Karaoke Recording Software For Mac

Kanto Karaoke. Kanto Karaoke provides a beautiful karaoke experience by recording the song sung by the user also. This software is available in both Windows and Mac, it comes in two versions: paid version and free version.

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Recording Studio Software For Different Platforms. If you want to use any type of Recording Studio Software then you can use certain Recording Studio Software. These software will work in such a way that you will be able to install it only on one operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux or Android and not on any other operating system. May 08, 2020  (Platform: Windows and MAC) When you want to use software for both Windows and MAC platforms, then your primary choice must be Kanto Karaoke. This software is claimed to be a professional song player and recorder in high-quality that can be stored multi-file formats. So if you and your friends want to enjoy song recording, then this free.

Looking for Karaoke software?

For Mac and Windows, kJamsprofessional karaoke software gives you the power to host shows; Rip, mix & play CD+G; Optionally Burn* CD+G discs; Buy or subscribe to tens of thousands of songs.

It’s as easy as iTunes®, and it’s FREE to try!

kJams Lite for the Home Karaoke Enthusiast

kJams Lite is perfect for singer who wants access to 1,000s of songs from the comfort of their home.

  • Rip / Mix / Play CD+G discs!
  • Optionally Burn* CD+G discs (sold separately)
  • Built-in music stores with one-click shopping
  • Create playlists of your favorite songs!
  • Plug in your own mic and sing along!
  • Play the video right on your TV!

kJams Pro – Karaoke software for Pros and Power users

kJams Pro allows you to host and manage a professional karaoke show.

  • Includes everything from Lite!
  • Manage multiple venues!
  • Singers manage their playlists, pitch and tempo!
  • Automated “Rotation” runs itself!
  • Singers use “wtkJams” app on iOS!

kJams 2 – Professional Karaoke Software

Free Karaoke Software Mac


kJams 2 is our most sophisticated software for the Karaoke Professional.

  • Includes everything from Pro!
  • Includes Burning capability!
  • Powerful Python scripting!
  • Cross-fade with iTunes or other audio apps!
  • Complete control with manual rotation!
  • More included, much more coming soon!

wtkJams – the iOS Karoke Singer’s App

Manage what you and your friends will sing, with the “wtkJams” app for iOS

  • Native iOS app gives singers the power!
  • Search library for songs!
  • Manage your personal playlists!
  • Reorder your “Tonight” list any time!
  • Set pitch and tempo on any song!

PCDJ Karaoke Software products make hosting karaoke shows and creating professional karaoke songbooks simple. Since 2002 PCDJ has been a leading innovator and provider of professional karaoke software players for pro KJs and karaoke enthusiasts globally, with customers in over 57 countries.

Best Karaoke Recording Software For Mac

Our Karaoki software allows karaoke hosts to play karaoke files and display lyrics on a secondary singers display, effortlessly manage singer rotation, print karaoke song books, receive remote song requests from singers phones — and everything else required to host karaoke shows with the highest level of professionalism. DEX 3 is a true all-in-one solution with all the features you require to not only host karaoke professionally, but also mix music and videos.