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If you want to tie the port down to one mac-address you could try. 1) switchport port-security mac-address 'mac-address of host' 2) Try an aging time eg. Switchport port-security aging time 5 type absolute. Which means you cant use another mac-address on this port until 5 mins after the last oen was disconnected. Switchport port. Netpas Distance is a port distance table supporting more than 12000 ports and 0.1Billion distance table. With Netpas Distance, you can get ports distance with checking the route on e-world map. Port distances, port distances table, port distances software, international port distances, mediterranean port distances, port distance by sea, shipping distances by sea, port distances calculator, port distances.com, port distance calculator free download, port distance calc, port distances free download, shipping distances map, port distance program, port port distances, port route distance. To share your Mac with someone else, download a remote Virtual Network Computing (VNC) app like Jump Desktop. With full remote access and Mac remote control, the other person — or yourself connecting to another Mac — can have the same level of control as the person using that device. Except for Admin level access, since it's password protected.

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  1. Port To Port Distance Software For Mac Windows 10

Each port on your MacBook connects a different type of cable or device, allowing you to easily add all sorts of functionality to your computer. Each of these stellar holes is identified by an icon to help you identify it. Here’s a list of what you’ll find and a quick rundown on what these ports do.

Connections for external devices and networking:

  • FireWire: These ports are the standard in the Apple universe for connecting external hard drives and DVD recorders, but they do double-duty as the connector of choice for peripherals such as mini-DV camcorders. (A peripheral is another silly techno-nerd term that means a separate device you connect to your computer.) The MacBook Pro sports one FireWire 800 port. The MacBook and MacBook Air, on the other hand, offer only USB.

  • USB: Short for Universal Serial Bus, the familiar USB port is the jack-of-all-trades in today’s world of computer add-ons. Most external devices that you want to connect to your laptop (such as portable hard drives, scanners, and digital cameras) use a USB port, including the iPod.

    Depending on the model of laptop, you’ll have either two or three USB 2.0 ports available. USB 2.0 connections are much faster than the old USB 1.1 standard, but they still accept USB 1.1 devices running at the slower speed.

  • Thunderbolt: Okay, the name sounds like something out of an old Flash Gordon serial, but the Thunderbolt port on a MacBook Pro is really, really fast. (As in, “Leaving both USB and FireWire in the dust fast.”)

    Although most MacBook Pro owners will use Thunderbolt with an external hard drive, that same Thunderbolt port can also be connected to displays (like a DVI monitor or HDMI-capable TV) with the proper adapter. Apple also sells a 27-inch Thunderbolt display that doesn’t require any adapter at all.

  • Ethernet: Today’s Mac laptops (other than the MacBook Air) include a standard 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, so the laptop is ready to join your existing wired Ethernet network. (Alternatively, you can go wireless for your network connection.)

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    Because the MacBook Air is designed to be completely wireless, it doesn’t have a wired Ethernet port, but if necessary, you can add a USB Ethernet adapter to add a wired network port to your Air.

  • ExpressCard/34 or SD memory: When you need the absolute fastest performance possible from an external device, you can connect that device to your laptop using the ExpressCard slot. These cards are the descendants of the popular PCMCIA (or PC Card) cards, which many models of older Mac PowerBooks used.

    Currently, only the 17-inch MacBook Pro offers an ExpressCard slot, but the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models include a standard SDXC memory card slot (a treat for digital photographers because it allows iPhoto to import photos directly from an SDXC memory card).

Connections for external video and audio are

  • Mini DisplayPort: In case that splendid screen isn’t big enough, you can buy an adapter for this port that allows you to send the video signal from your laptop to another VGA or DVI monitor, or even S-Video output for your TV and VCR.

  • Audio In/Out: You can send the high-quality audio from your rectangular beast to a set of standard headphones or an optical digital audio device such as a high-end home theater system. On the MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro, the same jack also allows you to pipe the signal from another audio device into your laptop.

    This one comes in particularly handy when you record MP3 files from your old vinyl albums or when you want to record loops in GarageBand. (The MacBook Air doesn’t support this Audio In feature.)

  • Audio Line Out: Last (but certainly not least) is the separate audio Line Out jack included with the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro models.

macOS Network Utility is a collection of various terminal commands for which a single graphical shell has been made. Thanks to this unification, this utility is the most important tool for checking the network and everything connected with it. No wonder the Network Utility is present even on the macOS default installation set.

Each tab is a completely independent tool. In Windows, the command line is used for the same tasks, Apple made a beautiful shell for convenience.

In macOS you can also use the Terminal to work with the network, but it is much easier to run the Network utility located in the Utilities folder.

In this article we will look at the operation of the Mac Port Scanner in detail.

Port Scanner on Mac

Port scanner is a software tool designed to search for hosts on a network with the right ports open. These programs are usually used by system administrators and network engineers to check the security of their networks and attackers to break into the network. You can search for a number of open ports on a single host, or one specific port on many hosts. The latter is characteristic of the activities of a number of network worms.

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The process itself is called port scanning or (in the case where many hosts are checked) network scanning. Port scanning can be the first step in the hacking process or preventing hacking, helping to identify potential attack targets. Using the appropriate tools, sending data packets and analyzing responses, the services running on the machine (Web server, FTP server, mail server, etc.) can be investigated, their version numbers and the operating system used.

How to Scan Ports

  • Use Command + Space for Spotlight search;
  • Type Network Utility;
  • Open Port Scan tab;
  • Enter the IP or domain name you wish to scan and press “Scan”;
  • Optional, but not necessarily recommended, you can set a port range to scan between specific set of active services;
  • Scan results shown us that TCPports 22, 88, 445 are open for host

And the Port Scan Utility allows you to check the firewall settings on your computer or check port usage. You can find out which ports are open and which are not. This information will be useful, for example, to properly configure torrent clients.

Also you can find and turned off open ports you haven’t use with your device (FTP, AFP, SQL, etc.).



Port To Port Distance Software For Mac Windows 10

Today it is very difficult to imagine a device that is not connected to the Internet. In addition to the huge number of opportunities that the network provides, it is also a huge risk associated with the safety of our devices. That is why the basic knowledge of the network are becoming increasingly in demand even for ordinary users.

In general, the Network Utility can be attributed to undeservedly hidden macOS tools. It will be useful to you both in case of problems with the network, and to satisfy your own curiosity.