Theatre Audio Cue Software Mac

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Windows with some budget - show cue system. Windows with no budget - multiplay. Don't forget SFX. As far as I know it's still the standard windows queing software. (It's been about 5 years since i've worked on the venue side of things so please correct me if the preferance has changed). Once you learn it it has a ton of ways. MIDI Mute for audio muting on external mixer; Cues can be linked in various ways to play at the same time or after each other, etc as well as stop/fade other cues. Productions can be named, saved, loaded, printed and exported. Each audio cue can be assigned to one of several audio groups.

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  1. Theater Cue Software
  2. Theatre Audio Cue Software Machine
  3. Theatre Audio Cue Software Mac Pro

Mac / Windows

  • Ableton Live
    Excellent for soundscapes and for interactive performances using a LivePad
  • Trigger
    Audio & video playback for Mac / Windows

Mac Only

  • Qlab (Free for stereo audio and basic video playback only, licence required for multiple output, audio & video effects or show control playback)
    Multiple cues running simultaneously, fully programmable, very easy to use, has become the industry standard for multimedia.
    Version 4 can be used for lighting control too (with additional hardware)
    – Use Groups
    – Rather than using fade cues, you can use the automation function with Qlab to fade out
    – Fade cues should really be called ‘Change Cues’ as many parameters can be changed (not just level / volume)
  • Go Button (Free on the App Store)
    From Figure 53, the maker of Qlab
  • iMiX16 Pro ($19.99 on the App Store)

Theater Cue Software

Windows Only

Theatre Audio Cue Software Machine


Theatre Audio Cue Software Mac Pro

  • CuePlayer – Baxel Data
    Limited functionality with free version
  • SpotOn (last updated in 2014, so cannot be recommended for security reasons)
    Can play WAV or MP3 audio files from a ‘cart player’ style screen – not good for cue-based playback during shows
  • Multiplay (in the process of being rewritten and updated – new version due before Autumn 2019)
    Not as powerful as other solutions, but free, and may do everything that you need


  • SFX from Stage Research
  • Show Cue Systemfrom SCS