Macos 10.14 Prevent Apps From Staying Dock

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  1. Certain OSX apps seem to have a tendency to stick around in the Dock, even though there's no user-facing setting to prevent this behavior. Is there a defaults command that prevents apps from enabling 'Keep in Dock?' I know about defaults write persistent-apps -array (intentionally empty), but this has to be run manually, and repeatedly.
  2. Nov 15, 2017  Update: This fix isn't permanent if you're working with the Spaces bar in Mission Control. Choosing Esc takes you out of full-screen mode, as it would in, say, PowerPoint or Word; however, it removes the file from the Spaces bar. Once you restore it, the view returns to full-screen mode.

Carefully read this hidden features, If you loved to manage the apps and folders on the Mac and want to prevent the desktop from cluttering than this tutorial is beneficial for you. I hope you know about Stacks and how to use stacks in macOS Mojave, which is used to arrange the folders and files so that the desktop doesn’t get messed up. In this article, we will see another way to avoid chaos on your Mac’s Dock by hiding the recent apps from the dock in macOS Mojave.

By default recently used apps in macOS Mojave is enabled but there is a straightforward way by which you can remove recent apps from the dock.

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Mar 18, 2020  Anyway, the latest two maybe three updates have killed it, at least on my 10.13.6 iMac - I've tried the full uninstall/reinstall, Safe Mode, all that. Yes, I disable csrutil before installing, but what happens is the Dock just shuts down and reopens in an endless cycle that I can only stop by Force Quitting things in Activity Monitor.

Let’s begin with how to hide or remove new dock in macOS Mojave.

As you can see there are three recently used applications are present between the Trash and other apps. A white line separates these three apps so one can easily find the recently used apps.

Macos 10.14 Prevent Apps From Staying Dock Download

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Step #1: Click on the “Apple” menu.

Step #2: From the list select “System Preferences.”

Step #3: Open “Dock” after selecting System Preferences.

Step #4: Now, to hide recent dock on macOS Mojave you have to uncheck the option “Show recent Applications in Dock.”

Macos 10.14 Prevent Apps From Staying Dock

Suppose you want to use this options or Section back on the dock, Keep Checked. And See instant effect on your Mac’s dock.

You can see there are different options available such as Size, Magnification, Position on screen, Automatically hide and show the Dock and much more.

They are by default-adjusted by the macOS Mojave to ensure reliable user response. However, if you are not satisfied with the default settings, then you can change right from that Dock menu.

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Macos 10.14 Prevent Apps From Staying Dock Without

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So after that, all the recent apps will be hidden from the dock in your MacBook. It is straightforward to go back if you want to see current applications in the dock.

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Follow the same above steps and then enable Show Recent Applications in Dock. Make your Desktop more clear and less confusion while working on multiple apps simultaneously.