My Book Live Duo Software For Mac

In this previous article I describe  how to backup your computer using Apple’s Time Machine  and an external hard drive.  Here’s how to do it using a network hard drive:

My Book Live Duo Setup

Step 1. Throw out your My Book Live.

Dec 10, 2019  macOS Catalina 10.15 has been out for a couple months and Western Digital still hasn’t released an update that supports the new operating system. When I try to contact WD, I don’t get a response. I find it awful that I paid more than $319 for the My Book Duo to backup my Mac via Time Machine and the software that is supposed to work properly isn’t working properly because of an. Mar 06, 2020  Mac OS 10.15 Mac OS 10.14 Mac OS 10.13 Mac OS 10.12 Mac OS 10.11 Mac OS 10.10 Mac OS 10.9.X Mac OS 10.8.X (Mountain Lion) In addition, the system supports My Book, My Book, My Book for Mac, My Book Duo, My Passport, My Passport Ultra (WD Backup), My Passport Ultra Metal, My Passport for Mac, My Passport for Mac, and My Passport Air.

Step 2. Go and buy an Apple Time Capsule

Step 3. Turn on Time-Machine.

I kid you not! Â I am sorry if anyone followed these instructions below. The My Book Live has been more trouble than it’s worth.

1. The drive stopped working in under 1 year.

2. After many calls to Western Digital they still havn’t provided a warranty replacement.


3. They use some weird custom drive format that can’t be read by OSX or Ubuntu or Windows, so you cna’t get the data off your backup if it crashes.

I’ll leave this article below for your information, but DON’T TO IT!!!

My Book Live Duo Software For Mac Download

It’s worth paying more and using Apple’s time capsule for peace of mind and better support should something go wrong, plus it’s easier to set up. Â

Time Machine is a piece of Apple software, but you need to have some hardware for it to back up onto.  One option is external firewire or USB hard drive –  a good option if you only have one computer. A second option is to run it on a networked external storage device.  That means that it plugs into your network, via an ethernet cable, and any Macintosh on your network can backup to it.  This is how Apple’s ‘ Time Capsule’  works. It’s a great option if you have more than one Macintosh in your house. There are non-Apple solutions available – this article explains how to set up Apple’s Time  Machine on a Western Digital My Book Live.

It works just, and you can tap its controls with either your finger or Apple Pencil.Use to turn off the Touch Bar or change its position.If the Touch Bar doesn't appear when using an app that offers Touch Bar controls, choose Apple menu  System Preferences, click Mission Control, then make sure that “Displays have separate Spaces” is selected. Choose Apple menu  System Preferences, then click Sidecar. Ipad keyboard for mac app. To point, click, select, and perform tasks such as drawing, editing photos, and manipulating objects on your iPad while it's extending or mirroring your Mac display, you can use your Apple Pencil instead of the mouse or trackpad connected to your Mac. You can also use it to write, sketch, and mark up documents while seeing the updates live on your Mac.Sidecar also supports double-tap, which you can turn on in. Double-tap enables apps that support this feature to perform custom actions when you.

1. Buy a My Book Live. I picked up a 2 Tetrabyte one up for  $221 from*, shipped to Australia for $317 – compare that to Apple’s Time Capsule at $649, there’s quite a difference. Apple sell the Western Digital MyBook on their website, but not the networked MyBook Live.

2.  Assuming you already have a network –  some kind of a router connected to the Internet and connected to your home computers – plug the ethernet cable  from the My Book Life into your router,  then plug the power adapter in. At this stage the My-book live that I had needed firmware updates and this took a bit of fiddling. I won’t explain it here, but basically I needed to login and tell it to upgrade it’s firmware automatically from the web. The manual firmware upgrade did not work.

3.  Go to  System Preferences/ Time Machine, or use the menu Go/Applications/Time Machine

Click ‘Select Disk…’

My Book Live Duo Setup Mac

4. There should be a disc  that automatically appears that says on “MyBookLive – backup” –  select this disc and click ‘Use for Backup’.

My Book Live Duo Software For Mac

My Book Live Duo Software For Mac Windows 10

When it asks you for a password, select the ‘Guest’ option.

5. Make sure the time machine slider is set to ‘On’ Â and Time Machine will automatically backup your machine every hour, every day and every week.

My Book Live Duo Downloads

6. Go to System Preferences, Spotlight, and click on the ‘Privacy’ tab. Click the plus button and select The My Book Live is a great solution because it comes ready to work with Time Machine out of the box.  All you have to do is plug it into your ethernet router and your computer will find it  as easily as an external hard drive.