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Jul 31, 2016  Then you can delete those gigabytes of locally cached data and Mail won’t try to download any more emails. Instead of the Mail app, you can use your email service’s web-baesd interface — Gmail on the web for Gmail users, for example. You could also look for a third-party email client on the Mac App Store or elsewhere. Select the Mail Server ( I recommend you to select Yahoo because large number of people use yahoo service ). Type your desired number in the box beside the text 'Length of Email Account'. Suppose the phrase you typed consists of 5 letters, then you should enter the Length of Email account more than 6. Jan 15, 2020  Before moving to the Mac, I used quite a number of Windows and Linux email clients, including Netscape Mail (which later turned into Mozilla Thunderbird), Outlook, Evolution and Opera Mail. When Gmail was launched I immediately became a fan and appreciated the huge amount of space they gave me, as well as the smart features of their web app.

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I don't think there are hard limits.

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Apple Mail can easily handle 500,000 emails. I have a number of folders with 30,000 emails so I don't expect an issue with 50,000 emails in a folder. I do know of one guy who complains about Mail performance with his 2 million emails. I haven't tried that; I only have about 200,000 emails total and it's just fine.

I don't know how many mailboxes; in general I'm not a fan of too many folders. I have about 15 folders total (I have an 'archive' folder and then folders for 2001-2012 for older messages that I pull off the IMAP server after they're about 18+ months old.

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Your storage space

When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. You can use that storage for backups, Mail, iCloud Photos, iCloud Drive, and more. If you need more space in iCloud, you can upgrade your iCloud storage.

Limits on sending messages

Mac Email Software For Large Number Of Emails

There are several safeguards in place to make sure that only iCloud members can send messages using iCloud. One of these safeguards includes reasonable limits on:

  • The total number of messages you can send each day (1000 messages)
  • The number of recipients you can message each day (1000 recipients)
  • The maximum number of recipients per message (500 recipients)
  • The size of incoming and outgoing messages (20MB, up to 5GB with Mail Drop turned on)

iCloud Mail service is designed primarily for personal use. Sending unsolicited bulk email messages through iCloud email servers is prohibited. To review the iCloud membership agreement and acceptable use policy, please see the iCloud terms and conditions.

When you exceed message sending limits, you might see the following alert messages depending on how you view iCloud Mail:

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: A copy has been placed in your Outbox. Sending the message failed because you exceeded your sending limit.
  • On your Mac: Cannot send message using the server iCloud.
  • On iCloud webmail: Cannot send message. You have exceeded the total number of messages you can send each day (or you have exceeded the total number of receipients you can message each day). Or, Recipient limit exceeded. This message cannot be sent because it has too many recipients.

If you continue to exceed message sending limits, follow these steps:

Email Client For Mac

  • Check your Mail Outbox to see if it contains unsent messages. Resend or delete the unsent messages.
  • Check for any network monitoring software that might be using your iCloud Mail account to automatically send messages (like firewalls or internet security software that sends alerts about security issues).
  • If you send messages to groups, make sure all email addresses in the group are valid (For example, make sure that all email addresses are spelled correctly).