Unable To Force Quit App On Mac

Apr 02, 2019  Before you Force Quit Mac App, you must know that any of the unsaved work shall get lost. And may not be recovered when you re-launch the app. So, you must be very careful while you Force Quit App on Mac. How to Force Quit App on Mac. In total there are three different ways to Force Quit App on Mac, now let us take a look at each one of these.

While the apps you use on your Mac will generally run efficiently and politely, occasionally one may decide to freeze up, and won’t respond no matter how much you click. Luckily, it’s easy to force quit an app in macOS. We’ll look at our two favorite ways in this “How To.”

Method 1: Force Quitting an App via the Menu Bar

If an app refuses to respond to any of your input, and won’t quit from its own menu, do the following to close the app via the Menu Bar:

1.) Click the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner of your Mac’s Desktop.

2.) Click the “Force Quit…” menu option in the pull-down menu that appears.

3.) In the “Force Quit Applications” window that appears, click the name of the app you want to quit.

4.) Click the “Force Quit” button.

Unable To Force Quit App On Macbook

5.) You’ll be prompted to confirm that you wish to force quit the app, warning that you will lose any unsaved changes in the app. Click the “Force Quit” button in the new prompt.

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6.) Close the “Force Quit Applications” window.

Method 1: Force Quitting an App via the Keyboard

1.) Press the Command + Option + Esc keys simultaneously, as shown on the keyboard seen below.

2.) In the “Force Quit Applications” window that appears, click the name of the app you want to quit.

3.) Click the “Force Quit” button.

4.) You’ll be prompted to confirm that you wish to force quit the app, warning that you will lose any unsaved changes in the app. Click the “Force Quit” button in the new prompt.

5.) Close the “Force Quit Applications” window.

Note: If you want to force quit the active, or front-most application on your screen, simply hold down the Command + Option + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously, as seen below. This will force quit the front-most unresponsive window that is on your Desktop.

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The Apple macOS is the excellent Operating System, but it’s not a stable one. When the app is crashing randomly, an app may freeze or hang, the app not responding, etc. in such situation we have only one solution that is to force quit the application. But what if the force quit not working? At that moment we are helpless and can’t do anything. Fortunately, every problem has its own unique solution, and so we would like to share how to fix force quit not working on macOS Mojave in a very most straightforward way.

In simple English, sometimes force quite won’t work cause option + command + Esc these three keys need to press together. In case of, one of key/switch not working, then Force Quit doesn’t work using the physical keyboard. Don’t worry, I’ll share alternative solution for you that is mentioned below.


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There are only three ways to resolve this weird issue. Let’s begin!

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Alternative for Force Quit not working on macOS

In first, you can go with the regular way that you are usually doing to force close App on your Apple Mac using Activity Monitor tool.

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Solution 1: Force quit using Activity Monitor

Step #1: Launch “Activity Monitor” using Spotlight Search.

Step #2: Click “CPU” tab.

Step #3: Navigate the Application which isn’t responding and choose it.

Step #4: On the top left in the “Activity Monitor,” click on “Close.”

Step #5: When you see a dialog box asking you, “Are you sure you want to quit this process?” then hit on “Force Quit.”


The application must be closed instantly, if not then try the method below. Next way is, you can force quit App via terminal through entering command! Let’s dive.

Solution 2: Force quit via Terminal

This method very successfully works and hmm we got tons of thanks!

Step #1: Launch the Spotlight search panel and open “Terminal” from there.

Step #2: Type command ps –axand then Enter.

Step #3: You can view all the running processes that are running currently like given in the screenshot. Find the App which is misbehaving and note down the PID (Process ID) number. You can get PID number via The left part of the window is PID number.

Step #4: Now, type new command,

Kill<enter PID number>

For instance, the PID number of Skype is 1973; then the command will look like kill 1973 and hit the return key.

Once you hit enter, the app will force close. That’s it!

in case, if not then try the alternative command,

Kill -9<enter PID number>

It will look like “kill -9 1973.”

This will terminate Skype Video chat App instantly.

Unable To Force Quit App Mac

If you’re rare or can’t find App PID number, then the final way is Force Restart your Apple Mac mentioned below.

Can't Force Quit Application Mac

Solution 3: Hard Restart your Mac

Our last suggestion is to turn off the Mac directly, not by shutting down Because of it will wait until the app responds. So we will directly unplug the power cable of the Mac and if you have MacBook Pro or MacBook Air then press and hold the Power button.

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Now give some time to Mac so that the processor gets cool down and work properly when you start again. Now all set with your Mac then, it is not harmful to the idea to reset NVRAM of the Mac when the Mac starts.


Unable To Force Quit App On Mac Using Keyboard

  • Still, the application is not responding then contact the developer of the particular app if it is downloaded from the third party.
  • Alternatively, if the App is developed by the Apple itself then contact for Apple support.

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