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Recently, I had a situation where I wanted to send someone a picture, but I wanted it to be a combination of two pictures. Sending the pictures separately would not have been fun, due to the fact that they had to be shown side by side to get the best effect. I also wanted to do this without Photoshop or downloading some third party program!

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I got it to work using Paint, though it’s not the most ideal tool to use for obvious reasons. As long as you are ok with a little bit of cropping and image resizing, it’s not really that bad at all and the results are good. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to merge two pictures into one in Windows.

PDFelement makes it possible to not only create PDFs from a single image file, but also to create a PDF from multiple image files and formats, including.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp and.tiff. To combine jpegs into PDF on Mac, follow the steps below: Step 1. Import Images to PDF on Mac. Launch the program to combine images into PDF Mac. Our pre-built layouts allow you to drag & drop images to match your taste. Join Multiple Photos. Making a photo collage from your photos is a great way to share the whole story. We can help you create a beautiful collage using our Collage Maker. Choose from many different collage templates and just add your magical photos to create a. If you're looking for an easy-to-use photo combiner, Movavi Photo Editor is the right choice. There's no need to be a professional to merge two or more images together in seconds. Check out the app and get more likes for your original photos on social media.

Combine Two Images in MS Paint

First, let’s start with the images we want to combine. In my example, I will be using two of the sample photos that Microsoft includes with Windows 7: Chrysanthemum and Hydrangeas.

The next thing we want to do is to figure out the image sizes. Depending on the photos you are trying to combine, you may have to crop one in order for it to fit properly next to the other image. Since we are using Paint, right-click on one of the images and choose Open withPaint.

Click on the little arrow to the left of the Home tab and click on Properties. Here is where we will see how big the image is in pixels or inches.

If you are opening pictures from a digital camera, they may be very large and therefore it’s a good idea to first resize them to something more reasonable. This way, you can also email the combined picture without it being something crazy like 8 MB in size! To resize in Paint, click on the Resize button on the Home tab.

Mac Join Two Images App Online

You can either do it by percentage or by pixels if you prefer. You also want to make sure you keep the Maintain aspect ratio box checked.

Mac Join Two Images App Free

Once you have resized it, then you can also crop it if you want. Again, you can always go to Properties to see the final size of the image in pixels or inches. That way you can adjust the second image to be the same size if you want that. To crop, just click on the Select button and then select the area you want to crop. Finally, just click the Crop button and you’re good to go.

After you are done adjusting the size and cropping, go ahead and save the photo. Now open the second image and do the same adjustments to match the first image. Now to the fun part of combining the images. Make a note of the sizes of both images and then create a new file in Paint.

By default, it’s going to create a new file with a default size. We need to specify the size of our new image so that the width is exactly the width of image 1 to image 2 and the height is just the height of one image. In my case, both images were originally 1024×768, but I then resized them to half. So I need to change my new image size to 1024×384 in order to accommodate both images. Make sense? Again, go to Properties and adjust the size manually:

Note that this will put the two images side by side. If you wanted them on top of each other, then you would make the width in our case 512 and the height 768. So just have to do a little math to get the right size for what you want to do. Once you have resized the new image, go ahead and open another instance of Paint. If you try to do File Open, it will ask you to close the current image, so you have to open a new instance of Paint.

Image Capture App For Mac

Open one of the images and click Select All to select the whole image. Then click on Copy.

Now go to the new image and click on the Paste button at the top left. It should look like this now:

Now in the second instance of Paint, go ahead and open the second image and Select All and then Copy. Then Paste it into the new image. By default, it’s going to go right over the first image. If you hover your mouse over the image, you’ll see you can drag it to a new location. Just click and drag to the right side.

If you mess up and drop it in the wrong place, for some reason it’s impossible to select the image again. At least I could not figure it out. In that case, you just have to click the Undo arrow at the very top or press CTRL + Z. Then just paste it in again and move it. Also, when you paste it the first time, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the image also.

So that’s it! Now just do a File – Save As and go ahead and save the combined image! It can take a little time and patience, especially if you have two images that are completely different in size, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. It’s also good to know just in case you are using someone’s computer that doesn’t have third-party photo editing software installed. Enjoy!

One of the most frequent things we do as web writers is deal with images. Resizing them, adding borders, compressing them, and a lot more. In the online world, images play a big role in how your article is consumed. They help you score high points in those first impressions.

If you frequently post screenshots to social media or you create headers for a post, you need to join different images together. Today we’ll take a look at how to quickly join images on the web, Mac and iOS. If you want to merge images and turn them into a PDF, checkout our guide here.

Quick Picture Tools for the Web


Quick Picture Tools has lots of online image editing tools, one of which is Combine Images.

This website will give you an empty canvas and options to add and edit up to four images. To get started, click the Add button from the box on the top left and pick the image. Then add another image choosing the Add button on the top-right.

The controls for the image are laid out in the same way as the image output. So if you want to join two images side by side, choose the Add buttons on the left or right. To join images vertically instead, choose the top and bottom ones.

Once you’ve done that you can alter the height and width of the image. It’s important to note here that the image will only be resized proportionally to its aspect ratio. You can’t define both width and height for an image.

Other options include rounding the corners and the ability to add text on images. Another important feature is the ability to specify the background color. If you’re adding images that are in different dimensions, there’s going to be some wasted space between them. Use this background color feature to specify the color.

PhotoJoiner for Web

PhotoJoiner is a simpler alternative to Quick Picture Tools.

To get started, select photos, choose a layout, decide if you want a margin between images, choose the color, and you’re done.

I called it the simpler alternative to QPT is because it does the tedious work for you. The website resizes photos to make them proportional to each other, which means there’s no wasted space. The problem is that you only have two options. Either the images will be resized to the largest image or the smallest one.

ImageJoiner for Mac

If you’re a Mac user and find yourself needing to join images frequently, you might want to invest $0.99 in ImageJoiner.

It’s a menu bar utility. It has no app or GUI. All you do is start the app, select your photos and drag it to the ImageJoiner’s menu bar utility. The app will ask you to specify the export folder. In a couple of seconds, the images will be joined and available there.

You can right-click the app’s icon to switch between horizontal and vertical mode but that’s all you can do.

Join Screenshots on iOS Using LongScreen

LongScreen for iPhone ($0.99) lets you combine screenshots in interesting ways. The app’s home screen shows all your screenshots. Tap to select photos. From the top select horizontal or vertical mode. First, head to Settings and move the slider if you want to add a margin between two photos.

The app also lets you clean the status bar when the screenshot has a solid color. This means that your battery icon will be 100% and unnecessary icons will be removed.

After selecting the images, tap Merge. You’ll see a preview now. To save the image, go to Share ->Save Images. You can also delete original photos from here.

How Do You Use Them?

Now that you know how to join images in different ways on different platforms, what are you planning to use them for? Let us know in the comments below.

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