Mac App Keyboard Typewriter Sounds

Dec 13, 2019  Leave the app running and each time you press a key, you will hear a sound. The sound is meant to mimic the sound you’d hear if you were using a mechanical keyboard. It’s not the same as the small tapping sounds you get on a smartphone but as far as the desktop is concerned, it fits the bill. You can pause the app any time you want. Then Typewriter Keyboard is what you need. Typewriter Keyboard allows you to make your keyboard play typewriter sounds or any other sounds. It plays typewriter sounds when you press your keyboard. Noisy Typer is a free piece of software which plays typewriter sounds as you type. It runs in the background and works with all applications ( email, web, word etc ). Key sounds include: letter keys, spacebar, backspace, carriage return and scroll up and down.

  1. Typewriter Sounds For Mac

We know what you’ve been thinking. You’ve been working on your Mac and loving how awesome it is, but it’s missing…something. Build your own website software mac download. Aha! You think. I need it to make more noise while I type! Theo Watson of FAT Lab has the solution to your problem, and it’s called Noisy Typer.

Typewriter sound effect for keyboard

This app runs in the background on your app and makes typewriter noises while you type. It picks up keyboard input from any app your working in, meaning that you can be sure and annoy the heck out of everyone around you no matter what you are doing!

Typewriter Sounds For Mac

Seriously, though, we think this is a very fun app, and it’s free. The sounds are accurate, and though there is a slight delay between what you type and what you hear, it’s almost imperceptible. Here, you can hear it for yourself in this demonstration video:

Noisy Typer Demo Video by Theo Watson of FAT Lab


We do have one pedantic nit to pick (as noted by a commenter on Vimeo), and that is the bell that sounds when you hit return. On mechanical typewriters, the bell sounded at a certain point on the page to remind you to hit return, rather than being a product of the return itself.

Who cares, though?! It makes your Mac sound like a typewriter! Huzzah!

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