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Parent controls are individually set in each device but you can control all the activities after it’s set, just like the other softwares. It is free parental control software for iOS as it is a built-in application. FamiSafe is just like any other parental control app, allowing the parents to track the mobile activities of their. Mac Parental Control Software - Free Download Mac Parental Control - Top 4 Download - offers free. software downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computers and mobile devices. The best parental control and web filtering software. Complete visibility and control over your child's online activity. Sign up today to start. Kids Anxious Because of Coronavirus News? Net Nanny® now has a dedicated filter that can block Coronavirus-related Sites and Searches. For PC, Mac & Mobile. Less than $5 per.

In this era of technological advancements we as parents face many issues related to excessive use of gadgets like cell phones by our kids. Parents of kids having their own mobile need to keep track of the activities of their children. What are parental control apps for iPhone?

Parental control apps helps the parents to limit the usage of mobile, block inappropriate apps and content, etc. Even in this modernized world, we can still monitor and teach kids the value of digital limits.

Most devices have inbuilt parental control apps, whereas in others we may have to install a third party software to perform such functions.

  • The #1 Parental Control App & Family Locator. OurPact is much more than a parental control app. It’s the catch-all family locator and screen time management solution you’ve been waiting for.
  • Nov 14, 2019 Apple has several parental control features for the Mac to help protect them as they browse the internet, use apps, and play games. You can even set time limits for your little ones' computer activities, so they don't overuse their allotted screen time. Here's how to set up and manage Parental controls on your Mac.


  • 1 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Let us now check out the Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone. Some of these apps are free while some of them are paid. We have listed only the ones that are easy to use and offers great freatures.

1. Family Time

This app allows you to customise and control the content that children should have access to, track their location, and many such functions. But the feature that makes this app one of its kind is that this software allows you to set homework and bed times which helps to limit the mobile usage of kids.

The app is equipped with geofencing which alerts you when your kid enters and leaves a specific area. It enables location tracking so that you can actually keep an eye on your child.

It offers you to control and block any app and keep a track of the contact list. It’s free version provides you with limited features however, full access to the app can be attained by paying charge of $27 per year for one device and $69 for one year for 5 devices.

You can download the app for free from here.

2. Qustodio – Free Parental Control App for iOS

It comes in a free as well as premium plan which makes it best. Qustodio is available for windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. This app comes with a proper user- friendly parental control.

Its free version offers a remote control dashboard access which is a very attractive feature of this software.

Qustodio is easy to use, productive, and phenomenal for guardians who are short on time. It offers a dashboard that demonstrates to all of you ongoing versatile action for any associated gadget, including time spent on explicit applications like Whatsapp or Snapchat. From that point you can set time limits, track texts, filter sites and block any app.

It is highly customisable and it is easy to manage devices connected.

Get started by clicking here.

3. Norton Family Premier

Norton has gradually become a contender in the world of parental control, and is well known for its antivirus software. Your membership takes a shot at number of devices, which is famous among vast families with different phones or tablets per individual.

It is easy to install in any device. In addition to location monitoring, site and apps blocking, Norton provides you with site logs. Also it offers you with an option of generating warnings for a website instead of directly blocking it.

It monitors the sites your kid visits, and furthermore offers Instant Lock, which renders gadgets futile without an entrance pin. It costs $49.99 on an annual basis.

4. OpenDNS FamilyShield

OpenDNS is a widely used and reliable security platform. OpenDNS has recently launched their parental control app as “Family Shield”. It is one of the free parental control apps for iPhones.

A plus point for this app is that the sites blocked by OpenDNS under the flag “tasteless, proxy/anonymizer, sexuality, or pornography” get automatically blocked by the parental control tools.

It has this function that can be applied to your network router which filters the data.

5. Kidlogger

Kidlogger is a standout amongst the best free parental control app out there. It will enable you to watch out for your child’s exercises by giving broad logs. This is one of the best parental control app for iPhones.

It is, as of now good with different driving variants of Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It additionally has a period checking highlights that will enable you to limit the use of the web or any gadget with no inconvenience.

Get started by clicking here.

6. SocialShield

On the off chance that you are worried about your child’s movement on different internet based life stages, at that point SocialShield is the best free parental control programming for you. It gives a 360-degree perspective on your child’s informal community movement. Moreover, since SocialShield has as of late been procured by Avira, it has made the product an unquestionable requirement have for each parent in 2017.

You can download a total security suite for Windows from its official site. With it, you can direct and screen your child’s action via web-based networking media and get ongoing updates remotely.

Download this app from the provided link.

7. MacOS Built-in Parental Control

MacOS offers wide range of parental controls, each of which is accessible via the Parental Controls pane housed within the main System Preferences panel. This software offers options to lock specific websites and applications.

One may possibly block particular persons from messaging them. Parent controls are individually set in each device but you can control all the activities after it’s set, just like the other softwares. It is free parental control software for iOS as it is a built-in application.

8. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is just like any other parental control app, allowing the parents to track the mobile activities of their kids. Keep track of the places they visit and for how much duration. You will likewise find the websites visited, and when they visited them.

In addition to this, you can set the times you don’t want your child to use cellphones, like- study time, bedtime, etc. Alerts will be given to you by FamiSafe, if your child is looking for explicit content. FamiSafe is definitely one of the best parental control app.

Try the software by this website.

15 Top Free Parental Control App for iPhone and iPad

  1. FamilyTime
  2. Qustodio
  3. Norton Family Premier
  4. OpenDNS FamilyShield
  5. Kidlogger
  6. SocialShield
  7. MacOS Built-in Parental Control
  8. FamiSafe
  9. ESET Parental Control
  10. Web Watcher
  11. Spyrix Keylogger
  12. ScreenTime
  13. OurPact
  14. Boomerang Parental Control
  15. Screen limit

We hope that after knowing ample about these apps you will be able to give your kids a safe and nurturing environment for their appropriate upbringing. Moreover, these apps will save your money and time taking care of your responsibilities as well.

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10 Best Free Parental Control Software for Computer

To help you with this ongoing battle with trying to manage and control your child's use of technology when using a computer, here are the ten best monitoring software for parents.

#1 - Windows Family Safety


To start our list, we've opted for the integrated Windows parental control system. While you'll need to sign up for an account, this is an easy to manage solution that comes with an extensive range of features that give you full control over your child's digital diet.


  • Integrated into Windows for seamless results.
  • A full range of protection features and program blockers.
  • A complete online filtering and protection system.


  • Allow you to set up screentime limit for your kids.
  • Manage the applications on the computer.
  • Control purchasing limits.


  • Require your kid to sign in the device using the bound account.
  • Long-winded operation process.

Supported OS - Windows

Cost - Free

Download: No installation required.

#2 - Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is an all-in-one security suite for family. It provides features like anti-virus, anti-ransomware, webcam security, password manager. It also provides parental control features for parents to keep their kids safe while surfing the internet.


Sound Control is a unique application that adds advanced audio controls to your Mac. Control the audio of each of your apps independently with per-app volume, EQ, balance, and audio routing. Jul 01, 2020  Sound Control So Good, It Ought to Be Built In. Control audio on a per-app basis, adjusting the volume and output device for individual apps. Apply an equalizer and other audio effects to any audio on your Mac. Even adjust your Mac's audio device settings and levels instantly, from anywhere. It's all possible right from your menu bar, with. May 23, 2020  Our software library provides a free download of Sound Control 2.4.3 for Mac. This Mac download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as safe. This Mac app is an intellectual property of Static Z Software. The current installer available for download requires 5.1 MB of. Alternatives to Sound Control for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 13 apps similar to Sound Control. List updated: 6/3/2020 2:06:00 PM. Sound control app for mac. Apr 21, 2020  Sound Control does this by adding a software mixer to the menu bar of your Mac. In addition to the volume mixer, Sound Control also adds a software EQ to your audio output allowing users to easily tailor the sound of their Mac's audio to their specific taste or to properly calibrate to the frequency response of their speakers.

  • Webcam security to protect you from webcam spies.
  • Notify parents when kids are searching for restricted themes.
  • Use a VPN to protect your data.
  • Advanced parental controls available for parents.


  • A range of comprehensive internet management settings.
  • Additional features like payment protection, password managers.
  • Works with Mac, Windows, and Android mobile phone.


  • Limited data traffic per device for data protection.
  • Some features require the usage of a VPN.

Supported OS - Mac/Windows/Android

Cost - Free for 30 days/79.99USD per year

#3 - kidlogger parental control

KidLogger is designed to be used as a powerful computer parental control software service that can be used to help you track all kinds of data. This includes keystrokes on your child's devices, including platforms like Skype and social media. It also supports logging how much time is spent on the PC and the most used applications.


  • Track messages by logging all the keys.
  • Track websites visited through keylogging Features.
  • Multiple customizable settings.
  • Monitor messengers and chats on social apps.


  • It can monitor multiple devices from one account.
  • Compatible with a full range of devices.


  • Lack of controls compared with others.
  • Monitoring features only.
  • The premium package is expensive.

Supported OS - Windows / Mac / Android / iOS

Cost - Free / $89 per year

#4 - Qustodio Free

A free solution, this software also has a paid premium version that unlocks more features, but the basic free version should come with nearly everything you'll need. The primary feature here is the fact you can access the data from any device remotely, no matter where you are in the world.


  • Complete analytic reports for Premium users.
  • Real-time location tracking on mobile devices.
  • Adult content filtering.
  • Monitor social media activity.


  • Easy time usage tracking.
  • See all web browsing history.
  • Charts for easy information.


  • Only one device allowed on the free plan.
  • Horrible user interface.
  • Limited features for free plan.

Supported OS - Mac / Windows / iPhone / Android / Kindle

Cost - Free / $54.95 per year for Small Plan

#5 - OpenDNS FamilyShield

OpenDNS tend to focus more on businesses and providing them with security, but a few years back, they decided to release a comprehensive FamilyShield that has the sole purpose of protecting your family while they're using the internet.


  • Connects itself to your router, making it effective on any device connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Fast DNS Lookup speeds.
  • Ready-made content filters you can apply at any time.
  • Customize and block individual websites as you please.


  • Pre-made content filters.
  • Applies changes at your router.
  • Completely free to download, install, and use.


  • Too complicated to install.
  • Requires a learning curve on how to use it.

Supported OS: Windows

Cost - Free

#6 - Mobicip

Mobicip parental control is a software that compatible with various platforms. It is easy to use and can manage all family devices from the app or web portal directly. For a family that has more than one child, Mobicip may be the one you are looking after.


  • Can lock all linked family devices on one tap.
  • Provide 4 weeks browser history for review.
  • Web filter feature that block websites by category.


  • Easy to use with a nice interface.
  • Easy to connect social media tracking.
  • Dedicated content filtering and tracking.


  • Only provide 7 days free trial.
  • Not easy to installed.

Supported OS - Mac / Windows / iOS / Android / ChromeBook

Cost - Start from 39.99USD per year

#7 - Surfie

As the title suggests, this is a computer parental control software that's designed around protecting your children as they browse the internet. This is a complete solution for when your children are browsing the internet.


  • Multiple profiles for adults and children.
  • Customizable web portal.
  • Build up a usage portfolio over time.


  • It can be adjusted to suit your parenting style.
  • Customizable notifications for certain Features.


  • It only has internet controls and monitoring.

Supported OS - Mac / Windows

Cost - Free / £45.99 per year

#8 - Net nanny parental control

Net Nanny is a complete remote monitoring tool to help you manage your child's ability to use their technology devices. It focused on both online content and messaging functions. The free parental control software app is easy to install and easy to learn.


  • Works alongside Entertainment Software Rating Board.
  • Chat filtering functions.
  • Block websites and types of content.
  • Restrict access to devices.


  • A ton of internet content filters.
  • Social networking monitoring.
  • Easy to use and remote settings charge.


  • The setup wizard can be complex.
  • Free trial version available before paying.

Supported OS - Mac / Windows

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Cost - Free / $59.99 per year

#9 - Norton Online Family

While Norton is perhaps one of the most well-known of all online developers, especially in the security market, you may not be aware of the fact that they produce parental control software for free.


  • Custom email alerts and re-direct notifications.
  • Location supervision.
  • Monitor all web content.
  • Access request alerts.


  • Easy to use and learn.
  • Easy reporting system.
  • Most visited and used categories.


  • The web filter feature is not perfect all the time.
  • Long setup and installation process.

Supported OS - Windows / Mac

Cost - Free - £79.99 per year

#10 - Kids Watch Pro

If you're looking for a dedicated computer parental control software, this is it. Compatible with up to three computers and free lifetime upgrades, what else could you need?


Parental Control Software For Mac

  • Supports up to three computers on a single license.
  • Free email and phone support.
  • Time management Features.
  • Integrated internet content filter.


  • Monitor everything, including chat alerts.
  • Dynamic content block and filter.
  • Easily keep an eye out for predators.


Best Free Parental Control App

  • Really basic interface.
  • May seem limited compared with other solutions.

Supported OS - Mac / Windows

Parental Control Software For Macbook Pro

Cost - Free / $49.95 per year