motion video.

• Free to use without any advertisements.
• Very easy to use, just a couple of drag and drops.
• Provides a couple of templates to give your stop motion video some life.

• Built to be used for slideshows not stop motion video.

5. MP3Cares' photo to video tool

Although MP3Care usually works around MP3 files, it provides a tool to make your own stop motion video online by combining up to 20 images. After selecting images, you decide the time interval between images. Ideally for stop motion this should be around 0seconds but the tool only allows a minimum of 5 seconds.

• Supports tiff image format.
• Supports rearranging images to appropriate order.

• Supports only up to 20 images.
• Shows advertisements in the website.

6. Culture Street

Culture Street is a website that enables you to make your own stop motion video online of different websites provided by the tool. You essentially choose scenery of interest, and from it, create a stop-motion animation. This tool also has the capability to rotate and resize the different objects in the scene and when done take a picture of the scene to insert a keyframe.

• Comes with basic scene manipulation tools like rotation and scaling.

• Limited in capability as can only use scenes provided.

7. Photo Snack

With a bit of creativity, anyone can make your own stop motion video online using their own photos by taking advantage of this tool. You also have the option to add some music to act as background music. Other than local uploads, the tool also supports uploading photos from Facebook, Instagram and even google photos.

• Free to use.
• Allows uploading photos from Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos on top of the usual uploading from local computer.
• Ability to add background music to stop motion video.

• No as easy as some tools in this list.


Traditionally, stop-motion videos could only be created using high-end DSLR cameras, but now you can capture your still photos using a normal camera and turn them into a stop-motion video using suitable software.

In the above page,

I have recommended 7 advanced online stop-motion creators each with both pros and cons, but you know, online video maker have a high requirement of the network situation and most of them are suitable for a novie or beginner.

So, if you wanna to create a stop-motion video with amazing effects, I'd like to recommend you to have a try on the desktop video editing software like Filmora Video Editor. With it, you can enjoy the basic and advanced video editing tools, 1000+ video effects, etc. without restrictions.

Filmora Video Editor

  • It is built with basic editing options for videos, audio and images such as brightness, contrast, saturation, trim, crop, split, merge and delete.
  • With it, you will be able to add titles, captions, filters, effects, overlays, transitions and elements.
  • It allows you to add background music to match the theme and mood of your video.
  • You can record PC screen activities and also capture quality audios from the microphone.

Let's check how to use the Filmora Video Editor to edit videos on PC easily.

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