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The answer is mostly no.

Lightscribe Software; Lightscribe Patch (LS update Mac CopyConnect Software. Mac CopyConnect v2.2 for OSX 10.11 For Mac OSX 10.8 - 10.10 please. Free Mac LightScribe Software. Below are the latest Free Mac LightScribe Software downloads of the: LightScribe System Software (LSS) and LightScribe Simple Labeler. LightScribe System Software LSS Mac (OSX 10.3.9 or later) Click the Download Now link below to download the latest LSS for Mac released by HP on July 2, 2012. Version: This is a very stylish drive that works extremely well at burning disks and Lightscribe labels. I was quickly able to get it working on my Mac under OS X 10.11, El Capitan, by temporally disabling SIP and using Pacifist to install the Lightscribe software. My older APS drive failed in this respect. Delivery was quick and the price was right.

The LightScribe host software enables your system to use LightScribe. LightScribe Host Software for Mac. Free LaCie Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4 Intel/10.4 PPC Version Full Specs.

LightScribe as Dialabrain indicated has been officially discontinued by the inventor i.e. HP. As a result HP are not producing new updated drivers to utilise this feature, obviously the hardware can still do it so if you have an older version of OS X and the old version of suitable applications then your LightScribe drive will still work.

Lightscribe Burning Software

I believe the main reason the old driver no longer works dates back to the introduction of El Capitan i.e. OS X 10.11 this included a new security feature called SIP designed to help protect against malicious software. A side effect was that many drivers needed to be updated to work with SIP. Since HP had discontinued their LightScribe support they never produced such an updated driver.

Now this does open a small possibility of being able to install and use the old strictly speaking incompatible driver. You can do this if you chose to deliberately disable the SIP protection.

I would suggest only trying this on a separate test installation of Sierra and not your normal system.

See this might give you the last versions of LightScribe software.

See for instructions on how to disable SIP

If you need an application to do the actual printing then see the following this is not free but is also not expensive and seems be the most up to date application available but still subject to the SIP problem. The link on that page to here confirms I was correct about this being a SIP problem. It also suggests my solution will work.

Other older possible applications -

Is it possible to burn text labels on disks with Lightscribe on a Mac?

My hardware and software for this process is noted below.


If Toast or Disk Cover 3 does not work with my hardware, is there other options?

I have not been able to burn lightscribe discs successfully with my current hardware and software.

Thanks so much for any tips.

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Mac Mini (late 2014) with El Capitan OS X (version 10.11.1)

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Free Lightscribe Software Mac

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