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  1. Jul 03, 2020  Like Apple’s Mac App Store, Microsoft struggles to deliver a strong app portfolio for Windows 10. The Microsoft Store’s library is certainly more populated with the apps we use most, like.
  2. Apr 03, 2015 It’s an early experiment designed primarily for developers, but anyone can now download an APK of an existing Android app and launch it on a Windows / Linux PC, Mac, or Chromebook.

May 09, 2014  Thus, enabling you to run apps and play games made for Android on your system. Considering, the vast number of productive apps and great games for Android, it increases the amount of activities you can do on your Mac. As using it, you can even run Android apps in addition to apps made for your Mac OS X system. 5 Best Android Emulators for Mac. Play store app free download - Google Play, Apps Store - Your Play Store App Store, Fractal Store Official App, and many more programs. May 15, 2015 Like Apple’s iOS, Android doesn’t restrict the users from going out of boundaries and tweak the OS to a maximum extent. Google’s Play Store, that is the primary source of applications for Android reached a milestone of 1 Million applications recently, that surpassed Apple’s App Store which has around 0.9 Million applications at the moment.

Recently, we had covered some of the best ways to run Windows apps on macOS. The point was to overcome the lack of multi-platform software. This time, however, we have something different. We are going to talk about the ways to run Android apps on Mac. Yes, about using Instagram, playing Asphalt 8, or listening to Audible on Mac.

This time too, we have found multiple ways to run Android apps on macOS. Since different people have their different purposes, we’ve different methods too. In this article, you will find the best methods to run Android apps on Mac for normal users, gaming enthusiasts and developers. Shall we now check out the options?

Run Android Apps on Mac

#1 BlueStacks — Best for Running Apps

BlueStacks (also called BlueStacks App Player) is the oldest and the most popular way of running Android apps for Mac. You will be able to run almost any Android app using this simple emulator. It’s the best choice if you want to run WhatsApp on your Mac or access your Instagram account. You will be able to run your Mac apps and Android apps side by side, which is great.

The BlueStacks interface is equally awesome as well. Apps are opened in individual tabs and you have access to Google Play Store. Depending on the specifications of your Mac, BlueStacks lets you handle multiple apps with ease. Despite the optimizations for running apps, BlueStacks offers a true Android feel as well. You can even make changes from the Settings section.

Installing and using BlueStacks is like a piece of cake! You have to download the free installer from the official site of BlueStacks and run it. If you have previously installed bluestack, do a clean uninstall, before you reinstall it. Once the installation is done, it may take a few seconds for starting up. Before you can install apps, however, you need to sign into a Google account. Altogether, we think it’s really easy to get started with BlueStacks.

How To Play Android Apps On Pc

As far as running apps is concerned, BlueStacks does the job very well. We were able to install and use apps like WhatsApp and Instagram without any hassle. We also tried playing some Alto’s Odyssey game.


  • BlueStacks is really easy to set up
  • It doesn’t involve long installation processes
  • Performance is optimized for apps


  • Not much suitable for games or development

Who Is It For

We think BlueStacks is the best option for those who need to use Android apps on Mac. It works fine when it comes to running apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. While the gaming performance is okay, we believe there are better options.

Run Android App On Mac

Check Out BlueStacks

#2 VirtualBox — Best for More Control

At the core, Android is also a Linux-based operating system. As it happens, you can install Android on Mac using a tool like VirtualBox. In order to do this, you have to create a virtual machine and install Android in it. Compared to the other options we’ve listed, this VirtualBox method offers better control over the Android device and the apps you install.

Once the installation is done, VirtualBox gives you a pure Android experience. This is because we’re installing the basic Android Operating System on the virtual machine. However, you should not expect an optimized environment for running apps or games. Chances are, there are some bugs too. On the bright side, you can deploy Android v8 Oreo in the virtual machine.

We would not say that Android on VirtualBox is easy to set up. There are some downsides that you will have to tolerate in the long run. In order to do this, you need to download Android x86, a project that ports the popular OS to PCs. Then, as we always do, you can create a virtual machine based on Linux, Android. Once the installation is done, you’ll have a full-screen Android experience.

While apps like WhatsApp and Instagram work fine, the performance isn’t the best. We would not suggest this method if you’re into gaming either.

Play Andriod App On Mac


  • Offers more control over the virtual Android device
  • You can run the latest version of Android
  • It offers a fully-fledged Android OS experience


  • Installation is somewhat complex
  • Lacks performance optimization or customization options
  • Chances of bugs

Who Is It For

Running Android on Mac using VirtualBox is best when you need better control over the process. As a virtual machine, you can customize performance too. However, in the long run, you will have to compromise overall performance and gaming controls.

Check Out VirtualBox and Android x86

#3 Nox Player Mac — Best Optimized for Gaming

If you want to play some graphic-rich Android games on Mac, Nox Player Mac is the best option in town. It’s an Android emulator that prioritizes speed and performance. There are also some features such as screen capture, on-screen button mapping etc. Once set up, Nox Player Mac offers a standard Android experience as well.

Nox Player Mac manages to run apps as well. However, we found that things aren’t as smooth as BlueStacks when it comes to app downloads and installs. But, the reason you should install Nox Player Mac should be to play high-quality games like PUBG on Mac.

To install Android apps on your Nox Player, you can either login with your Google account and use the built-in Google Play Store or if you don’t want to go through that hassle, you can download the apk using the browser and install it directly.

Nox Player Mac is the easiest to install. It doesn’t even ask you any questions. Just run the installer and in a few seconds, you will find the fully-fledged Android virtual tablet. It runs Android v4 KitKat — which is a downside when compared to others.

Nox Player Mac is perfect when it comes to handling popular apps. So, if you want to bring some common apps and high-end Android games to Mac, choose this program.


  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Optimized performance for games and apps
  • Advanced features like keyboard mapping and location manipulation


  • Not suitable for development
  • Runs on Android KitKat
  • Ships with some bloatware

Who Is It For

Nox Player Mac is the best option if you’re into high-end Android games. Even if you have a mid-end MacBook Air, it should offer the best performance. Also, thanks to the macro and mapping features. We’d also recommend the tool for running WhatsApp and all.

#4 Genymotion — Most Suitable for Developers

Genymotion is an innovative way to run Android apps on Mac — and on Cloud, for that matter. However, it is offering a bunch of different options. If you’re a professional, you can create a virtual Android device on a Mac or in the cloud. Let’s come down to the Desktop version, which is great. You will be able to create a big variety of Android configurations for testing.

For instance, you can change the Android version, device hardware etc. Genymotion is the best option to make sure that your app runs perfectly on all Android devices out there. However, if you are getting started as a developer, you can find standard solutions as well. Genymotion also offers some additional features, for instance, embed your Android app on the website and let people try the app.

There is no necessity that you should install Genymotion on your Mac. As we said earlier, it can be used as a cloud service as well. However, Genymotion Desktop is really easy to install. We used the Personal version of Genymotion as well. It’s more convenient if you just want to try some apps. On the other hand, if you like the fully-fledged Android development experience, Genymotion Desktop is the way to go.

Running apps on Genymotion isn’t as smooth as the other platform. This is because the emulator has a major focus on features that help developers.


  • Awesome features for developers
  • Multiple Android configurations
  • Better Control over Running Apps


  • Performance Optimization could be better

Play Android App On Mac 10 7 5

Who Is It For

Genymotion is the best solution for Android developers who want to run their Android apps on a number of virtual devices. It syncs so well with your coding process and customization needs. Thanks to the plug-in, you can integrate this program with Android Studio as well.

Check Out Genymotion (free trial, $136/year)

#5 Andy — a Smoother Workflow


Last but not the least, Andy is another way to run Android apps on Mac. However, compared to all emulators we’ve listed above, Andy offers a smoother workflow. The best part is that you’re getting a 100% full Android experience when you start up. You get built-in apps like Gmail, ES File Explorer and a lot more. It’s running on Android v4.0 KitKat, though.

Because Andy comes with Play Store access, you can easily download and install apps. There are some other important features as well. For instance, you can run the Android emulator in vertical and landscape modes as well. Also, there’s Key Mapping and Location manipulation. These features are awesome when you want a more optimized way to run Android apps.

Andy has one of the easiest installers we’ve seen. It’s an online installer, which would download files over an Internet connection. It needs to be noted that Andy downloads around 500MB of files, the largest on the list. Once the installation is done, Andy will show you the standard Android interface. You can use the mouse and keyboard for managing the virtual Android tablet.

As we said, Andy is the best when it comes to running apps. However, it would not be our go-to choice when it comes to playing Android games.


  • Easy to Install and Manage
  • Best optimization for apps
  • Offers a standard Android experience


  • Runs on KitKat
  • It’s lagging a bit when other apps are running

Who Is It For

Andy offers the perfect level of optimization and a standard Android experience. We’d recommend this tool if you need a real-like virtual Android device on your Mac. Of course, there are some performance lags but you can avoid it by avoiding multitasking.

Check Out Andy (Free)

The best way to Run Android Apps on Mac?

So, these are the five different ways to run Android apps on Mac. In a way, you’re creating an Android device within macOS environment as well. As we said earlier, not a single solution is suitable for everyone. We have recommended Nox Player for Mac if you want to play games. On the other hand, if you just want to use apps smoothly, BlueStacks and Andy are the best options. And, for those upcoming developers out there, we will recommend Genymotion, which has a ton of features packed inside.

Many times, you try to play some of the larger memory-consuming Android games on your phone, but suddenly find that your phone is overheating or cannot run the game you want properly, and has to pause or wait for it to recover. For a game enthusiast, this is very maddening!

The solution, in this case, is to try to overcome Android phone overheating or to search for a way to play Android games on PC instead of your mobile phone to save your battery, storage and avoid Android phone overheating.

Luckily, there are some ways and software that allow you to run Android apps on PC and MaC, and in this article, I will explain the 7 best ways to play Android games on PC whether by installing a virtual Android system on PC or by using one of the Android emulators available.

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Install Virtual Android System to Play Android Games on PC

The first method we are going to talk about is installing a virtual Android system on your Windows or macOS PC. You may want to know that these virtual Android systems are developed to help developers testing their Android Apps before publishing it on Google Play Store, but luckily, it runs Android games properly, and some of them even run high-end Android games like PUBG or the Call of Duty for Mobile.


GenyMotion is a software that allows you to run Android system on your PC by using your virtual machine-like Oracle VirtualBox or VMware, or by downloading the full bundle of GenyMotion that contains a VirtualBox already.

The best thing of GenyMotion is that it’s available on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems, so you will be able to run and play Android games on PC whatever the operating system you are using.

GenyMotion is a free software with some in-app purchases, it’s made for developers but allows you to use an Android system on your PC.

You will have the option to run whether the Android 4.2 system that’s used on Nexus One, or Android 6.0 that’s used on Nexus 6, and you can easily switch between them.

Moreover, GenyMotion’s best feature is that it’s available also for PC and the cloud, which means that you will be able to play AAA Android games even if you don’t have a high-end PC by playing over the network via the internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


This is an unofficial tool that allows you to run the Android system on devices powered by AMD and Intel x86 processors instead of having to run them on ARM chips that can be founded on smartphones.

You will have to allow Android-x86 to install applications from Unknown sources as it doesn’t have access to Google Play Store, so you can install your applications and games by using APK files.

Also, you can run Android-x86 inside a virtual machine like VirtualBox, but make sure of enabling either VT-x or AMD-V in your host operating system’s BIOS to be able to run this version of Android over the VirtualBox software.

By default, you will find applications like Alarm Clock, Calendar, Browser, Camera, Email and others installed on your Android virtual system, and you can install your applications either by enabling Unknown Sources as mentioned before or by using AndAppStore client that contains a huge library of Android Apps.

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Download Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac

The second method to play Android Games on your PC is using one of the emulators we are going to recommend.

First, you need to know the difference between an Emulator and a Virtual Machine, as the first one only emulates hardware without relying on the CPU running your PC. On the other hand, Virtual Machines modifies the system to allow it to run on your CPU and its architecture like changing the architecture of Android system from ARM to AMD and Intel x86 as we have seen on Android-x86 software.

3.Android Studio’s emulator

This is the default and official development console for Android and it’s developed by Google. It comes with many tools that help developers to run and test their Android Apps before proposing it to Google Play Store, but it also allows you to deal with your games as if you were a developer.

The weak point of Android Studio’s Emulator is that its installation takes more time than the others and it’s not recommended for consumer level, but I put it here as it still allows you to play your games for free and without Ads nor in-App purchases.

Android App Maker

4.Nox App Player

Nox App Player is one of the best Android emulators for PC that help you run your games easily and with some features that you might find in any other software like Screen Recording.

All you have to do to use Nox App Player is to download, install and run it, and you will be ready to play Android Games on PC for free.

Mac OS X & macOS names As you can see from the list above, with the exception of the first OS X beta, all versions of the Mac operating system from 2001 to 2012 were all named after big cats, from. Mac software names and numbers.

It has a simple and easy-to-handle user interface along with some buttons distributed over its window to provide you with a touchscreen-like experience.

Resolution Changer shows a status item in your menu bar that lets you quickly and easy change your display settings. Depending on your display setup, you can set the screen resolution. Current version is 4.10.0 With SwitchResX it is totally easy to match your screen resolution to the best for any app or use. While taking the benefits from full Retina for graphics or movie cutting, automatically change to HD-TV resolution when starting DVD Player or the usual beamer resolution when opening Powerpoint. Screen resolution software for mac

And it also has a Keyboard Mapping that helps you improve the performance of high-end games.

After installing Nox App Player, you will first need to enable root on it by heading into the Settings and select On from the drop-down menu. Once you perform the previous steps, restart the application, drag your APKs from the desktop into its screen and start playing.

Moreover, Nox App Player is available for both Windows OS and macOS so you can use it whatever the operating system you are running your PC on.


AMIDuOS is a simple application that allows you to play both Android games and FireOS games by downloading and installing the games you want via the Amazon App Store and Google Play Store.

The application offers you the gaps packages for Android 4.4.2 Jellybean, Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, you can install the version you want based on the version of AMIDuOS you do have, and once downloaded and installed you will be able to download and install Apps from Google Play Store directly.

You can also get the root access to your Android OS on AMIDuOS by going to Settings, AMIDuOS Configuration Tools, and check the box next to RootMode, so you will have all the permissions to install and uninstall what you want.

6.BlueStacks 4

We can’t write about emulating Android OS or playing Android Games on PC without mentioning the most popular emulation software in the world, BlueStacks.

BlueStacks does not emulate the complete Android OS experience, but it’s almost the easiest and one of the best solutions to run Android Apps on PC and Mac too.

The best part of BlueStacks is that it allows you to directly sync your phone’s Apps and games without having to download them manually, and you can even sync photos, text messages, settings and more from your phone to BlueStacks.

BlueStacks has the best and the simplest user interface among the other applications, with the ability to use your laptop’s touch screen to control it, and it has a stretch and fit to screen function that makes your laptop works like a Kindle.

Syncing your phone with your PC via BlueStacks will help you not having to hold your phone every time you receive a message as it will be shown directly on your PC specifically on BlueStacks window.

And above that all, it also allows you to install applications from outside your phone which means that you have much more options for games and Apps.

7. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player was a truly new player on the field that allowed you to emulate Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your PC.

It’s developed by Jide and it has a very simple installation process which makes its one of the best Android Emulators for consumers and gamers who are not keen on developing Android Apps and games.

Unfortunately, Remix OS Player is no more supported as the company that developed it has turned from ordinary users to enterprises, but you can still download an old version of it and have some good time via SOURCEFORGE.


By reaching this line, you now have the best and the most trusted methods to play Android Games on PC for free either by using Android Virtual Machine or by downloading and installing one of the Android emulators I have shown you above.

The best part of having your Android games on PC is that you can play with the full keyboard of your laptop and even can use a joystick, which will help you rank between your friends and family whom you should share this article with them to play together on your PCs.

Use Android Apps On Mac

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Play Android App On Mac

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