Spotify App Mac Black Screen

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Apr 29, 2015  Spotify's mobile apps for iOS and Android let you control the desktop software running on a Windows or Mac computer, providing they're on the same Wi-Fi network. Dec 30, 2019  The Spotify Mac app developed with many unique features. Here the app has a big criticism that it lacks in social features, the developers of the application noted the complaint, and they added a bunch of Social elements in the latest version of the Spotify app, with the library, and it has centralized area which is used here to manage all your collection of music that includes the Spotify.

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When I run Spotify I get nothing but a blank screen like this:

Reinstalling doesn't fix it. What shoudl I do?

Here is the solution:

Quit Spotify. On your Finder, click Go - Go to Folder, enter ~/Library/Application Support and click Go. Find and delete Spotify folder. Then relaunch Spotify.


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