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Mac apps can help you to become more productive. Some of the best productivity apps enable you to get more done. But you have to know what apps are the right fit for your needs and how to use them. In this tutorial, we cover the best Mac productivity apps and explain.

If the site you've created the app for requires a log in, you'll need to log in (and save the password if you'd like). Once you've launched the app, you can set the icon to stay in the dock even after closing the app. For the icon, you can do the same thing by dragging the image file into the terminal. After answering those three questions, your web app will be created and ready to run. I should also point out that the script assumes that Chrome is installed in '/Applications/Google'; if you have Chrome installed elsewhere, it should be pretty obvious how to change the script if you open it up with a text editor.Run the appOnce you've created your application shortcut, you can launch it through Spotlight, or in the Applications folder of your home directory. Name

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Productivity and efficiency are two of the key goals of any business enterprise. But they are two very different things and often compete with each other. Improved productivity can come at the expense of efficiency and improved efficiency can reduce productivity. But what is the difference between them?

Put simply, productivity is the quantity of work produced by a team, business or individual. Efficiency, on the other hand, refers to the resources used to produce that work. So, the more effort, time or raw materials required to do the work, the less efficient the process. Efficiency can also refer to the quality of the output. Producing 100 widgets an hour may look good on a productivity spreadsheet, but it's not very efficient if half of them are rejected because they don't meet quality standards.

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What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?

The goal is to maximize both productivity and efficiency, or to produce the maximum possible, highest quality output using the fewest resources.

Doing that means planning carefully and organizing resources so that they are available when they're needed. An example would be a production line where each product arrives at a workstation just as the previous one has left. If it's too early, it will have to wait, creating a bottleneck and if it's late, that station will be idle for a period, which is inefficient.

In an office environment, we have a set amount of time each day to achieve the outcomes we want and so we have to use the tools that will not only allow us to get more done, but to make sure we're using out time effectively.

Fortunately, there are lots of apps that can help do just that. Here are just a few of them.

How to analyze the performance of anything

In order to understand how efficiently we're working, we have to be able to measure how much time we spend on a task. Timing allows us to do just that. It monitors how you use your Mac, recording how much time you spend using apps like Safari, Photoshop and Coda, to name but a few. It then categorizes the time spent so you can quickly see how much time you've spent, say, on social media, web browsing, coding, or image editing. You can create projects and drag elements into them. So, for example, if the four hours you spent in Photoshop today was on a specific project, just drag the timing onto it. Timing will then show you how much time you've spent on that project. If you create projects for specific clients, it will show you how much time you've spent working for a particular client, making it easy to bill them at the end of the month. The app also allows you to manually record how much time you spend on tasks.

By using Timing to monitor how you spend time on your Mac, you can easily cut out less productive tasks and focus on those that contribute towards results.

How to measure efficiency

Getting started in the morning can take a quite a while. By the time you log on to your Mac and then launch all the apps, open folders and find documents for a project, half an hour can pass. Workspaces cuts that time by remembering where everything you need for specific projects is located. Click on its menu bar item, select the project you want to work on and Workspaces will open everything you need to get started without you having to lift another finger. If it saves 15 minutes every time you switch to a different project, that could easily amount to several hours a week.

Get rid of visual and cognitive distractions

If analysis of the results of using Timing shows that you're spending too much of your time on social media or on other distractions, Focus can help you with that. Focus allows you to block access to apps like Twitter or to specific websites, like Facebook. You can schedule when it runs, so that apps and websites are only blocked during working hours. And a progress tracker shows you when sites have been blocked.

If you use a large screen display and have lots of windows open at once, you'll know that they can become a distraction and reduce your productivity. One solution is HazeOver, a tool that dims all but the active window on screen. When you switch applications or windows, HazeOver switches too and highlights the new window while dimming the rest. It even supports multiple monitors.

A cluttered desktop is a real problem when it comes to working efficiently. Not only does it take time to locate the file you want to use, but it actually makes your Mac run more slowly. Spotless makes it easy to keep your Desktop and the rest of your Mac, well, spotless. Spend a little time teaching it how you work and then all you have to do is drag files onto its icon and it will file them away for you automatically. You can set it to run automatically so, for example, documents you haven't opened for a set period of time are automatically backed up and then deleted. You'll be working faster in no time.

Increasing efficiency through automation

One thing that makes us all less efficient is spending time manually doing tasks that could be automated. Take cleaning up text, for example. Every minute you spend stripping out unwanted characters and tidying up text sent by a client or colleague is a minute you could be working on something productive. That's where TextSoap comes in. TextSoap cleans up text for you according to parameters you set. It has over 100 built-in 'cleaners' and allows you to build and customize your own. You can also group cleaners and deploy them with one click. There's no need to spend time cleaning up text!

As you can see, getting the productivity v efficiency balance right doesn't have to be difficult. You can have both. The key is to use tools and applications that make it easy to be organized and focused.

A collection of best productivity apps, These apps can help you to improve your focus, time management and overall output of your day to day activities. There are many productivity apps for mac, windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad on market. Some productivity apps can download for free but other best apps for productivity you need to pay for using those apps on your devices.

Here are 30 best productivity apps that will make your life much easier in the workplace. Let’s take a look at top productivity apps list below.


Doodle is the best free productivity app for iOS and Android to schedule meetings and events. Download: iPhone and iPad Android


Grammarly is a top choice when you write email or business letters, it helps you get rid of from spelling mistake, grammar mistake, punctuation error and lot more features available for premium users. There are many grammar checker available today, but Grammarly takes a top place among the competitor. Grammarly is available for iPhone, Windows, and browser extension Chrome and Firefox.


Dropbox is most popular cloud storage provider on the market right now. It helps various way for your small business or professional needs.


Boomerang is a plugin for Gmail, Outlook, and Android. You can schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders.


FocusList a daily planner & focus app based on Pomodoro technique. It helps you plan your day, stay focused and track your time. It is available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is one of the best scanner apps for iPhone and Android devices. You can easily scan your business document quickly with your mobile phones. It’s available for and also paid to upgrade version with advanced features.

Best new productivity apps

Google Drive

Google Drive is the easiest way share documents and spreadsheets. It is one of the essential mobile apps for business. Google Drive available for free all major platforms.

Free Productivity App For Mac Free


FocusWriter is a basic word processor for Windows, macOS and Linux that keeps distractions to a minimum, so you can focus on your work. It is specifically designed to help creative writers put their ideas to paper (or screen).

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Inbox by Gmail

Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead, it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organised and helps you get back to what matters. Free for Android, iPhone, and iPad


Asana is the best ios productivity apps and also available Android devices for you to manage your project teams. This project management app used by many online businesses.


Best Productivity Apps For Mac

Slack is a cloud-based set of team communication, collaboration, and services. It’s the best app for productivity. Slack available both iOS and Android.


RescueTime is a free application available for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. It is an automatic time and attention tracker that helps individuals and teams propagate good processes and eliminate bad habits.


Todoist is another best online task management productivity app for android, windows, mac os, chrome, firefox, safari, web, and iOS. You can access tasks everywhere with apps and extensions for 10+ platforms, your tasks are always there: on mobile devices, web browsers, inboxes, and more.


1Password is another great choice for business access to sensitive information like the company credit card. It allows you safely store everything in one place.Free for iOSAndroid


Yoink is another productivity app for Mac users. It helps you simplify and speed up your daily workflow by drag and drop.

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