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Home Screen Shortcuts Right now I have 60 apps exactly. While that’s probably not much compared to other Apple bloggers, it’s enough that I have multiple apps that share the same category. Aug 08, 2016  Note: Make sure to use AIM, AppleID as an AIM account to screen share. How to Share Your Mac Screen Using Messages App. First of all, open the Message app on your Mac. Now select the contact with whom you wish to share your screen. At the top, in the menu bar, click on “Buddies.” Step #4. In this feature we're going to look at a number of ways to view the screen of a Mac from another Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone. For broader advice on this subject see How to access a Mac remotely.

Messages on the Mac works a lot likes its sibling app for iPhone and iPad, letting you keep in touch with friends and family through standard text messages or iMessage. But the Mac app has something extra to it as well: you can share your screen or view the screen of other Mac users.

You can invite someone to share your screen, or request or be invited to share the screen of another person's Mac, and it's all done through Messages. This is a great way to help troubleshoot problems on a remote Mac, and with a little help from QuickTime, you can even help with issues on an iPhone or iPad, too.

Here's what you need to know about screen sharing on Mac.

How to share screens with another Mac user

  1. Open Messages from your Dock or Applications folder.
  2. Click on the conversation with the person with whom you want to share screens.

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  3. Click Details.
  4. Click on the Screen Share button.

  5. Click Invite to Share My Screen if you want them to share your screen, or Ask to Share Screen if you want to share their's.

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On the other person's Mac, they'll need to accept the request.

To stop screen sharing do one of the following:

  1. Click the screen sharing icon in the Menu bar if you're sharing your screen.
  2. Click End Screen Sharing.

  3. Click on Screen Sharing in the Menu bar if you're viewing someone else's screen.
  4. Click on Quit Screen Sharing.

How to control another Mac user's screen

Controlling a remote user's screen lets you fix a problem yourself, even if you're not physically near their computer.

  1. Click Control in the screen sharing window when viewing someone else's screen.
  2. Wait for the other person to click Accept on their computer. You'll then be able to control the Mac as needed.

  3. Click the Observe button (looks like a pair of binoculars) to stop controlling the other person's screen.

How to help someone fix a problem with their iOS device using Messages screen sharing

If you've got a problem with an iOS device, you can get some remote help with it using Messages screen sharing and QuickTime Player on your Mac. While the person from whom you're seeking help won't be able to remotely control your iOS device, they will be able to watch as you perform the steps necessary to fix it yourself.

  1. Invite the person you're looking for help from to share your screen.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your Mac with a Lightning cable.
  3. Open QuickTime from your Dock or Applications folder.

  4. Click File.
  5. Click New Movie Recording.

  6. Click the arrow next to the record button.
  7. Select your iOS device's name under Camera.

From here, you can walk the person observing your screen through any issues you have remotely by using screen sharing.


If you've got any questions about sharing your screen or remote help using screen sharing, let us know in the comments.

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Many people enjoy playing mobile games or watch videos on a bigger screen. Here are some practical tools you can use to mirror iPhone to PC.

Top 5 Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhone


ApowerMirror is a powerful desktop program that enables users to stream/cast their iPhone’s screen to a larger monitor. This app can display a device’s screen on a computer. It also allows users to control the screen using their mouse and keyboard. With ApowerMirror, iPhone users are able to share presentations with their classmates or colleagues, enjoy watching movies and television shows and play their favorite mobile games on a bigger screen. This application supports all platforms and compatible connecting via USB cable or through a wireless network. Indeed, this app is one of the best mirror apps for iPhone.


Mac Screen Share Iphone App Free

  • High Quality screen mirroring and allows users to adjust the resolution.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows system.
  • It can mirror two or more devices simultaneously.


  • Drains battery very fast.


LetsView is a free screen mirroring app that allows you to mirror iPhone to PC wirelessly. There are several practical features including screen mirroring, screen recording, taking screenshots and whiteboard. Besides, you can view the files on your phone conveniently.


  • Free and wireless
  • Clear interface


  • Very few functions


Another tool that you can use to mirror your iPhone is by using ApowerManager. Although its primary function is to help you manage, organize, import, and export your files to PC or other mobile devices, its also capable of mirroring. You can either connect via Wi-fi if you are using an Android device and a via lightning cable if you are using iOS. The good news is that you can use it in and out of the internet. It is like having more than just mirroring.


  • Fast, convinient and easy to use
  • Accessible in and out of the internet
  • Capable of mirroring and transfering files


  • Scanning via QR code is not supported with iOS.


LonelyScreen is another mirroring tool that lets users turn their Mac/PC into an AirPlay receiver. It allows users to cast their iOS devices to a bigger screen as long as it which is connected to a Windows or OSX computer.


  • Allows users to record mirroring sessions to create tutorial and reviews, or gameplay videos.
  • Works with both Mac and PC.


  • Not free.
  • Works better using WLAN.
  • No telephone support.

Reflector 3

Another mirroring tool is Reflector 3, which connects with devices that use Google Cast, Miracast, and Airplay mirroring. This application can receive mirroring connections from iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Moreover, it allows users to connect wirelessly and record multiple devices at once.

Mac Screen Share Iphone App


Mac Screen Share Iphone App Download

  • Users can add narration while mirroring.
  • Can stream mobile devices simultaneously.


  • More expensive compared to similar applications.
  • Some features,like the recording function, require specific operating systems.

Screen Share Apple Iphone To Mac

Iphone mac screen sharing app

Comparison and Conclusion

To help you decide which tool will give you benefit the most, check out the table below.

FeaturesApowerMirrorApowerManagerLonelyScreenReflector 3LetsView
Screen Mirroring
Screen Controllingx
Sound Streaming
Take Screenshot×
Screen Recording×
Transfer files××××
Use WiFi

These mirroring tools can be a great help when it comes to casting your iPhone’s screen to a larger display. Each tool possessed unique features that make them popular to its user. To help you decide, we evaluated the apps for your convenience. If you want a sole mirroring app that can give you the best experience, ApowerMirror is suggested. But if you want more than just mirroring, then ApowerManager will be a good choice. In the end, the choice is yours to make.

Mac Screen Share Iphone App Store

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