Lg Blu-ray Player App For Mac

  • Enjoy 4K and HDR movies with this LG Ultra HD Blu-ray player. It supports CD, DVD and various audio and video formats for versatile entertainment, and its 4K upscaling capability provides enhanced display for lower-resolution videos. The USB port of this LG Ultra HD Blu-ray player lets you play content from an external storage device.
  • Apr 12, 2015  The first free and all-region Blu-ray media player for Mac users to watch HD movies on Mac without any format barrier. Powered with advanced technologies, Leawo Blu-ray Player enables you to play and watch Blu-ray, DVD, ISO, up to 1080P HD videos and audio files on your iMac or MacBook without quality loss.
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Macgo Blu-ray Player. It’s an excellent Blu-ray player for Windows and Mac OS users. It costs less than $30 and provides a great experience at that amount. The user interface is simple to use due to its elegant interface. It doesn’t feature a power manager, environment settings, virtual remote control,.

Slightly slower on newer Macs than VM/dual-boot. Included in BW10 & BW9. 98% functionalityVirtualized. Copy and paste to Mac applications. Free bible software for mac.

The Blu-ray Disc (BD) or Blu-ray is a digital video format, which extended from is DVD. That format is actually a digital optical disc data storage format. It has developed by Sony and Blu-Ray Disc Association on 20th June 2006. It is the clearest form of video. To play this format, you will need a player. If you want to see Blu-ray movies on your computer, then you will need a Blu-ray Player for PC.

Must Download:Avee Player for PC Windows and macOS

Top 4 Blu-ray Players for PC

Take a look at these three media players to play Blu-ray movies on your computer:

Lg Blu-ray Player App For Mac

Macgo Blu-ray Player

It’s an excellent Blu-ray player for Windows and Mac OS users. It costs less than $30 and provides a great experience at that amount. The user interface is simple to use due to its elegant interface. It doesn’t feature a power manager, environment settings, virtual remote control, and BD-Live support. But, I assume you won’t need them since your only requirement is watching Blu-ray movies.


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  • It’s quite affordable.
  • Up-scales DVDs to fit the HD TV or computer screen of yours.
  • Easy to use.


  • No 3D up-scaling.
  • No BD-Live support.

Da Player

Awesome for playing Blue Ray disk on PC. It supports Macintosh and Windows computers. Also, available on the Android and iOS app stores.

Some features for the developer and it can play the Blueray video files from online. The streaming option is excellent. Also, the interface is unique and wonderful.

It has a TV version for Android on Play Store.


Leawo is a free and one of the most reliable multimedia playback applications. It allows users to play all sorts of DVDs and Blu-ray movies on their computers. Enjoy all the high-quality media files and access all the advanced features such as subtitles.


  • Supports multi-source playback.
  • Subtitles can be added to all the videos.
  • HD playback.


Lg Blu-ray Player App For Mac Pro

  • Drains battery power quickly.
  • Support only 64-bit architecture.

VLC Player

It is also an excellent media player that you can use to play Blu-ray movies. But, you have to download the necessary files of this software from the internet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do that. Since normally this software can’t play Blu-ray and crystal-clear videos.


  • Supports lots of formats.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple interface.


  • The user interface is quite basic.


Blu Ray Dvd Player App

You can choose one of the above media players to play Blu-ray videos. These players are easy to use and have an elegant interface. So, get them, and don’t worry if your antivirus program detects them as malware. These are safe to use.

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Blu-ray Disc is a good format for video enthusiasts looking for picture and sound quality, and there's no shortage of devices that work with the format straight out of the box. But the Mac isn't one of them. So how can you get Blu-ray Discs to play back on the Mac? Read on for details.

Steve Jobs famously called Blu-ray 'a bag of hurt,' suggesting Apple would take a wait and see approach on back in 2008. Apple sat on the fences for a long time and ultimately decided its Macs didn't need any optical storage at all, getting rid of internal DVD 'SuperDrives' altogether (unless you count the lowly 13-inch standard MacBook Pro, still part of the product line but not updated since 2012). Apple continues to offer the SuperDrive as an external option, but it's limited to CDs and DVDs.

Lg Blu Ray Player Software

That doesn't mean the Mac can't play Blu-ray Discs. You'll just need a little help doing it.

Get a Blu-ray drive

The first thing you need is a Blu-ray Disc player. There are plenty of them available, and they'll work with the Macintosh without any problem, using the Mac's USB port. What's more, they're all burners, so you'll be able to burn Blu-ray Disc archives of your own (as well as CDs and DVDs), and they all work fairly quickly.

Here are links to a few you can buy which should work fine:

Samsung 6X USB 2.0 Slim Blu-ray Writer

  • $77.99 - Buy now

OWC Slim 6X Portable USB 2.0 Blu-ray Burner

  • $77 - Buy now


  • $109.95 - Buy now

Get Blu-ray software

Getting the drive is only half the battle, though. You'll also need software to watch your Blu-ray movies. Apple doesn't include drivers to decrypt that information, since Blu-ray isn't included on the Mac. Fortunately, there are several third-party apps on the market to help you along.

Aiseesoft's Blu-Ray Player, Aurora's Blu Ray Player for Mac and Macgo's Mac Blu-Ray Player are all available for trial download. They all let you watch Blu-ray movies on your Mac, and do more too, including reading data from Blu-ray ISO images and watching other movies on your Mac.

Aiseesoft - Blu-ray Player

  • $24.50 - Buy now

Aurora - Blu Ray Player for Mac

Lg Blu Ray Player

  • $39.95 - Buy now

Macgo's Mac Blu-Ray Player

  • $39.95 - Buy now

If you're interested in getting the most out of your Blu-ray Disc drive as an archival storage device — after all, you can cram up to 50 GB onto a single dual-layer BD-R disc — make sure to look at Roxio's Toast 12 Titanium, which offers Blu-ray authoring capabilities among its many other features.

  • $99.95 - Buy now

Any questions?

With the right software and hardware in place, you can turn your Mac into a powerful Blu-ray Disc system. It just takes a little self-reliance and some extra hardware and software to make happen. If you run into any road bumps or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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Lg Blu-ray Player App For Mac Free

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