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David Sir has asked me to form an interesting quiz for all the students by EOD! How Will I do it now?” asked a colleague! Well, he is still unaware of the best quiz maker software on the web. If you are too, scroll down with the flow.

Solving typical quizzes and winning them is a feeling of joy within ourselves! No wonder such quizzes bring excitement within the audience, thrills the contestants and show the brighter side within all the attendees. So all the quiz makers out there, create your own quiz using Quiz creator software and work swift to ease your situation.

Top 10 Quiz Generators To Create Your Own Quiz

With this additional software on your PC, you can easily download in-built formats, select the type of questions, grade, level of contestants and produce the best questionnaire in no time.

1. Wondershare QuizCreator

Get innovative with this quiz creator software where you can select the template with customizable features, insert levels or challenges and secure the whole quiz with a password. You can also enhance the experience of the quiz for your audience with a variety of images, flash videos, audio, voice-over and more. Similarly, Math and Science symbols are already present within the quiz generator for subject-based quizzes.

Notable Features:

  • Utilize 18 types of questions like Multiple choices, Matching, Fill-in the blank and more.
  • Measure the final performance with self-grading system.
  • Publish the final quiz in various formats, be it for paper or computer screen.

2. Easy Test Maker

Best known for printing the quizzes in paper format, Easy Test Maker drafts your quizzes in various forms like short answers, true or false, match the columns, etc. All types of questions are present on its super-simple interface and all the tests formed remain saved inside the quiz generator for further access.

Notable Features:

  • In-built Spell check, Bold, Italic, etc. options for quick additions.
  • Automatic numbering of questions for self-arrangement.
  • With its Premium version, insert graphics, time-limits, or form individual graded tests.
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3. ClassMarker

If paperwork is not your type, move ahead with ClassMarker. Why? This web-based quiz maker software lets you create your own quiz in a customizable manner that suits business as well as education world. All you need to do is define the test settings such as public or private test access, time duration, type of questions and your work is done without downloading anything on the machine.

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited quizzes are available to the user along with online certification.
  • Embed various images and other files, as required.
  • Multiple languages are offered.

4. GoConqr

Create your own quiz and form engaging content for your audience with GoConqr which is known as one of the best quiz maker software. Search for any subject, choose the level of difficulty and get the resources that are designed by teachers around the world. Interestingly, it allows you to connect with an online community to collaborate with teachers and students while also sharing self-designed quiz for free.

Notable Features:

  • Content tools include notes, slides, flowchart, flashcard, mind maps and much more.
  • Ask direct questions with the teachers for further reference.
  • Learning tools available online that can also be accessed offline.

5. Online Quiz Creator

Dissolve a tinge of fun while creating your own quiz with this software that offers professional options like creating a quiz for corporate office, an enterprise, business or just to stay smart. You can also play them on your phone, tablet or computer, considering its smart online use. Choose text questions, multiple choices or images amongst all the options and select the right answer.

Notable Features:

  • Leaderboard for each quiz to keep the competition running.
  • Multiple answers for some tricky questions.
  • The software interface easily syncs with social media and online publishing.
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Free Quiz Maker Software For Mac

6. iSpring Quizmaker

How about a quiz generator that not only offers a wide variety of questions but also sends results via email, convert the final draft to HTML5, Flash and allows the online test to be taken on multiple devices? Yes, iSpring is one such quiz creator software where animation, customized colors, answer-specific branching, and built-in themes support overall experience.

Notable Features:

  • Suits best for business and office employees with the online quiz.
  • Select questions from the list of Numeric, True/False, Short answer and many more.
  • Set your customizable passing score, test rules, and monitor quiz results.

7. Proprofs

Start the game by selecting options amongst Quizzes, Training, Knowledgebase, Survey, Project, etc. and based on it, the process will follow. This quiz maker software is perfect not only for students but also for office employees to assess their personality and taking polls over a particular topic. You can also add various media tools including PowerPoint to the quizzes and enhance its quality.

Notable Features:

  • In-built blogs with creative tips and ideas.
  • Online support with live chat and emails.
  • Delivers you the assessment and survey report at the end of quiz session.

Download Quiz Maker

8. Help Teaching

Not only a quiz generator, but this software is also compiled with online lessons for students to gain a strong knowledge base. Once the quizzes are formed, they can be printed on paper as well. You can also filter the content according to the chosen subject and level of difficulty. Take your own tests or just download the bank of worksheets for daily practice.

Notable Features:

  • Online worksheet, quiz and game generation.
  • Aligned towards the common core of the students.

9. School House Technologies

For all those who are professors and teachers in various institutions, create your own quiz with School House Technologies! Though compatible with Windows only, this software creates printable worksheets, quizzes, activities and more on a wide scale. From multiple choice, match the columns, short answers to Fill-in the blanks, you can find a huge variety on its web.

Notable Features:

  • Personalize each test by adding or removing particular questions using the tick box.
  • 13 types of questions are available including graphical and diagrammatic representation.
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10. Quiz Star

This free service in the form of quiz generation is ease for all the teachers who can invite their students in the online classroom, view test results and later discuss test analysis with them. It offers 3 types of questions including True or False, Short answer and Multiple choices to its users. There comes an option to fix a number of attempts, timer, and maximum points as well.

Notable Features:

  • Instructions and feedback for each question can be gained by the students.
  • The quiz maker or teacher doesn’t need to download the software but just create online classrooms.
  • Report manager allows you to send results to the quiz generator daily.


Now that the list of best quiz making software is present in the list above, all the college or school professors, business holders, employers or just you can simply download them accordingly for your ease. Create your own quiz or download quizzes made by experts through these tools and let your brains attain a better knowledge level with time.

  • excelente herramienta para profesores que utilizan las tics en sus clases, recomiendo el software al 100%

    I have been using quizcreator for more than 4 years and I must say that is a very complete product, it allows you to choose from a lot of features and you can create excellent surveys too. The only problem in my opinion lies in the fact that this program doesn't work if you are using mobile phones or tablets. For this reason the chance to export the quiz with html5 format would be very very appreciated.

    - diego
  • This is a great product that I purchased last year. It is very easy to use and makes interactive content very quickly. The only problem is that it will not work with mobile devices as it is Flash-based only.

    Go to ToolsOptions. Accessing miscrosoft skype chat history on mac on new app.


  • It is proven software, and now it is time for a mobile version :)

    Great software i like but please add as a feature mochi media ad id

    - Kos
  • such a awesome application

    is good because it enable us to know more thanks

    - okenwa divinefavour
  • Nice program, as to me! I had it as a giveaway and it was very nice to use it for my job. Quickly work, easy to design, interesting to use and make very creative quizes for business. But best of all the greatest and delegent support team, very friendly and nice persons in. Wish a good future for this program and all the best to all developers and members of Team. Love you, Wondershare! You are the best!

    This quizcreator is a great product. It is exactly what I needed for tracking learning by pupils. However, without some way of playing it on mobile devices, ( eg iPAD & Iphone & iPod), we are left with the inconvenience of having to get pupils on my mobile website, to stop using the mobile and get to a PC or a mobile with flash player capability 'cos it don't work on your mobile'. Lost opportunity I'd say, for even bigger demand for the product. It would also be great if there was an automatic way to see dynamic progress and improvements of individuals as they take successive tests.

    - VMalkani

Control the Process

Wondershare QuizCreator is a powerful quiz maker that lets trainers and educators create professional Flash-based quizzes and surveys with multimedia. Quickly design your assessment and publish online, and then track the quiz results and receive insightful reports via Wondershare QuizCreator Online which works seamlessly with QuizCreator.

Easy Quiz Creation

Utilize 18 question types, including Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Likert Scale & Short Essay.
Enhance questions with images, Flash video and audio, including voice-over, text-to-speech, etc.
Insert math and science symbols with the equation editor to create quizzes for Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

Proven Quiz Settings

Make your quiz more challenging with time limits and randomization.
Branch quiz takers to different questions based on their responses.
Secure your quiz with passwords or a domain hosting limit.
Measure performance with a self-grading system.
Provide instant review as well as feedback.

Customizable Quiz Templates

Select a player template with appropriate theme for your quiz.
Design your own quiz template with built-in setting features.
Engage participants with music or sound effects.
Get more player templates available online>>

5 Publishing Options

Publish flash quizzes to QuizCreator Online.
Upload the published Flash quiz to the web.
Generate a SCORM quiz package for LMS.
Produce stand-alone EXE file for CD.
Export to Word or Excel files for paper-based testing.

Result Tracking and Reporting

Email Tracking: Automatically send quiz results to your specified E-mail address.
LMS Tracking: Integrate a SCORM/AICC quiz package with any LMS like Moodle, BlackBoard, SharePoint or WebCT.
QuizCreator Online Tracking: QuizCreator Online lets you track results without an expensive LMS. Enjoy convenient administration features and receive insightful reports organized by quiz, answer, score, participant, etc.

Work Better with Other Quiz Creators

Work with QuizCreator Online to track quiz results automatically and generate insightful reports intelligently.
Learn more about QuizCreator series>>