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Accessing the Save As option is surprisingly simple, and can be done without making any changes at all to your Mac. To find the feature, open an app in which you want to use the Save As function.

Find that one note when you really need to

Use gallery view to see all your notes as thumbnails, allowing your images to lead you to the exact one you want. If you still can’t find the right note, use powerful search features like searching for images or text inside your scanned documents and more.

Take notes wherever you go


When you add your internet accounts to Notes, you can keep your notes with you no matter which device you’re using—so you can save that dream destination on your Mac, then have it handy on your iPad when you’re with your friends.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Drag and drop pictures, movies, links, and other files into your notes. You can also add content to notes right from Safari, Photos, Maps, and many other apps.

Collaborate with ease

Save macos notes to txt app download

Note Txt Files

Invite others to view or make changes to a note or to an entire shared folder of notes.

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A text (TXT) file contains unformatted text with the file extension .txt (e.g., macreports.txt). By unformatted, it is meant that these type of text files are plain text files without any styling and formatting, for instance, these documents do not have bold texts, italic texts, images, colors, different font types, hyperlinks, tables, bulleted lists etc. These documents just have plain texts. A TXT file can be created, opened and edited on a Mac with a text editor. An example of a text editor is TextEdit, which is included with the macOS software. Here is how you can create a text file:

Open and use TextEdit and create a text file

  1. Open the TextEdit app on your Mac (Applications > TextEdit, or use Spotlight, press Command-Space bar, to search, find and open TextEdit). TextEdit is a text editing and word processing tool that comes with your Mac.
  2. In the TextEdit app, choose File > Open. TextEdit has two format modes: (a) plain text (.txt file) and (b) rich text (.rtf file). The difference is that .txt mode will not allow formatting, while .rtf mode will let you format like adding images, colors, tables etc.
  3. Default format is rich text format. You can change this by going to TextEdit > Preferences and select Plain Text.
  4. You can also change the mode while you editing your text by going to Format > Make Plain Text or Format > Make Rich Text. If you change a .rtf file (rich text) to .txt file (plain text), your document will lose all formatting options.
  5. Create and edit your text file
  6. And then go to File > Save to save your text file.
  7. Name your file and save it.

You can also create more rich documents, you can use Pages, Pages for iCloud or similar apps. One other note is that text files are also known as flat files or ASCII files.

Save Notes Mac

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