Mac Apps For Graduate Students

Whether you’re a STEM major or studying liberal arts, or even if you’re still undecided, Mac has the power to take on any course load. It’s portable, durable, and versatile enough to handle whatever you love to do after class, too. And it’s designed to grow with you, during your time on campus and beyond. So you’re ready for everything college — and life — have to offer.

  1. Aug 21, 2018  Today I'm back with this year's top 10 apps every college student should use to increase productivity, ace those exams, and make your life SO much easier! These are the BEST apps 2018 for students.
  2. A laptop is a foundational tech tool for students for academic tasks such as writing papers and taking notes in class as well as educational and entertainment viewing on Netflix, YouTube and the like.
  3. Limited-time offer; offer may end at any time. Free Apple TV+ access for students ends when you no longer qualify or do not renew your Apple Music Student subscription. Offer good for verified college students only and does not extend to a Family Sharing group. $4.99/month after free trial. One subscription per Family Sharing group.
  4. Jan 24, 2018  Android Apps for College Students 1. Available across all platforms, Trello is a powerful organizer app for college students. Reminders, to.

Students and educators are eligible for Office 365 Education for free, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools. All you need is a valid school email address. It’s not a trial – so get started today. There’s a Windows device suited to.

Top of its class in performance.

Whatever your field of study, Mac can more than handle it. Create particle simulations faster than ever with cutting-edge graphics, high-performance processors, and whip-smart storage. Design and render intricate 3D models in programs like Autodesk Maya 2018. View it all on a high-resolution Retina display that provides sharp text and is perfect for examining or creating detailed diagrams and technical illustrations. And with all-day battery life, Mac keeps crunching numbers late into the night.

Built to withstand the heaviest course loads.

Mac is built to last. And last. The sturdy aluminum unibody design is sleek, durable, and ready to hold up to the rigors of college life. It’s razor thin and feather light, so no matter where your schedule takes you, Mac can carry you through your day — without having to carry much in your backpack. And with optional AppleCare, you can rest assured that you’re covered if you ever need service or support.

We made compatibility a prerequisite.

In addition to creating and collaborating with classmates on amazing work using free Apple-designed apps for productivity and creativity, you can run popular software like Microsoft Office, Mathematica, and AutoCAD. Need to use a Windows app like SOLIDWORKS? No problem. Mac runs Windows at native speeds using Boot Camp, a built-in utility.

Make connections all over campus.

Mac is designed to connect seamlessly to college networks, shared printers, and other campus devices. You can easily log in to learning management systems and even PC networks. And with AirDrop, you can instantly send a photo for a presentation, class notes, documents, and more to nearby Mac, iPad, and iPhone users.

Inventory software for mac free download - Disk Inventory X, Network Inventory Advisor, ABC Inventory Software, and many more programs. Maintain the evidence of the hardware and software. Hardware inventory feature provides complete hardware details of the devices in the network. The inventory reports helps you to quickly get a snapshot of your hardware details. Desktop Central is a Windows Desktop Management Software for managing desktops in LAN and across WAN from a. Together with software inventory management, hardware inventory management is a subset of IT asset management, and it entails the management of the physical components of computers and computer networks, such as laptops, desktops, servers, routers, hubs, peripherals, printers, scanners, etc., from acquisition through disposal. Free inventory software mac Download and install Network Management Tool for Mac by just dragging the app to your Applications folder and run your first network scan instantly. Network Inventory Advisor collects all details about software and hardware present on the other Macs in your network and does this in a simple native Mac OS X user interface anyone would master in seconds.

Incredible on their own. Even better together.

Having one Apple device is great. But when you use Apple devices together it opens up a world of new opportunities. Create a sketch in the Notes app on your iPad and paste it into a Pages document on your Mac. Shoot video on your iPhone and edit it on your iPad. Answer a call from Mom on your Apple Watch — even if you left your iPhone back in your dorm room. The possibilities are limitless.

Your extra­curriculars become extra spectacular.

As terrific as Mac and iPad are for your studies, they’re just as amazing for everything you do outside of class. Shoot and edit a short film on the quad, turn your dorm room into a recording studio, or manage your intramural sports team. With tons of choices, including a huge range of visually stunning, cutting-edge games, the App Store for Mac or iOS is sure to have an app for whatever you love to do.

Designed for the future. Yours too.

Mac is made to grow with you. The operating system and free productivity apps — Pages, Keynote, and Numbers — receive complimentary updates to enable new features and new ways to use your Mac. The same is true for Apple’s free creativity apps, Photos, GarageBand, and iMovie. And when you’re ready to move up to pro level, we offer an education discount on a collection of industry-leading apps that deliver powerful creative tools, including Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X.

Buy a Mac or iPad
for college. Get
AirPods on us.

Try Final Cut Pro X free for 90 days.

Get a free trial of Final Cut Pro for your Mac.

Try Logic Pro X free for 90 days.

Get a free trial of Logic Pro X for your Mac.

Get credit toward your new Mac or iPad.

Just trade in an eligible device for credit or recycle it for free.1 It’s good for you and the planet.

60 million songs. 6 months on us.

Get 6 free months of Apple Music and free access to Apple TV+. And a student rate of $4.99 for both after the trial ends.2

We are pretty sure you have Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other similar apps installed on your phone. But, do you know there are many apps available on the Google Play Store that could be useful for you as students. In this post, we are covering 12 such apps.

No, these apps won’t help you to maintain your snap streak but will definitely guide you to study better and manage time more efficiently. The study tools mentioned in this post will also help you to manage your homework and get through your courses.

Mac Apps For Graduate Students 2016

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Therefore, let’s use technology to our advantage and discover the free essential Android apps for students.

Android Apps for School Students

1. HomeWork

Perfect for keeping track of your homework, the HomeWork app helps organize your student life. You can add and track all that is due. While creating a new schedule, you can also mark it as an upcoming exam. It also lets you attach images and set reminders for your pending work.

Other than managing homework, you can also add timetable in this app. In addition, you can create a temporary timetable and keep a record of your marks/grades. The app also lets you add holidays.

Other student planner apps that you can try:

  • My Class Schedule: Timetable
  • My Study Life School Planner
  • myHomework Student Planner
Download HomeWork app

2. All Formulas

All Formulas works without an active internet connection and is a pretty useful tool for students. It includes all the important mathematics, physics and chemistry formulas. Thanks to this app, you can now easily check and revise the formulas.

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The app also offers a search facility. Moreover, the Chemistry section includes the dreaded periodic table as well.

Other formula apps that you can try:

  • Formula Deck
  • All PCM Formulas
Download All Formulas app

3. Brainly Homework Help and Solver

A social learning platform that lets students ask and answer questions, Brainly is available on the web too. It includes all subjects such as mathematics, physics, music, economy, social science, sociology, and business studies among others.

The app has 1000+ moderators who ensure high-quality answers.

Download Brainly Homework Help & Solver app

4. Socratic - Math Answers & Homework Help

Socratic is a great study tool that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to figure out what concepts you need to learn based on the scanned question. The working is simple - you launch the app and point it towards a question from any subject. With the help of AI, the app suggests you the relevant answers from different websites in a nice card-based layout.

In addition to scanning the questions, you can also type your questions. It supports a wide range of subjects such as math, biology, history, english, etc.

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If you want solutions for math questions only, try these apps:

  • Mathway
  • PhotoMath
Download Socratic - Math Answers & Homework Help app

5. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo is a language-learning app that turns learning languages into a fun game. Whether you are trying to learn Spanish, German, Portuguese, or even English, this app has it all.

You can set a daily goal that ranges from five to twenty minutes. The app is user-friendly and helpful. And what's great is that it’s totally free.

Download Duolingo: Learn Languages Free app

6. Forest: Stay focused

If you are constantly distracted by your phone, and it’s hard for you to focus on your upcoming exam, worry not. Forest app is a cute little app that helps you to stay focused by planting a seed in a virtual forest.

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As long as you don’t use other apps for the set time, the seed will grow into a tree. But, if you open some other app during that time, that poor tree starts to wither away.

The fear of killing the growing tree helps to focus on important things. Because, why would you want to kill that little tree? You can also set personal goals and compare them to your friends.

Download Forest: Stay focused app

Android Apps for College Students

1. Trello

Available across all platforms, Trello is a powerful organizer app for college students. Reminders, to-do lists or writing a document are just some of the cool features of this app. You can also create boards and lists that you can share with others.

Furthermore, you can even attach files from your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. A straightforward and simple collaborative tool that you can use to manage individual and group projects both.

Download Trello app

2. CamScanner

CamScanner is a great note capture app that lets you use your phone camera to scan whiteboard, blackboard, and even text notes. Once you are done scanning, you can either save the image in JPEG format or create a PDF from multiple scans.

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This app also includes smart cropping and auto enhancement features that deliver high-quality images. Finally, when you are done, you can share the PDF or JPEG with anyone via social media or as an email attachment.

Download CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator app

3. Coursera: Online Courses

Whether you want to try out a new hobby or learn a new skill, Coursera app is one of the best educational apps out there. It is easy to navigate and has good content.

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Coursera app offers tutorials on subjects such as computer science, business, and arts. You can stream videos online and offline. Moreover, the app is not restricted to the English language, you can learn in dozens of other languages such as Chinese, Portuguese, French, etc.

Other educational apps that you can download:

  • Khan Academy
  • Udemy Online Courses
  • Udacity - Lifelong Learning
Download Coursera: Online courses app

4. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards

Quizlet is another study tool that makes learning fun and interesting. It lets you create your own flashcards with images, text and audio that makes studying on the go super easy. With the additional benefit of folders, this app is a must-have for students.

While being interactive, it also lets you browse flashcards created by others, thanks to the powerful search feature. It’s a great studying app with tons of informative content.

Download Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards app

5. Evernote - Stay Organized

Popular note-taking app, Evernote lets you take notes in a variety of formats. Whether you want to jot down some text, make a sketch or scan a board, Evernote does everything. It even lets you record video and add web clippings to your notes all in the same app.

In addition to cloud sync, Evernote also lets you collaborate and manage notes with others. Furthermore, you can set reminders, create to-do lists and annotate notes.

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Other note apps that you can use are:

  • Google Keep
  • Google Docs
  • Zoho Notebook
  • Microsoft OneNote
Download Evernote - stay organized app

6. Wrappup: AI Note Taker

Wrappup is your normal voice recorder app on steroids. A smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) based note-taking app that lets you highlight certain portions of an audio in real time. By doing this, you can easily jump to that portion without having to listen to the entire clip.

You can also add notes and tag your highlights as actions or decisions in real time. Thanks to the AI, it automatically adds relevant keywords to the highlight.

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Interestingly, the voice recordings are searchable, meaning you can search for some particular words mentioned in a voice note. You can record an entire lecture using this app and at the same time add notes and highlight important parts of it. Cool, isn’t it?

Download Wrappup A.I. Note Taker app

Tell us Your Favorite!

That concludes our list of best apps for students. So, which of these apps will you install?
Also, did we forget your favorite app? Mention your recommendations in comments below.

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